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  1. Should I withdraw my application? RE: cGPA

    Those stats are only for the dual program! Don't withdraw- your stats will never change and it's better to take the chance. Really focus on that LSAT.
  2. This has always been a point that bothers me. Honestly, to a degree, they should consider it although I know they don't. I've been a TA/GA at 2 universities in Canada and when I graded undergrad course essays for each the averages I had to work with were vastly different. One university had a 70 average with the lienancy of a 72, the other was a solid 78 average. The essays I marked, overall, had to hit those averages. So the average student at the first university received a mark at least 6 percent less than they would have at the latter school. Schools grading systems are fundamentally different and I don't believe they are trully encapsulated through the OLSAS conversion table. I can't forget a story my RA supervisor once told me where they gave a student a full scholarship, GA ship, etc because of her stellar grades but when the student showed up their writing quality was sub par and what would be expected of a B student, not a A+ student like their undergrad transcript showed. Long story short- they pulled all funding after the first semester
  3. How many schools are you applying to and why?

    Windsor, Western, Lakehead, Ottawa, TRU, UNB, DAL I applied broadly because I do not want to take another year off. Ideally, I would like to stay in Ontario (live in Windsor now) but I would be pretty happy to start a new life on the east coast. (originally from NL) Honestly, TRU was just a last minute decision and a regret- sounds like a great school but I wouldn't be able to deal with being so far from my family in NL in case something happened to them. Bay Street has never been a goal for me and I do not plan in ever living in Toronto.
  4. I think everyone has a chance- get yourself a 160+ and that chance increases, with a higher chance for every additional LSAT point. I have pretty much those same stats (3.19 CGPA/3.38 L2/B2 if we're talking OLSAS #s) with a 158 LSAT and I got into UNB a few weeks ago. Anything's possible. Focus on the LSAT and with some hard work and good luck you can pull off multiple offers.
  5. Confirmation of Application

    does anyone else's mywindsor say their application is incomplete waiting for transcripts/documents? Just want to make sure it isn't only me.
  6. Admissions Status and Questions

    Yes, just log in then click on Fall 2018/2019 under processed applications then the info will appear on a chart. I'm not sure when it updated but I applied about a week ago.
  7. 4.0 cGPA 154 LSAT - Should I retake?

    a 4.0 using this chart? https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/olsas-conversion-table/ a 4.0 means you have never received under a 90 as a final grade.
  8. Chances 3.9 CGPA and 153 LSAT

    Is this an OLSAS calculated GPA? that's like a 90+ average, congrats.
  9. Admissions Status and Questions

    if you log into your Dal account and click on submitted applications, a chart is viewable to show which documentation they received. It takes a while to update but includes transcripts and referee information, including your referees names
  10. Chances?

    Why would you????? That being said- Windsor doesn't even have an access option- just general and aboriginal.
  11. Submitting OLSAS application

    I am very surprised by the number of people who waited for the last day! I submitted very early- there's no direct benefit but I had 0 trouble when I had to call and make a change the next day. I'm assuming OLSAS will not be as easily contactable tomorrow.
  12. Including publications on OUAC

    It sounds great but don't attach it- just cite it in your PS. You should only attach documentation that the school requests.
  13. OLSAS School Submission Questions

    I wrote about 2 experiences! And added a line about my volunteer experience in the Windsor community specifically. 1800 characters is a challenge but it can be done.
  14. Resume for General Category

    Nope! Your sketch is your resume for OLSAS
  15. Personal Statement/Sketchers

    It won't hinder your application but it's a waste of characters and an odd thing to mention. a lot of applicants have completed grad school- I don't mean to be a jerk but being accepted isn't an accomplishment worthy of mentioning. I think you should avoid mentioning it. Accept the grad school offer and apply to law schools- If you receive an acceptance then bail on the grad school offer.