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  1. Confused about when LORS are due for OLSAS?!

    I'm a huge idiot. I just sent them an email apologizing and explaining. Thank you for your response.
  2. I just read that you can submit your request for references at anytime. I thought that you could only do it once you submitted your whole OLSAS application, and then your referees would have some time after November 1 to submit their reference. Is this not true? Are they supposed to submit their reference before November 1? Freaking out a little here, can someone please help?! Thank you! Sorry if this is a dumb question!
  3. Will retaking the LSAT in December negatively affect my application?

    Good to know, thank you so much!!!
  4. Will retaking the LSAT in December negatively affect my application?

    I have a 165 and I'm looking mainly at Queens, Alberta, Western, and Ottawa, but the thing is, my CGPA sucks (it's a 3.3). My last 2 years are a 3.8, but my first two are a 2.6. That's why I'm thinking I should retake and get a better score-- what do you think? I would really appreciate your thoughts! Thank you!
  5. I took the September 2017 LSAT and I'm thinking I should take the December LSAT as well. I'm applying to Canadian schools, for reference. Since admissions are on a rolling basis, would delaying my application (even if I ended up with a higher LSAT score) worsen my chances?
  6. Western Law Fact Scenario

    Does anyone have any thoughts on what exactly they're expecting for this? I'm surprisingly not finding a lot of info online and I'm not sure how to best write this! I would really appreciate any thoughts!
  7. Chances?! 165 LSAT, L2 3.8, CGPA 3.3

    Do you think so?! My CGPA is pretty bad, it's a 3.3 due to my first two years, and I'm scared it's gonna hold me back
  8. Chances?! 165 LSAT, L2 3.8, CGPA 3.3

    So I'm freakin out like everyone else. Just got my score back and I know I could have done better. First of all, do you guys think it's worth it to retake? I'm seriously considering it. Second, what do my chances look like?! Applying to Queens, Western, Ottawa, Osgoode, Dal, and Alberta. I would be so grateful for any opinions!!!
  9. My first two years were at UofT (GPA of 2.6 for both of those years) and my last two at York (GPA of 3.8 for both of those years). My PTs for the LSAT were 170+ but I'm pretty sure I did a lot worse on the actual LSAT and I'd be pleasantly surprised if I got a 160. Considering applying to pretty much every law school in Canada except for BC, UofT, and Lakehead. Wanting to go into public interest law. What do you guys think my chances are? I would really appreciate any input as I'm honestly scared to get my hopes up about this!