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  1. Non-academic Letters of Reference?

    Do you know any customers particularly well? I could see that being a possibility.
  2. Is the 2018 cycle considered to be for admission in 2018 or 2019?

    Please do not use &. Ridiculously unprofessional.
  4. Finally pulling the cord.. law school ..

    You put "which schools offer law in bc " in your first post. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=which+schools+offer+law+in+bc The first result is a list of law schools in Canada. There's no misleading information involved, that's literal fact. If you had wrote in your first post "which school out of TRU, UBC, and UVic is most recommended for law school" then your post may scratch the surface of being meaningful. You're right, you'd have to be a fool to believe what law schools say about themselves. Otherwise I'd be on my way to Thomas Jefferson University with a generous scholarship. But there are plenty of amazing resources out there that you can easily find to get that information.
  5. Finally pulling the cord.. law school ..

    Edit: Nevermind, I won't be an asshole.
  6. Finally pulling the cord.. law school ..

    Edit: Nevermind, I won't be an asshole.
  7. Finally pulling the cord.. law school ..

    When you say starting from scratch... are you talking no post-secondary at all? No University degree? I hope you have a lot of money saved up for your children's sake.
  8. Rewrite, but you're going to get into all of those schools except possibly UBC.
  9. Good Undergraduate degree for Law?

    My high school guidance counselor told me that law schools required you take a certain number of law courses during your undergrad in order to be admitted. I believed the moron for about three years. I can't even fathom where they get their information from.
  10. Hello all, So I have a bit of an "out there" question about applying to Ottawa for the upcoming cycle. My stats as they stand are 3.55/4.00 cGPA and 165 LSAT (L2 about the same as cGPA). From what I've seen on the calculator, past years, and other posts on the forum, I should be a likely admit unless there's something drastically different this year or I screw up my application in some significant way. Ottawa is my dream school for studying law. I've loved the city since I was a kid and after growing up in a smaller town (Sarnia) and attending school in a slightly bigger one (London), I'm ready to live somewhere more fast-paced. My girlfriend has family in Ottawa and so she wants to move there as well. There also seems to be a heavy focus on IP/technology law at firms in the city and the school itself, which is perfect as I will be completing my MSc at the end of next summer. With that being said, I scored two 170+ LSATs before the September test. I was very happy with my 165, but I'm the type of person who likes to have all the possible options available. I was hoping I'd at least be able to clinch a spot at UofT by knocking the LSAT out of the park, not to go there but so I can make the decision when the time comes. You just never know what will change in a few months. My family knows this and my mother offered to pay for me to take the test in December, just so I never have to look back and regret not giving it my all. I feel like I can probably get a higher score as I won't have any nerves on the re-take. I'm still 99% sure that Ottawa is my school of choice, even if I got into UofT. But is there any chance that the admissions committees will see that I'm re-taking in December as a sign that I'm not fully committed to attending Ottawa? I've seen in past posts that Ottawa doesn't offer admission to students that they believe will be going to other schools. I've drafted my personal statement for Ottawa about five times (and haven't even started for the other schools I'll be applying) and have named very specific things about the school that have drawn my interest - the clubs I want to join, scholarships I'd apply for, the classes I want to take, professors who I'm interested in, why I want to live there after graduation. I'm just worried that the admissions committee might think I'm being non-genuine. If there is any reason not to re-take, I won't do it. So I was wondering what you guys think. The mental and financial aspects of the LSAT don't matter to me at this point. I'd be happy to write it again and might even enjoy it under less stressful conditions. I just want to make sure I'm not making myself a less attractive candidate. I'll be crushed if I don't get into Ottawa, even though I'm confident I'll get in elsewhere. Sorry for the long ass post, and if you've read through the whole thing I thank you very much. I apologize if I'm sounding presumptuous, I'm really just very nervous. If I had known two years ago that my dream law school was focused so heavily on cGPA, believe me I would have busted my ass in fourth year rather than letting my grades slip a bit as I prepared for post-grad. PS. Would increasing my LSAT to a 170 make me more competitive for scholarships at uOttawa? I'm having trouble finding any reliable information about that and am unsure if they're 100% based on GPA and financial need or if LSAT plays a role.
  11. This is old but you can't charge extra for pets, fyi.
  12. Wow, Western considers all LSAT scores? That'll throw some people for a loop. I'm sure they almost only focus on the highest, though. And I had no clue about UofT not looking at reference letters. That's one of the strongest parts of my application, so I guess another step away from having a chance!
  13. Chances? 159 LSAT, 4.0 CGPA

    What program are you in? A 4.0 is so damn impressive. The smartest students in my program weren't even close to straight A+.
  14. 3.55 cGPA/3.53 L2/165 Chances

    Western is my current school and after an undergrad and post-grad here I'm ready to move on. I love London and the school but I think I would excel with a change in scenery. I guess throwing down an extra app wouldn't hurt. I thought I'd be way out at UBC so I haven't really considered it. I'll take a look but I think my GPA under their calculation wasn't all that much better. Lakehead is certainly not ideal but I know a couple of people who went there and liked the community, so I figured as a last resort I may add it on. I know very little about the central province schools so I'll have to look into Calgary. Thanks for the help, guys!
  15. It's time for a new wave of "chances" threads now that the September LSAT is released! I'll start us off. I have the stats in the title and am halfway through a Master of Science degree. Besides that my ECs are pretty average - weekly volunteering for years with a local charity, summer jobs, nothing much else. LOR are solid - one from thesis supervisor and professor, one from a prof, one from volunteer supervisor who I am very close with. I'll be applying to Ottawa, Queens, Osgoode and UofT (yes, I am aware I'm wasting my money on this one). Do you guys think its worth throwing an additional safety school on there? Maybe Lakehead or an out of province? Thanks!