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  1. Finally pulling the cord.. law school ..

    I just assumed that the OP butchered the "plug" idiomatic expression (a safe assumption given everything else about the OP). Since you mentioned it, I just tried to look up whether the "cord" expression was a real thing, and all that turned up right away was an urban dictionary entry claiming it was apparently obscure slang for masturbation...
  2. Accepted to U of T 2018

    I was wondering about that myself, but people seemed to indicate that the group was invite only? (Apologies for contributing to derailing this thread a bit...)
  3. Accepted to U of T 2018

    They state that they do their third and final main round of offers in mid-March. But it's certainly seemingly like there aren't many slots left now...
  4. Finally pulling the cord.. law school ..

    You're not wrong. That's really the least of the issues with the OP though... I think it's safe to say that the OP has not. Not that that really matters, since they haven't logged in in months.
  5. Mature Student

    @Cari - I should probably mention that in my case, I first wrote the LSAT in December, so my file wasn't even ready for review until the result came back. Same situation for you, or did you have a reportable LSAT score when you submitted your application? At any rate, no problem and thanks for creating this thread so I have confirmation I'm not the only one in limbo.
  6. Mature Student

    For what it's worth, I'm also a mature student, and I applied for UofT, Western and Ottawa but have yet to hear back from any of them, in spite of having received offers from UBC and UofC.
  7. I got the reference, but both of your responses to that user seemed needlessly hostile. The first was aggressive and the second was condescending, which was unwarranted when what they wrote made sense (regardless of what their background--which you pointed out in a derogatory manner--is). Maybe you didn't intend to come across as hostile, but it sure appeared that way.
  8. Staying in a hotel before the LSAT?

    Glad I could be of help! I had it in the background for all of my practice tests, and I got 173 on the LSAT. I can't attribute that entirely to that video, but it certainly didn't hurt me.
  9. chances? (cgpa: 2.77-3.00, lsat: 165, 173)

    Is your L2 and/or L3 significantly better than your CGPA? Not all of those schools use your CGPA.
  10. Admissions Anxiety

    @harveyspecter993 @lookingaround But if the OP wanted to know their chances, they would create a "what are my chances?" thread and post their stats. The thread was just about the anxiety of waiting in general, regardless of whether someone is a shoe-in, a bubble candidate or a long shot. So it would be more relevant for me to say, for example, that I deliberately planned some trips during the period I'd be waiting to hear back from schools, so I'd be mentally occupied with catching buses and sightseeing and wouldn't have time to brood about the admissions process, which I can't do anything about at this point. That's all true and was my strategy, by the way @cheesecurd. Discussing stats at this point is more likely to just contribute to anxiety (related note: if you're feeling anxious I'd recommend staying away from this forum entirely for the time being...I deliberately did so until I had two offers and was feeling mellow).
  11. Admissions Anxiety

    Why are you posting in this thread just to interrogate the OP about their stats and then chide them?
  12. Staying in a hotel before the LSAT?

    I was a bit rattled and unnerved because during one of my practice LSATs my cat was whining at me the whole time and I got my worst score ever by far, lol. That was a different matter entirely than "normal" distracting ambient noise due to it being specifically directed at me, though. I would totally recommend practicing with classroom ambient noise, at any rate. I used this video along with the 7sage proctor during my practice tests: https://youtu.be/5bcELNg5cxM?t=4m4s Did the trick for me; I was totally focused during the actual LSAT and pretty much did not notice any noises at all.
  13. Staying in a hotel before the LSAT?

    It doesn't matter what location you choose; you could end up sitting beside someone who sneezes or coughs or taps their foot. You aren't going to consistently find that one location provides a good test experience while another provides a bad one.
  14. Accepted to U of T 2018

    Great, thank you.