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  1. Waitlist 2018

    No I received a lovely rejection letter on Tuesday.
  2. Waitlist 2018

    I have been trying to reach her throughout the day but without success. I guess she is really busy. I will post as soon as I get through. I am so grateful to have all of you guys. This is a wonderful community.
  3. Waitlist 2018

    Any chance you remember what time you called on Friday? Cheers
  4. Also: https://www.td.com/ca/en/personal-banking/products/borrowing/lines-of-credit/student-line-of-credit/ TD is offering up to 125K no co-signor needed . They just changed it to make it easier for Professional Student. Good points on applying for the LOC prior to applying for Student Loans
  5. Waitlist 2018

    I don't know... Maybe I am lacking extra curriculum activities or work experience... But thank you for the little boost of confidence
  6. Waitlist 2018

    I am so tempted to call back to know where I am standing now. Has anyone called back to see how far they moved this week?
  7. Waitlist 2018

    Happy Monday to all of those on the wait list still waiting. Hang in there and keep your mental sanity we still have lots of hope I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend Cheers,
  8. My application still shows " Written Notification to Follow" and current program: "juris doctor" has always been showing on my profile but I am still waiting. Dalhousie has the honour of being the slowest law school in Canada to assess my application too.
  9. Waitlisted at Calgary 2018

    Any movements? I was wait listed back in December and since I only have a cute green circle on my status to keep me happy. Anyone has been accepted recently from the wait list?
  10. Waitlist 2018

    No! I called and called and called hahaha only manage to catch her today
  11. Waitlist 2018

    I just spoke with Leanne and she said things are moving at the moment. She told me as of today I am standing at #29 but that things will be moving by the end of the month and that she had just received 2 withdraw. Let's keep our heads up guys! There is a lot of hope for all of us
  12. Waitlist 2018

    Officially waitlisted. Received the confirmation 10 minutes ago
  13. Accepted to TRU 2018

    Congrats Guys!!! This is great news