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  1. myUWindsor not working

    Mine is up. Give it 24 hours, and if it's still not up, give them a call.
  2. Hi Everyone, A few people seem to be in a fairly similar situation that I am, in which your Uozone says under evaluation, but doesn't show a change that reflects that you wrote the December LSAT. Today I called Ottawa and they told me they had received my December score even though this was not reflected on uozone. So it is probable that they have your score as well, it is just not updated on uozone.
  3. Congratulations on your acceptance.
  4. Uozone app status

    Yeah, Ottawa has been a tad slower this year in terms of acceptances compared to past years. So don't stress about it too much, things should be updated soon. Like the Calgary adcom. rep on here said, "it's a marathon, not a sprint."
  5. Uozone app status

    Mine is the same way it's under evaluation and doesn't reflect that I wrote in December. Schools should have received LSATs last week and I believe a majority of them did. That being said, given the number of applicants they have, I'm guessing it will take some time for Ottawa to update uozone. I would suspect that within the next week or two it will update (especially given that fall grades should be coming in as well).
  6. Myuwindsor app still says "pending review"

    Mine still says pending review and the documents all say no, I believe it is a common feat for most on this site based on past threads. It doesn't mean they haven't received all your documents though. It's a fairly big applicant pool, so it may take some more time for them to refer the file to the adcom
  7. Accepted Windsor Dual 2018

    @JDtobe Congratulations
  8. December LSAT MyUwindsor

    Mine does as well, I believe once you are referred to the adcomm. it changes.
  9. Hey Everyone, I logged into myuwindsor and the December LSAT seems to have been downloaded. I would assume that by the end of the week (pure conjecture) that everybody's should be updated. So give it a look, your score may be up.
  10. Mine went up as well , OLSAS said it would be done in random batches. If anyone out there doesn't have their score don't worry, it will be up soon
  11. I did as well, you don't see many 1ls and 2ls active in the forum. With regard to this thread, it is for applicants applying this year, and only 4 ppl have posted here, 2 of which have already been accepted to the program. Hopefully soon, more students who applied will post here so we can garner more data for prospective students to analyze.
  12. I can't it just has a check. The check came after I wrote in september (it came in november) so that's what I'm assuming. File hasn't been updated since then.