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  1. Keep or get rid of car?

    Thanks for your feedback, everyone! This was helpful.
  2. I will be moving from Toronto to Ottawa and have to decide whether I should keep or get rid of my car. I will be living walking distance from the campus so I'm wondering whether a car is necessary. 0Ls, are you pondering about this dilemma, too? Current & former law students, what do you think? What was your experience with respect to this issue? Thanks in advance for any input!
  3. Yes--I know this has been beaten to death but it still seems that there is no consensus in terms of what exactly it means to be in queue. So, does it predict when the decision is made? And more importantly, does it predict the decision itself?
  4. "University Magazine" Law School Rankings

    Also, look at some of her other articles. Plagiarizes constantly.
  5. "University Magazine" Law School Rankings

    The intro is riddled with punctuation issues. The rest is mostly straight copy and paste from Wikipedia lol.
  6. UoZone Document Requirements

    Just checked--they added this for me as well. @FutureCloser, my transcript is 100% clean so I don't know what to make of this either.
  7. Accepted to Queen's 2018

    Congratulations! May I ask when did you last write the LSAT?
  8. Should I worry...?

    I was originally scheduled to write the December LSAT. However, I decided to write in February instead. Now, when I attempted to update the date from December to February on OLSAS, I made a huge mistake as I only clicked on 'save'-- not 'review/submit' as I should have done. So, long story short, just five minutes ago did I update my next LSAT re-write on OLSAS... I am aware that OLSAS notifies them of any changes, but should I worry about contacting the schools? Perhaps explaining why just today I updated such info, although I had planned to re-write in February in mid-November? Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Congratulations to all!! Can someone please answer these two questions: 1. Is it always the case that one goes into Queue before being accepted? 2. Does ADCOM process applications based on alphabetical order of last names?
  10. Anything need to be done on LSAC site?

    Thought I'd just ask here. Under Document Tracking, is it normal for the LSCAC Account Number not to show? In fact, is it supposed to show? It just says "No information available." Thanks!
  11. Academic Background on OLSAS

    Hi, thanks for your response. The "personal issues" are a thing of the past, so they haven't affected my success at U of T (CGPA 3.85) nor will they continue to affect me in the future. My only concern was whether it was important to add them since there will be no transcript to request.
  12. Hi everyone, I'm currently preparing my application. In the Academic Background section, it asks to "Enter the details of the last high school and all postsecondary institutions you attended." Now, I am in my fourth year at U of T. However, after high school, I attended Humber for exactly one week and had to leave due to personal issues. In the following school term, I then enrolled at York. Again, for personal reasons, I had to leave. What is important here is that I did not receive any marks from neither school. How should I approach this? Do I report both? In the "Other Information" section, it asks whether I was "required to withdraw from a law school or other postsecondary program?" Would indicating "yes" in this section suffice to not add the two schools in the "Academic Background" section? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Good luck to everyone applying!