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  1. In Queue 2018

    In Queue since Nov 15. OLSAS cGPA: 3.70 LSAT: 165 Heard nothing yet.
  2. Confirmation of Application

    I had to get my NetID regiven to me because of undergrad application so I contacted tech support, they asked more details which I provided. That was around a week ago. Have not heard back. Anyone else in a similar situtaiton?
  3. Confirmation of Application

    Got a confirmation e-mail from UofT Law today and on their Tumblr they said that they receive data from OLSAS mid-November but will send the confirmation e-mail by November 17. Thanks everyone
  4. Confirmation of Application

    I think it will be via both but I am 100% sure
  5. Confirmation of Application

    When would receive confirmation that our applications have been received by the law schools? Why does it take so long? OLSAS has the information and they just need to send it electronically to the law schools who can then send as an auto-confirmation e-mail.
  6. Is the optional essay really optional?

    First of all - Congratulations! I attended a few info sessions and the recruiter / admissions officer said that it is more place to sell yourself so treat it as required. There is a story of someone who drew a picture of a giraffe on the LSAT writing sample and was denied admission despite amazing stats because it shows, among other items, arrogance. Also if you write nothing people will assume that you have something to hide and will assume that you had no intellectual experiences and you really don't know why you want to be a lawyer
  7. Hi, Would Diversity of Opinion / political leanings be something that is eligible for Question 3? As someone who is economically socialist and socially / culturally conservative I am part of the missing 4th quadrant. Furthermore, Canadian society as a whole, especially the upper-middle class, is from my experience, economically 'conservative' and socially liberal making my opinions really stand out.
  8. Chances? (3.70 / 165)

    This is my first time posting so I apologise if I'm doing this incorrectly. In my 4th year at University of Toronto (St. George Campus), pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Economics). Stats: cGPA: 3.70 - OLSAS. Don't have 4th year grades yet. LSAT: 165. Applying to: UofT, Osgoode, Queen's, Western, Ottawa