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  1. Hi, I want to apply to some undergraduate programs in case I don't get into law school. However, I was wondering if anyone knows whether such choices would be forwarded to law schools and thus potentially affect my chances with them? Does anyone know the answer? Thanks!
  2. Yikes sorry guys, I must have read that for a different school and gotten confused. Sorry for wasting everyone's time!
  3. Hi, Just wondering if anyone has any insight into this. At the 11th hour, I'd like to throw Robson Hall into the mix--my only chance will be Individual Consideration, for which I believe I can make a decent case. However, I see three reference letters are recommended. 1) I only have two references and obviously no time with which to gain more. As the references aren't compulsory, will the system accept only two? Does anyone have insight into how two vs. three could affect my application? 2) I hate to bother them again after getting them to submit to OLSAS relatively late. As the references aren't compulsory, does one have any chance without them? Would there be a point in applying without these? Thanks!
  4. In terms of whatever factors you can think of. Quality of education, significance of reputation, breadth of opportunities, etc.
  5. gpaconfusion

    Going abroad first

    Sorry for the double post, just wanted to quote those asking to notify them that I've just answered this in my reply above.
  6. gpaconfusion

    Going abroad first

    For those asking, I scored a 166. As for my CGPA, I don't know how to calculate it exactly. I don't have a total CGPA on my transcript because I switched programs more than half way through and it reset my CGPA, so I have two. Depending on how you calculate the total for all courses taken, it is between 2.35 and 2.55 with no drops (that is to say I don't know how to factor in repeated or failed courses). L2 is 3.07, although that involves only 15 courses (45 credits by some standards?).
  7. gpaconfusion

    Going abroad first

    My understanding is that most schools these days only accept deferment in extraordinary circumstances? Keep in mind this travelling would be done under a yearlong contract as I cannot afford to travel without working.
  8. Just curious about anybody who many have intentions with their JD outside of the conventional practice of law. You always hear about law degrees 'opening doors' and I just wanted to get a discussion started on that!
  9. gpaconfusion

    Going abroad first

    Many panic about a "gap" year. Personally, I've been out of school for five years already, and I have a poor GPA and good LSAT score (and little professional experience). I am anxious to apply to school, but I also have a desire to experience something radically different and spend a year abroad teaching English, maybe doing some writing. I worry if I go to law school without such an experience, I will not be able to approach it with the right attitude (although I would be grateful for the opportunity and would certainly apply myself--I have learned from the error of my ways!). However, the years are accumulating, and a part of me feels I should get started as quickly as possible. Especially considering my GPA, it's always possible that I won't get in even at the less competitive schools and will be forced to take a year of undergraduate studies to upgrade my grades, pushing things back even further. At the same time, to go abroad is an opportunity I might not have following the beginning of the chain of events that law school entrance precipitates, and I can't help but feeling like I would be constantly aware of that. Input and words of wisdom? Edit: Maybe this is the wrong forum! Meant to post to law students section... Can't figure out how to move it though. Hopefully there are a variety of users in this forum who may have insight!
  10. Do I have any chance with a 70.88 index score? Want to apply if I have any shot at all but don't want to throw my money down the drain. Saw a thread from ten years ago that quoted something in that range but what I'm finding here sounds significantly higher. Responses appreciated! AGPA 2.93 (if you round up from 2.926). LSAT 166.
  11. My GPA is pitiful but I scored a 166 and I did do fairly well in my final year of University (which is now several years behind me). However, this year consisted of 7 total courses (4&3) (at my school we only had single-semester courses). This 24 minimum credits in a year thing is like a foreign language to me, but does this mean that all my best grades will not be factored AT ALL into my GPA calculation? Thanks!