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  1. Places to live

    Only Toronto, vancouver and montreal have subway (/sky train for van) systems.
  2. Very Anxious about Starting Law School

    Work during the summers- that'll decrease your debt. Toronto is definitely an expensive choice for law school, but Osgoode students have so many great opportunities and a great placement rate. Getting help with tuition is already way more than most students have, and 50-60k debt is manageable. There is no point in focusing on the worst case scenario, try to focus instead on the literal hundreds of positive possibilities law school will give you. But yeah, if you're not interested in law enough to take the risk, don't go.
  3. Switch tutor or over reacting

    Honestly, it's good to have a tutor who is hard on you- which seems to be the issue here. The tutor is not judging you; its literally their job to point out and explain your mistakes to you. The process can be frustrating, sure, but you're more likely to get good results through that method. Part of benefiting from tutoring is being a receptive student. Be confident and accept your mistakes, it's the best way to improve.
  4. Switch tutor or over reacting

    That was really hard to read. I'm pretty unsure of what is going on but if you don't like your tutor, just switch. Your not going to benefit much if you're not happy with his style of tutoring. But honestly, just to be blunt, being able to be somewhere by 9am isn't something you should have to work on.
  5. Laptop recommendations for law school?

    I agree with this. I've always bought the cheapest laptop available and use google drive for everything. There is no legitimate reason to spend over 1000 on a laptop unless you genuinely want the fancy laptop or you have the money to easily spend.
  6. Waitlisted 2018 JD (English)

    They waitlist people as they review the files. Being notified earlier just means that your file was reviewed before someone who received a waitlist notification at a later date, doesn't indicate a higher score.
  7. Student Line of Credit--what's the best offer?

    You won't find a better rate than prime +0. Medical students can get prime -.25 but I haven't heard of any law students being offered this. You should also consider repayment structure. Some banks require interest payments throughout the year, while others just add the interest to your post-grad/principle payments. Also, banks differ in the repayment timeline- some banks require no payments on the principle until 1 or 2 years after articles.
  8. Law School Debt

    This really all depends on your personal finances. How much do you have now? will your family contribute $$? (I don't really want to know- but they're clear factors) If you're able to keep your overall debt under 100k, you're in a better situation than most.
  9. Applying in 3rd year worth it?

    I don't think a deferral would be granted- they are usually only for special circumstances. (Illness, family responsibility etc) They would likely make you reapply the next year.
  10. 1L "Black Letter" Courses

    I am confused as to how any of those comments could be perceived as prejudice or stereotyping. They sound like standard compliments.
  11. I think the acceptance/waitlist/rejected threads should have a degree of flexibility. Is it great to be able to easily find stats? Sure. Is there a benefit of hearing more details about past application experiences? Absolutely. I used this forum a lot to calculate/guess my chances and I found the 'side conversations' very helpful. Knowing details about application timelines, even if they are anecdotal, is great and this information is usually found in the side conversations, not just the one admitted post. I'm not going to PM someone that posted an acceptance 5 years ago, so its great when someone asks a question and it's answered on the thread. I found this information helpful in all the admissions threads going back to late 2000s, and they were worth scrolling past to gather stats. I guess a good example of this would be my last post asking someone how they found out their reference file was blank (UO waitlist). I think this resulted in a moderator msging me which I found odd. I think knowing the answer would be helpful to future applicants looking at this forum.
  12. Waitlisted 2018 JD (English)

    Just out of interest- how did you even find out about the reference being blank? Did the school contact you? that's a brutal situation.
  13. Still Referred to Admissions Committee

    You have to convert each of your courses to the GPA on the table. Your GPA will be the same for all ontario universities. For example: Since I went to MUN, I use grade scheme/column 6 on the conversion chart. I convert each of my 40 courses to the OLSAS converted course GPA. Then I add them all together and divide by 40 (get the average, basically) But yeah, your GPA is not influenced/converted based on the school your applying to. The conversion chart is for the school you attended for undergrad.
  14. Still Referred to Admissions Committee

    I think you're using the chart in the wrong way- you don't adjust/determine your GPA based on the school your applying to, you adjust/determine your GPA using the column for the school you attended. Your OLSAS GPA will be the same for all schools.
  15. JD 1 academic ref/ and 1 professional

    That sounds like a very reasonable professional/non-academic reference. Did you work with the head of the shelter? I think that reference would be good- especially for Windsor.