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  1. Finally pulling the cord.. law school ..

    Also very applicable to fields like social work & psychology. I've written enough papers this month though...
  2. Finally pulling the cord.. law school ..

    Trust me on this. Once you begin studying for the LSAT, you will very clearly understand the commitment the folks in this forum have to question formatting and structure. I'm sure they don't mean it to be as personal as it sounds, but rather it comes down to the fact that they have been methodically trained to logically attack questions and statements in this manner. I am finishing my degree through Athabasca, and have been working on it for about 12 years including the first 2 years at my local college. I am a single parent with a decade of work experience in a pretty cool career and started seriously considering law approximately a year ago. I am currently submitting the last documentation requirements on my applications and am hopeful for admission in this cycle. If you decide to go to Athabasca for your schooling I have 2 recommendations. 1) make an effort to have regular contact with your instructors and get to know them, as this will pay off when you go looking for reference letters later on #thingsiwishiknewearlier (can you hashtag in here?) 2) if you plan to attend school full time and not be working, go to school in a classroom setting. I recently cut my hours drastically in order to complete 6 classes in 2 months and have them counted in my GPA calculations, and the 100% focus on school with no one around me who can relate, has been one of the most isolating experiences I have ever had. I am also a very social creature, so it could just be me. First things first though, start with picking an undergrad that interests you and go from there!
  3. Finally pulling the cord.. law school ..

    This is refreshing. I wrote my personal statement from the heart as well, before joining this forum. I have yet to submit it, but being on this forum has me second guessing whether I did it right haha. I was actually searching for tips when I came across this. By comparison to a lot of people on here, I also had no clue about the process ahead of time. I had been focused on my current career and my family. From the time I made the decision to go for it, I had only a few weeks to get my applications in, register in some of my remaining undergrad classes, and prep for the LSAT. I am going to submit my "from the heart" personal statement, I think, and here's hoping I get in and also become a decent lawyer despite learning the process a little late in the game.
  4. Calgary is definitely the prettier city, but Edmonton's river valley is also gorgeous. I don't know that the cost difference for either city is significant, until you are planning to buy real estate. Sorry that I am not helping your choice! I honestly won't mind acceptance into either, but from what I have been hearing it sounds like there are more course options in upper years at Edmonton, which may play a role in the event that I am afforded a decision. Definitely let me know where you end up!
  5. I applied to UofA and UofC, due to proximity. I plan to commute rather than move. We shall see. I just got my LSAT score back, and am waiting for fall grades. Fingers crossed
  6. Full course load

    Me too! It's gross. I know the government considers anything over 9 credits per semester to be full time but it probably depends on your course load and how many classes you have left. I went into my final year with 36 credits remaining and am applying for this cycle, so anything less than 6 classes at a time and I'm not finishing this year!
  7. Athabasca References

    I am completing my undergrad through AU, and working on applications to U of A & U of C as an aboriginal applicant. U of A does not specify that my 2 letters of reference be academic, but Calgary does. My issue is, that I have approached all of my previous instructors at AU for letters, and so far I am just getting a bunch of "I don't know you's", or "I didn't coordinate this course at that time". For anyone unfamiliar with this school, it is distance learning, and communication with your instructors is not exactly set up to foster any kind of relationship. Any course questions are to be submitted through the "support centre" and responses come back to you through the same medium, typically with a "closed" status so you cannot even reply/converse. You don't get any contact info for instructors, typically deal with an academic expert rather than the main professor, and often you only get their first name. I actually had several classes where I did not interact with anyone at all. Has anyone had luck requesting reference letters from this school? I am looking for some tips on how I can obtain these. I have offered up a resume, copy of my personal statement, and previous coursework, but still no luck. Thanks in advance,
  8. Semi-related, is a "diagnostic" just a 1st time taking a timed practice with no prep?
  9. How to ask for LOR?

    I am having a similar issue, as most of my schooling has been through AU, and my very limited interactions with instructors were through their Student Support Center, so I have no actual contact details for anyone who taught me. AU has instructed me to send a request for references through the support center, that they will then forward to the academic experts from my classes, but I am certainly not expecting that these references will stand out on my applications.
  10. UAlberta Transcript timing

    Hi Paigro, From what I understand, they want to see the fall semester grades if you are still enrolled, and you will have until Feb 1 to submit the transcripts (probably the sooner the better, since they start making offers as early as December) from the UAlberta site: "If the applicant is enrolled in post-secondary studies at the time of the application, the transcripts must show any completed fall/first term work." & "The Admission GPA is calculated using the applicant's most recent 60 units/credits (equivalent to 2 years of full time study) in a recognized university degree (undergraduate or graduate), provided those units of course weight are completed by February 1st in the year in which admission is sought. This is the minimum number of units/credits or courses that will be used in the assessment of an applicant's GPA." I hope this was helpful!
  11. Unusual Circumstances -Chances

    Diplock, my 2 years at RDC were fully transferred to AU as year 1 & 2 of my 4 year program (of which I am in Year 4). Honestly I am not sure why they issued a diploma for it (Diploma in B.Comm Transfer Studies) or if that is standard practice. I know that both of these Law programs recognize AU, but you make a good point & I will check with them as to whether the first 2 years completed at RDC will pose an issue to admittance. This is correct, my preference is to stay in Alberta in an effort to reduce the impact of this pursuit on my children. Staying here keeps us close to both sides of their family. Thank you for this point as well, mental note made to directly address how I have already re-allocated my time and resources to devote the next few years to this. Do you think it is worth explaining in my statement why I haven't made the time until now? Or is it better to keep the focus on the fact that I am now prepared to commit fully to it? The reason is certainly nothing I'm ashamed of, nor is it due to lack of motivation so much as where my motivation was focused instead. Simply, I was offered an unreal opportunity part way through my degree, that I couldn't refuse, and that demanded my full attention. It has only been in the last year or so, since I decided Law is where I want to be, that I've been setting up to be able to shift my focus back to full-time studies.
  12. My plan for the past couple years has been to finish my undergrad completely, then apply to law school (timeline would have meant applying for fall 2019 start). The reason for this is that the schools I'd like to apply to review the last 60 credits, and my GPA from my first 2 years is not overly impressive. I recently have decided to go for it now and apply while I complete my 4th year. Here are my factors to consider: The last 2 years of my degree are through Athabasca U, taken off and on and will have taken me a total of 12 years to complete. During this time my main focus was my (current) career, and raising my 2 children - school was fit in wherever possible and affordable. My GPA for my last 36 credits is a 3.95, and I expect to maintain this over my remaining 24 credits (to be completed by May, 12 of which will be completed and added to my transcript in time for documentation deadlines). My first 2 years were taken at RDC. I received a Diploma in 2006, GPA of 3.2 I am booked to take the December LSAT for the first time (remember up until recently I was planning my application for 2019). I have been testing consistently above 165 on the 7 practice exams I've attempted under time constraints. I will be applying as a metis student, and I'm not sure whether this is something I should include in my personal statement, but I have quite a speckled personal history including foster care, living independently at 16, and have worked incredibly hard to build a fantastically stable life for myself and my children, but as a result my education has taken forever to complete. I am concerned that the length of time to complete my degree will affect my chances, as well as the fact that the degree will not be complete during the admissions process and therefore grades from over 10 years ago are being pulled into my GPA consideration. Does anyone have any experience with this? Do schools look at clear improvement in grades over time? Also, given that my current academic career is via correspondence, I have little to no interaction with my professors, so I am looking for advice from anyone who has done an AU degree on how I go about getting the letters of recommendation required for my application? I will apply to UofA and UofC, both require 2x LOR, but UofA does not specify whether they need to be academic references. Thanks for taking the time to read, I look forward to your honest input and please do let me know if any further detail would help.