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  1. Typical length of test

    I believe I was there for four hours, but my proctors were mind-numbingly slow with the initial spiel. I can't see it being any longer than that, barring some act of God.
  2. Last week

    I'll second this. I hit my personal best a week before the exam and stopped studying entirely until the day of, and did quite well. Any time I'd try practice tests on back to back days my score would dip on the second, so I'm assuming the same effect would have happened with the actual test.
  3. Desk suggestions?

    Yeah I bought a big ass desk for my room in undergrad and I used it a handful of times. Always did my studying at the library or on the couch.
  4. Yes, you'd have to ask again. Unless the Prof chooses to send it to you, you'll never see the reference letter. But try and be optimistic. You have multiple LSATs you can write and aim for a good score.
  5. Volunteer Work: How important is it?

    I have to ask - have you actually written the LSAT? Or are you just playing the hypothetical game?
  6. I don't know much about scholarships at other schools, but most of the ones at uOttawa seem to be based on financial need and soft factors. I could be wrong.
  7. 1) You shouldn't use your real name on a forum like this. It could be forever linked to your career and come up in a Google search, etc. 2) You have a great L2, a fine cGPA, and your volunteering at law firms is a good soft factor. Get a 160+ and you'll be in at almost every law school in Ontario. 3) When you're applying through OLSAS you'll have to provide the email of your references. They'll receive a link to a form where they fill out a letter. You're not supposed to ever see the letter. I'd recommend asking now and reminding them closer to the date.
  8. I think you ignored the major take home of our posts - that you can achieve all your goals going to Queens, Western, Windsor, Ottawa, etc. Other than having a higher chance to meet the occasional lawyer from firms in the city, there don't seem to be many direct benefits of going to a Toronto school. Reputation means very little. There are partners at major firms from every law school in the country (excluding the newer schools, of course). I'd imagine if that's all it took to dissuade you from law school then you're making a good decision. Going to law school to be Charlie Munger is like going to baseball camp to be Michael Jordan.
  9. There is no way of knowing your chance if improving, but it's certainly possible. A 165 to 170 is only a few questions. You've mastered LG, which is great, but in my opinion LR and RC come down to a certain degree of luck Definitely see if you can get your PT average to a >170 average, though. Why are you only applying to "top" law schools? You're not at a disadvantage going to any Canadian law school. And with a 3.0 GPA (it doesn't matter what your programs average was) you should take what you can get. I don't personally think you'll get into UofT or York, even with a 175, but I could be wrong. Also, do you want to live/work in Canada? Go to a Canadian school.
  10. Need Advice [3.06 / 156]

    I don't think you have a chance with those stats. I'd guess you need a 165 to overcome your GPA. Is increasing the GPA with an extra year a possibility? What was your most recent year GPA?
  11. LSAT score docs info

    Scanning a Scantron for each test taker is quick and easy. Unstapling and scanning an entire ~30 page booklet for every test taker is not.
  12. It does seem like everybody who does well in school gets pushed towards the doctor path. I considered it for a few years because of what other people wanted, but soon realized I had no desire to be one. I have friends in med school. They're going to make crazy amounts of money and get jobs without breaking a sweat. But when they describe their day to day life during their placements... It sounds like a nightmare. Kudos to anyone who feels passionate about medicine, but I couldn't stomach it.
  13. LOC for Ottawa max is 90K!

    I meant that metaphorically, we were emailing for a while and getting details worked out on the LOC then I suddenly couldn't get in touch with him. I emailed someone else at the branch and they told me he no longer worked there.
  14. LOC for Ottawa max is 90K!

    Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that the Scotiabank rep listed here for Ottawa, Mike LaFleur, doesn't work there anymore. I spoke with him for a while then the line went dead. Email Beth instead.
  15. You have an excellent chance at Queens and Western, and even UofT (B3, I believe). Ottawa and Osgoode are considered cGPA schools, but in my opinion yours doesn't disqualify you if you can write an excellent personal statement. Aim for as high as possible but I'd say a 160 would get you in somewhere.