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  1. Languages on OLSAS

    Thanks! Will do.
  2. Hi everyone! So I've written Part A (the first question) of the PSE, and it completely sounds like me just listing off things i've done. With such a low character limit, I feel like there's very little room to be creative and make it meaningful, but am I maybe taking the wrong approach by trying to fit everything in? With such a general prompt I didn't think it was the place for a personal anecdote or creativity? Would really appreciate it if anyone had some feedback here!! For reference: Part A (1): [2000 Characters (not including spaces)] Discuss any significant personal, academic work experiences, or career/life achievements you feel are relevant to your application · Community leadership and involvement · Academic leadership and involvement · Advanced academic work · Athletic activities
  3. Chances? + Should I retake?

    Hi everyone! Looking at Queen's (along with Osgoode and Ottawa), and just wondering if anyone has some input as to whether or not I should retake the LSAT? CGPA: 3.71 (L2 3.91) LSAT 158 Thanks for the feedback!