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  1. Thought I was Competitive - No Acceptance?

    Apologies, misread the thread and thought you were OP and asking why you weren't being accepted. Acceptances could be as late as August if we're going off past years. But again, if your full stats were available it'd probably be a lot easier to gauge your chances. Like I said, a <150 would disqualify all but the most exceptional candidates.
  2. Thought I was Competitive - No Acceptance?

    You have a 3.7 L2 which isn't relevant for uOttawa admission as they consider your cGPA above all else. With that being said, you applied access so your situation is up in the air. But you can dance around the facts all you want, the truth is that the LSAT is important for admission to every school in Canada. Much more so than ECs and references and in some cases more so than GPA. If you keep covering up your stats by saying "my first two years are much lower, my LSAT is too bad to mention BUT..." then you're not going to get a helpful answer from this forum. If your LSAT is sub-150 then you're probably not getting in to Ottawa. You'd need like a 3.9 cGPA to overcome that. If it's a mid-150 then maybe. This is an anonymous forum, I really don't get why you're hiding your cGPA and LSAT.
  3. Wow, I remember reading that first post ages ago. Gotta love that OP was halfway through a 2.7 GPA year and projected a 3.7 for his next three years. I take back my previous comment. Get a 180 or law school is not in the cards for you.
  4. Not even a 3.3 is considered competitive so you're fighting an uphill battle by any metric. With that being said, you can aim to do much better in your next two years and try to get a last two GPA >3.5. You're going to want above a 165 LSAT. I'm guessing you haven't don't much or any prep yet so keep in mind this is easier said than done.
  5. Undergrad Degree & GPA Question

    Your Masters degree will be viewed as a soft factor like an EC and nothing more from pretty much every school in Canada. This isn't necessarily a bad thing as it can help in your personal statement, but your grades won't be factored in to your GPA.
  6. Chances with low LSAT score in Canada

    Black box means impossible to know how they determine acceptance.
  7. Giving away a lawyer firm website

    I personally like the design (colour scheme/images/layout) but man, websites are so predictable these days. I knew what every page was going to look like as soon as I clicked it.
  8. [2.8 / no LSAT] Non-Competitivie applicant

    Take an LSAT diagnostic and you'll have a much better idea of where you stand in terms of being competitive.
  9. Living with parents during law school?

    I'd say move. I also encourage any undergrads who are going to school in the same city that they live in to move into residence or find roommates. Living on your own is a big change in lifestyle and it's one that you should do now as a student rather than in four years as a professional. And besides, a 45 minute commute sucks. Find a cheap place (with some strangers if you have to) right by the university. You can't put a price on life experience and freedom is worth the ~$6000 extra per year. Also, does your SO live on her own/with roommates? Any reason you two don't want to live together? I understand this is a personal question but moving in with my girlfriend during undergrad (fourth year after living with roommates for the first three years) was the best decision I've ever made. We split a one bedroom and it's significantly cheaper than before.
  10. I'm nearly 100% confident you'll get into Osgoode. I got in with a 3.55 cGPA/3.53 L2/165 LSAT. Shoot for UofT too, you have a great chance.
  11. I was consistently hitting low 160s in the months leading up to the test. Took a week off and went on vacation, then waited a few days once I got back. First PT I took after that was a 170. I ended up taking a week off before the actual test and got a 165. So definitely take a break, relax your mind, and come back strong on test day.
  12. Getting ready

    https://imgur.com/gallery/oEXYFZw Here's everything you need to know. Joking aside, go for something you're passionate in. Don't take "pre-law" (if that is such a thing?) or criminology/sociology or something that you think specifically guides you towards a career as a lawyer. I studied genetics and biochemistry and it opened doors for me that I don't believe I'd have otherwise. Science was my passion in high school, I followed it into University.
  13. 0L Summer- books to begin reading?

    Here's my goal for the summer. The constant cycling between writing 50 words, opening Reddit, checking FB messages, closing browser, writing a bit, opening Reddit, and so on is driving me mad. But what's even more frustrating is the sheer boredom I feel whenever I'm sitting around and not constantly checking my phone. Even when I'm watching TV or out with friends. It's quite scary. As a matter of fact, why the hell am I on this forum right now when I have a seminar presentation in two days?
  14. You have a great shot at every Ontario school except UofT . Almost certainly at Western and Queens.
  15. I just don't know what to tell you. Your file will be reviewed when it's reviewed. Nobody will get mad and yell at you for calling but it seems pointless when you probably just haven't been picked yet.