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  1. What are examples of "strong" ECs?

    I agree. I know it's an unpopular opinion but I think in the long run its more valuable to have a .5 lower undergraduate GPA with a lot of valuable work experience throughout and more $$/ability to limit debt, and valuable references. I definitely regret not taking university seriously during 1st year, but I don't regret the courses which I could have received a better grade in if I didn't work multiple jobs and volunteer.
  2. Accepted 2018

  3. Wait List Single JD 2018

    You chose the Windsor Dual program over Osgoode?! I would love to hear the reasoning for this. The cost of the Dual program would (mostly) offset the cost of living in Toronto. Although law school rankings are arbitrary Osgoode is a top school, the Windsor dual Program is not.
  4. Accepted to Ottawa 2018

    All law school.
  5. Email from Lakehead

    True. I just read the email completely- it's very misleading.
  6. Email from Lakehead

    It's for their undergraduate program- Im guessing they sent it to everyone who applied to any program at Lakehead. The sender is 'Lakehead University Undergraduate Recruitment'.
  7. Accepted to Ottawa 2018

    This forum isn't a good indicator of how many seats they actually have left. Lots of people chose to not post, or have no clue/don't care that this forum exists at all. I'd argue that the best guess that can be made from this forum would be to look at the 2017 acceptance thread and count how many acceptances there were, then compare the number to how many are on the 2018 thread. Still, it won't be very helpful. (I did this for Windsor- it wasn't helpful )
  8. Late Non-Acadamic Reference

    Honestly, your stats are low in consideration to the acceptances this cycle. I don't think the letter being late will make much impact. I think we still stand a chance but that chance gets slimmer every day.. Oh, and I say we because I'm very close to your stats- referred since mid March and still waiting. (3.19, 158, MA from Windsor, lots of ECs)
  9. Gift for principal at the end of articling?

    Not necessary but definitely appreciated! One of my LORs really went out of her way to write the LOR for me and I sent a big bouquet of flowers as a thank you. If you think your LOR writer would like it, I think its a good idea to send a lil thank you gift.
  10. Wait List Single JD 2018

    Mind me asking when were you referred? This wait, especially in the past few days, has been killing me.
  11. Accepted Windsor Dual 2018

    They definitely are! The dual program generally sees less than half the # of applications as the single and the average stats tend to be lower. Im still waiting for my single response, can't afford the dual. Good luck!
  12. Accepted Windsor Dual 2018

    I think that's the common situation. If someone gets into dual, it means nothing for their single application- but I would be surprised if they are accepting many people into the single instead of the dual.
  13. No letters of anything. What should I do?

    With your L2 you definitely have a shot! If it helps, I got into Dal early with a 3.18 and a 158- I think with their L2/last 20 focus you have a real shot there. Just focus on killing that LSAT!
  14. No letters of anything. What should I do?

    Not looking good. I got a reject letter from Western a few weeks ago with higher stats. Queens with the B2 is a possibility, and so is Dal later in the cycle. Good luck!
  15. ...Radio Silence

    I can hear the sounds of stress from all the Osgoode hopefuls who see this topic and think rejections have started. I'm sure someone will post during the first wave of rejections. Seems like multiple Ontario schools haven't started the rejection process.