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  1. Windsor vs. Osgoode: "Big Five" Firm Prospects

    To answer the question: Feasible, yes. Likely, no. I am a strong Windsor supporter (clearly) but I don't agree that the quality of education would be the same as Osgoode. I think opportunities play a large part of education quality and Osgoode comes with many more opportunities. Yes, all 1Ls are going to learn generally the same content but location and access to resources do make a difference. Plus, the Windsor -> Toronto commute to visit your family would be easy with VIA. I just can't imagine turning down Osgoode for Windsor. What's next- turning down Toronto for Lakehead?! (just a joke) I also do not believe that campus safety should be a factor in your decision. Windsor is not the best. I've spent time on both campuses and I've experienced less issue at York than at Windsor.
  2. Worried about Credit Score

    use creditkarma.ca to check your credit- It will give you access to your credit score and report instantly for free. Probably not the most accurate option but I like it. You can see your credit card history, all the times you've applied to credit cards, and any outstanding debts.
  3. Worried about Credit Score

    If your parents will cosign and they own a home or any assets, you'll be fine. What you've mentioned is minor stuff.
  4. reference letters

    Subjective over objective. If I had 2 profs to chose from, an 80 in one class and 90 in the other, and had an additional connection* with the 80 prof, I would chose them. Whoever would be able to make a more detailed argument. Time is also a consideration- the head of the department looks great for an LOR but if they use a standard "name is a good student, blah blah" then it won't be very valuable. I find its best to feel the situation out. *Seems weird to phrase but of course I mean through R.A work, school club involvement etc.
  5. Personal essay

    Where are you applying? A few schools have specific questions/guidelines to follow
  6. Application Status

    @CrimNation and @goals101 and @SlickRick okay guys, I gave in and called admin. They said there are a lot of applications still pending review and that it won't influence the decisions. The lady I spoke with said to pretty much be patient- If there's an issue they will email you directly. At this point they are still just inputting information to the system.
  7. Application Status

    Gpa 3.19, LSAT 158 highest. MA from Windsor With like 3.83, good ECS and LORS from Windsor profs. I'm really trying to hope that the whole pending review status is just luck and not indicative of any future decisions. One can hope haha
  8. Application Status

    same here! still pending review
  9. Good Stats but no Bite

    I'm sure you'll hear good news very soon. are you refereed to admissions committee at UWindsor or still pending review?
  10. Referred to Admissions Committee

    lack of luck, I guess. It just helps me to know I'm not the only one haha anyone else?
  11. Is anyone still Incomplete?

    Anyone still pending review?
  12. Referred to Admissions Committee

    Anyone still pending review?
  13. What was your undergrad?

    I would suggest that you complete your degree as a future fall back. But, of course, this advice is dependent on factors that I do not know including your undergrad focus (is it a path to a viable career) and your age. (will 5+ more years in school interfere with your life plans) but yeah, I think its best to have the undergrad.
  14. Doubtful. Pretty low GPA/LSAT and I feel like the par for ECs at oz is higher than you would think. There is a definite chance though. Seriously congrats on that LSAT increase- 17 points up is an awesome improvement.
  15. Uvic or Osgoode

    I really think that statement answered your question, but it is good to weigh your options. Congrats on getting into 2 awesome schools. If there was a law school near/in the province of my family it would be my top choice regardless of rating/prestige. You're the only person who knows what you need to be happy- If that's family and familiarity, go to UVic, if it's ranking/bay, go to oz.