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  1. Rejected from Western 2018

    Which category did you apply under? If you don't mind me asking.
  2. I agree with this. To add on, I used: Powerscore for logic games and logical reasoning books to learn the techniques. 7sage - for logic games explanations and tracked my progress using their scoring tool. Manhattan Prep - I went on their forums to get answers on logical reasoning and reading comprehension questions. I also took logic, and critical thinking courses offered as electives during my undergrad which helped me a lot as well.
  3. "University Magazine" Law School Rankings

    It's official. I've been blocked by university magazine and I don't even have adblock on
  4. "University Magazine" Law School Rankings

    LMAOOOOOOO this is hilarious. Nice to see the journalistic standards in Canada are held very highly
  5. "University Magazine" Law School Rankings

    LMAO welp. It's okay, we now know that there will always be a position for us at university magazines no matter how badly we fail law school.
  6. Accepted to UVic 2018

    Will be declining my offer. Good luck to the rest of you!
  7. In Queue 2018

    Osgoode's famous holistic process duhhhhhh
  8. I am a strong advocate for 7sage. Not only are they affordable and very clear in how they communicate, but their strategies are very efficient. They also offer refunds within the first week or so (correct me if i'm wrong) in the event that you don't like their lessons.
  9. In Queue 2018

    You actually have a much better chance than you think. If you look at the accepted thread, a lot of people were accepted with a similar score as you.
  10. Reusing reference letters next year

    your best bet is to call and ask directly
  11. Reusing reference letters next year

    I know Queens keeps your reference letter for one more year in the event that you reapply, but I think the other OLSAS schools will require resubmission.
  12. Inquiring about an application update

    Would love to know what western's response is! Can you provide an update when you have the chance??
  13. Did they mention whether they've looked at your applications at all? or were you waitlisted based off your index score alone?
  14. Chances of Lschool ?

    Are there any extenuating circumstaces that caused your grades to suffer? If so, you can try to apply under access categories. In addition, what are you third year marks like? What do you predict your sessional GPA to be? If it's good, and you do well in your fourth year, you can apply for L2 schools like Queens. If it's bad, you can take a fifth year and if you do well in your last two years , it can also help you be competitive for L2 schools. However, both of these routes are contingent on you having an LSAT that is 165+. **Note: You should be very careful banking on schools that look at L2 because you never know when they might decide to change their admissions criteria. Queens just started looking at L2 exclusively this year, but this may not be the case when you decide to apply**