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  1. What does this sentence mean? It is on the OLSAS page when you go to provisionally accept an offer. I just want to clarify before I click any buttons! "If you provisionally accept an offer, you may not be able to change it to a firm acceptance if the expiry date has passed."
  2. This is surprising, do you know why they transferred? Do you know if this same level of transferring after 1L occurred at other schools too?
  3. Formatting personal statement?

    Because you've got to submit your personal statement as a PDF, I'm wondering if there is any specific formatting Admissions is looking for? Double spaced, single spaced, or a certain heading at the top? I haven't been able to find anything on the website!
  4. Should I rewrite?

    Can I ask where you were accepted? I'm just curious because your stats are similar to mine
  5. Should I rewrite?

    Were you waitlisted when you applied in a previous year? Did you end up getting in?
  6. Anyone received notification?

    I haven't either. Wondering when it'll happen
  7. Cancelling LSAT retake after telling law schools you're doing it?

    I'm just nervous that it'll make me look really wishy washy/ unable to follow through because I said I was taking the December LSAT and now I don't want to lol!
  8. Apparently it's fine to do so!!! Sorry I tried to delete this but there's no option for that!
  9. I guess any law students reading this are going to have a good laugh. I'm still in the application stages-- spent my whole summer studying nonstop for the September LSAT, spent all of September-- October 31 working on applications, and from then until now I've spent all of my time studying for the December 2 LSAT. And I'm just exhausted. I can't work up the motivation to take any of this seriously anymore and I'll just sit in front of the book and stare at it and think about other things. How do I fight this? The December LSAT is two weeks away and all I feel is apathy toward it. Is anyone else going through something similar? How are you dealing with it?
  10. No dashes in personal statements?!

    Yes that's what I ended up doing! It really didn't make as big of a difference as I thought it would!
  11. When it asks about your previous history at the university and if you've ever applied before, is it asking in reference to only the faculty of law or undergraduate admissions as well? I applied to Queens for undergrad but never for law, and not sure whether to include this or not.
  12. No dashes in personal statements?!

    This might sound silly but I'm not sure how to get a dash in there without copying and pasting it? Edit: Nevermind, googled it! EDIT: It still doesn't show up even when you type it in!
  13. No dashes in personal statements?!

    Dashes will not show up in my OLSAS personal statements. Do I just take them out?! Use hyphens instead? This is frustrating...
  14. So for other schools I've got my personal statement that begins in narrative form and kind of goes from there. But Part A of Osgoode's PS seems to be worded in a way that wants us to be straight-forward and less about emotions/ story-telling: Discuss any significant personal, academic work experiences or career/ life achiev­ements you feel are relevant to your application (Maximum 2000 characters). Some topics you may wish to include: a) Community leadership and involvement b) Academic leadership and involvement c) Advanced academic work d) Athletic activities Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Did most of you write a whole new statement for Osgoode?
  15. I've got a few questions regarding OLSAS' verifiers. First: I know that the instructions say to include your activities SINCE high school, however, what if you've got an activity you did in high school that you think would look great on your application? In my case it was a service trip to another country in 2011. My thing is, however, that it was about 6 years ago (and in high school). So it was a long time ago AND I don't want them to think I'm incapable of reading and following directions. What would you guys do? Second: Regarding graduating with cum laude and magna cum laude etc-- would you include these as one of your awards? I'm pretty sure these distinctions are included on your transcript but I'm wondering if it'd still be worth it to include them as a verifier. Did you guys choose to include or not include these? Third: Is it advisable to include dollar amounts for the scholarships/ awards you've won?