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  1. Accepted 2018

    I just got an email saying they're waiting on one of my referees to submit before they evaluate I wish it was more acceptable to email the referee and ask them to finish by today haha
  2. Windsor, western, queens, ottawa, u of t, dal, vic, u of a, u of c, osgoode i applied super broadly to be sure that ill get in somewhere. U of c is my top pick, calgary is home. Plus I my parents supported me by paying for my applications which made it easier
  3. Exchange marks

    They definitely all ask you to submit the transcript which is a huge pain in the ass to get but im mot sure which schools count the marks
  4. Application status

    Ah, disappointing but expected! I hate this limbo of not knowing. Thank you!
  5. Admissions Status and Questions

    Hi, Rose responded to my email form last week saying that they can't look at applications until all supporting documents are in, which mine arent! I think it's just a generic message.
  6. Application status

    let me know what the response is!
  7. Admissions Status and Questions

    keep me updated on this if you find out what it means! thanks
  8. Mine says this too! my reference letters havent even been received though
  9. Application status

    Yes my transcript has been received except they are still requesting fall grades be sent
  10. Application status

    Does the U of A even look at applications if the status on beartracks says "This application requires action"? They are waiting on my finalized fall grades even though I have sent my transcripts already.
  11. ANOTHER application status question...

    what did she say about the fall recruitment schedule?
  12. Another application status question...

    mine still says forwarded for review except theres one part that says additional items needed at one part for my finalized transcripts including fall grades. Are you still enrolled in classes? that could be it!
  13. Hi there, so I am in my last semester of my undergrad, and I know almost every school requires submission of final transcripts including fall grades. I am wondering if you guys know which schools do acceptances before they receive those final transcripts with fall marks? I applied to vic, u of a, schulich, osgoode, western, queens, ottawa, windsor and u of c. I know U of C doesnt even accept transcripts until fall marks are finalized, but what about other schools? I am going crazy not knowing when I can expect to find out anything! Thanks
  14. Change of Application Status for 2018

    Good luck! Hopefully we will be classmates.
  15. Change of Application Status for 2018

    I applied September 15th, and I believe the status changed at the same day they acknowledged all my supporting documents as being sent. On the website that date is listed as October 5th