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  1. In Queue 2018

    I've said it before, but just to say it again - I think the date you go in the queue has very little, if anything, to do with your stats or chances of getting in. Most likely it's just a matter of when your file was plucked from the stack. Case in point, I've been in queue since Dec 12th with a 2.95 &159.
  2. Just heard from Marie - rejected.
  3. Seems like it's usually one day of emails, from going over past threads. These emails have happened anywhere from the day of the interview to the Thursday of that week - so maybe tomorrow, unless we're an outlier? And if it means anything, it generally happens in the afternoon Manitoba time. That being said, it's probably just a matter of Marie getting the i's dotted and t's crossed administratively, then clicking send, so predictions are likely pointless. Funny thinking our fates have been decided for a few days, they're just sitting there waiting to get sent out
  4. Western Open House

    Ditto haha, thanks for confirming.
  5. Just checking, did everyone receive the invite to the March Break Open House this weekend?
  6. Our university in Manitoba, hallowed be your law school. Your admissions come. Your will be done, by the committee as it is in heaven. Give us this day your decisions. And forgive us our poor stats, as we also have forgiven LSAC. And do not bring us to the time of August, but rescue us from the waitlist.
  7. It's going to feel like a long week, but man am I happy that it's just a week, given that we could hear from other schools right up until the end of August.
  8. Application Status

    Previous threads have stated that the documents and tests will often remain unchecked even past acceptance, I wouldn't worry about it. From experience in similar positions, what commonly happens is that someone comes up with a great system, in theory, to keep track of tasks electronically, like having a checklist for people to click off as they review files. But the combination of an old guard who doesn't like change - particularly technological - a lack of time, plus a realization that the electronic system may not actually make things more convenient, means that the electronic system goes largely unused. Problem is that when a superior is a strong advocate of the system, as is often the case, few people want to speak up to address its inherent flaws or suggest that they scrap the system all together, so you're left with a system that is nice in theory but stagnant in practice. Purely speculation here, but given that they have hundreds of applications to review, each consisting of a dozen documents, I wouldn't be surprised if the above happens.
  9. Mature student chance (cGPA 3.14, LSAT 157)

    Hey, I applied with very similar stats, mature student, 2.95cgpa and 159 LSAT, and I applied to the exact same Ontario schools that you did. So far I've got an interview at Manitoba, haven't heard anything from other schools but I'll let your know if I do, good luck!
  10. Refused 2018

    Sorry to hear that. On the bright side you've got great stats and should be in at a lot of other schools, if you applied elsewhere.
  11. "Hey beautiful, wanna make like Osgoode and accept me holistically?"
  12. I'm well aware that it makes no sense to over-analyze the numbers here, but just out of curiosity, how many people with interviews are from Manitoba, and how many are from out-of-province? I'm out of province myself.
  13. Thought I was Competitive - No Acceptance?

    Pretty sure most schools will continue to accept and waitlist right through until June, sometimes beyond. I personally know two people who received acceptances in August, and there are a bunch of people on this forum from past years who have been accepted well into the summer. From what I gather, there should be another wave of decisions once the dust settles from the early acceptance decision deadlines, which I believe are March 1st and April 1st? Could be wrong.
  14. Mature Applicants Accepted/Rejected 2018

    Thanks Tamago! Super helpful to hear from people who have been through the process before - so many seem to have disappeared from the boards once they got their decision.