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  1. Windsor Rejected 2018

    I think Dal is actually an L2 school, but they have a slightly weird way of phrasing it - they look at your "last 10 credits" if it's better than your cGPA. Manitoba may help you, and probably a couple of other schools, in that they eliminate x% of your worst courses for their GPA calculation, with the x dependent on how many courses you've taken.
  2. Windsor Rejected 2018

    Sorry to hear that, though with your LSAT there's at least a good shot at mature student status later on?
  3. Rejected from Western 2018

    Sorry to hear that, are you a mature applicant? If you aren't, maybe wait until you are - you'd think that LSAT plus the experience would give you a pretty good shot at most schools. Edit: I see that you're already in at other schools, so congrats for that!
  4. I received that email on Dec 13, which could be a bad sign for me, who knows. It seems some people were responded to within a week, and I think others have been waiting since November.
  5. Accepted to Osgoode Hall 2018

    I believe one of the mods posted elsewhere that the website is only updated once every morning. Here: I read this and yet I still check every evening for some reason.
  6. I don't fully understand why it takes so long for these things to process. There are probably some legitimate reasons that I'm not aware of, but you'd think OLSAS and other Canadian universities could be synched with LSAC, so that once scores are processed at LSAC they are automatically sent to Canadian universities. Similarly, why it takes LSAC 3+ weeks to process LSAT scores is again, beyond me, when it's all scantronic. I get that at the end of the day your score won't change due to the wait, and neither will your acceptance at law school, but it does seem to cause unneeded stress.
  7. Mature Applicants Accepted/Rejected 2018

    This thread seems to suggest that taking the February won't be an issue for you, that if your stats are good enough already they'll accept you. That being said, I don't know if that applies to mature candidates, where our whole application matters a little bit more:
  8. Mature Applicants Accepted/Rejected 2018

    I share your excitement and nerves! I'm a seriously borderline candidate, especially if my LSAT doesn't improve. It's certainly easy to tell others that they can relax but I still refresh all of the application sites twice per day, even though I know my best bet is to get in via waiting list in June I applied to eight schools, including Osgoode, so I'll be sure to post the moment I hear anything, rejection or acceptance.
  9. Mature Applicants Accepted/Rejected 2018

    I'm personally sticking with my December score, whatever it turns out to be, just because I worry about being a part of the final group competing for only a handful of spots. I do wonder though, if your existing LSAT score would be good enough to get you in anyway, would they accept you or do they hold off on reviewing your application all together until that final score comes in? I think I've read the former happen somewhere on this forum, but can't track it down right now.
  10. Mature Applicants Accepted/Rejected 2018

    I wouldn't freak out yet. I don't think the vast majority of regular applicants have heard back from anyone yet, seems like it's only the automatics who have been offered admission so far (~3.8+ GPA and 165+ LSAT). With some neurotic digging I have found some officially mature applicants accepted in December, but they all seemed to be ones who would be easily accepted in the regular category. I think I'd only start worrying if you haven't heard back by May-June. They generally get to us old timers last, from what I've seen.
  11. Mature Applicants Accepted/Rejected 2018

    From digging through old posts I haven't seen any officially mature students getting accepted before late February. I could be wrong, but it seems that the mature applications are dealt with as an entirely separate phase of the admission process.
  12. Mature Applicants Accepted/Rejected 2018

    That's incredible, congratulations! Would you be willing to divulge your stats?
  13. I wanted to recreate this thread, which I've seen done for past years - apologies in advance if it's already been started elsewhere. Hoping that a discussion here will give some indication of when schools are beginning to look at mature/access applicants and serve as a resource for future mature applicants.
  14. Thanks, Osgoode is actually my long-shot top pick, so that gives me a sliver of optimism! I worked long and hard on my PS, then had professors and friends in academia rip it apart and get me to do it again. It was a humbling experience, particularly since I currently write for the Canadian Government for a living, but it was well worth it in the end - to any future applicants reading this, even if you think it's perfect, it can probably still be improved substantially. Another regret for future students reading this, I didn't apply to U of T or UBC because I thought I was just throwing money away, but I've seen other mature students with similar stats get accepted to these schools on the strength of great experience and ECs.
  15. Thanks for the insight! I've gone through a lot of the old posts and it seems like there are a lucky few who have gotten in with my stats, I think I'll just have to really hope that my experience and volunteer work is seen as exceptional. From seeing the acceptances and rejections I can see why there aren't any good sources on the topic - great stats rejected and really low stats accepted. I suppose it would be good to see what kind of experience counts has wowed admission committees in the past, allowing mature applicants to overcome really low scores, but I also understand that it's subjective and most may not like sharing their life stories on a forum full of strangers.