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  1. On a related and more positive note, I'd appreciate hearing from current and former Ottawa students on which profs and courses they really liked? Would be good info to have for block selections in a month.
  2. Mature Applicants Accepted/Rejected 2018

    @Teemu13 Thank you for your positivity! I was actually recently accepted at Ottawa and was waitlisted and interviewed at 3 other schools - with a GPA far below yours and a mediocre LSAT, which should help with any worries you have about your chances. This forum is full of good info for the whole application process, as you go down that road. I think nearly every application year has its own mature students thread loaded with questions, answers and information sharing - this was all super helpful to me when I first started studying for the LSAT a year ago ( I listed a bunch of the threads on page 2 here if you want to check them out). Wish you the best, though I'd assume you're going to be a shoe-in almost everywhere with that GPA, and feel free to message me if you have any questions!
  3. Mature Applicants Accepted/Rejected 2018

    I'd definitely apply for the discretionary categories when you get a chance, there is literally no downside that I've heard of to doing this. Your life experiences are exactly what that category is for, and the admissions committees are composed of lawyers, professors and students - people bright enough to distinguish between a valid reason for extra consideration and someone attributing their poor LSAT to a hangnail. All applicants will be talking about their extracurriculars, clubs, and volunteer activities. What you've done in the last ~30 years is surely worthy of more consideration than what the vast majority of regular applicants did on the side while they were in class. If they don't accept your reasons for extra consideration, which I strongly doubt they would, they'll just make their decision based on your hard stats, which seem good enough on their own to get into most schools. You certainly won't be penalized for trying.
  4. Mature Applicants Accepted/Rejected 2018

    Good on you for looking into this. I'm still an applicant myself, but it sounds like there should at least be a handful of law students close to you in age at each school and I don't think you should have any worries about perceptions by either the law schools or the students and professors around you. You'll be bringing plenty of things to the table that others won't, and most schools, profs and students will know that - but of course make sure you highlight it in your application letters. As for why I wanted to enter law? I approached my first degree 10 years ago with the "Cs get degrees" mentality - drank beer, had fun. Didn't know what I wanted to do until I took a few law courses in third year, loved them, aced them, but was only able to pull my GPA up to a ~3 so I didn't bother applying to law school, but law has always felt like a missed chance. I recently hit a lull in my career and a transition period in my life, was told about the mature student category from a friend my age who just returned to law school, and realised that now might be my last window of opportunity to do it before life got in the way.
  5. 2017/2018 Current 1L AMA

    Thanks for doing this @imalwaysanxious! This is kind of a broad question, but I was wondering if there was anything that you wish you had known going into first year - this could either be for law school in general or specific to U of O. Thanks!
  6. Accepted to Ottawa 2018

    Nope, wasn't waitlisted, straight to admitted.
  7. Mature Applicants Accepted/Rejected 2018

    Thank you! @Timmies123
  8. Accepted to Ottawa 2018

    Thanks! Straight from Under Evaluation to Accepted.
  9. Mature Applicants Accepted/Rejected 2018

    Hey, so I've had a flood of news this week, after months of radio silence: Saskatchewan - Ding - May 10 Manitoba - Interview then Ding - mid-Feb to March Western - Ding - May 8th? Osgoode - Waitpool - May 1st Windsor - Waitlist - May 7th? Ottawa - Accepted - May 11th Still waiting on UNB, McGill, Dal and Queen's but pretty thrilled with that Ottawa acceptance.
  10. Accepted to Ottawa 2018

    Thank you! Most likely will accept, letting it sink in right now, but I can't think of a reason why not at the moment.
  11. Accepted to Ottawa 2018

    Admitted this morning via uZone: 2.98 GPA, 159 LSAT, mature, June 1 deadline to accept
  12. Rejected 2018

    Looks like I get the honours here, just received the email: 2.98, 159, mature student
  13. Wait List Single JD 2018

    Waitlisted this morning - 2.95, 159
  14. Rejected from Western 2018

    Also rejected today, 2.98, 159, mature student.
  15. Mature Applicants Accepted/Rejected 2018

    With you there, waitlisted at Osgoode, still waiting to hear back from 8 others. Good luck @Matureplus, rooting for you.