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  1. Chance me

    Yes, it is my L2. From what I've read, I think U of A is an L2 score. I'm honestly not familiar with the process at all. I only decided to start this whole process in July, so any insight is appreciated! Thanks for your reply!
  2. Chance me

    I received my LSAT score today, so I was wondering what my chances are like: 2 Yr GPA: 3.78 LSAT: 163 Also, I'm fairly confident that I calculated my GPA correctly, but is there a way to confirm with the admissions office after you apply? Thanks in advance!
  3. I was wondering how UofA would calculate your GPA if your last 60 credits are cut-off in the middle of a semester? For example, I did 4 years of undergrad with a full course load, but also took 3 courses for my masters. So if I include those 3 courses, I am at 56 credits if I don't include my first semester of my 3rd year. Would I use the average GPA for the last 4 credits in that semester or the best two grades in that semester? Thanks in advance! Sorry if this is confusing.