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  1. What are examples of "strong" ECs?

    Not with that attitude.
  2. low cGPA, LSAT 165

    You don't need another year, you are a strong candidate for both Western and Queens with your current stats, and very likely Osgoode as well. At any rate, another year even at a 4.0 won't do much to help your chances there. You have a solid access claim with your accident and will be able to write a compelling personal statement about your success after multiple setbacks. Good luck!
  3. Jobs out of uOttawa

    Oh the horror!
  4. High LSAT (173), abysmal gpa (2.0)

    Is it a 170 or a 173? Did a mod edit the title?
  5. Do I have a shot?

    With a cGPA of 3.7 I'm guessing you only need a 155+ on the LSAT for uOttawa. But higher is obviously better and I think you could feel 99% confident with a 160.
  6. Advise time ! (3.1, 3.6, 160s?)

    Excellent, I take great pride in my role as an advicor.
  7. Advise time ! (3.1, 3.6, 160s?)

    I told him three times that a 160+ would get him in somewhere. Time spent asking hypothetical questions on this forum would probably be better spent studying for the LSAT.
  8. Advise time ! (3.1, 3.6, 160s?)

    Holy shit, how many fucking times am I going to reply to this guy. I think I need to retire from predicting admissions.
  9. Is law school fun?

    A former classmate of mine recently graduated with an MSc in a fairly fast-growing field. He has two publications, good references, lots of experience, etc. He's sent out around 100 resumes across the country and heard back little more than "thanks for your interest". His jaw dropped when I described the OCI process. Job hunting sucks for any career path, but how many programs have employers travel to schools just to interview candidates? I don't doubt that I'll be a nervous wreck when I reach that stage, but there certainly seems to be more guidance and hand-holding than what I've observed in other disciplines.
  10. Does anyone experience this?

    Take lots of time between full tests. I'd say an entire day break in between PTs. That will allow your brain to rest and for your skills to soak in. Write your practice tests at the same time that you'll be writing the real exam. June is at 2pm, IIRC, but when I wrote in October I only did full practice tests in the morning at the time the actual test would be. Waking up early, having a light breakfast and coffee, a big glass of water, and then setting my focus on the test really cleared my mind.
  11. Advise time ! (3.1, 3.6, 160s?)

    What are your superb ECs? Keep in mind they must be incredible to make a difference. I'd say write the LSAT and come back for a better answer. I don't think you're competitive as it stands but you have time to get that LSAT into the 160s.
  12. So is this because the bar for admission to these schools is so low that worse test-takers can graduate, or is it that they don't adequately prepare one to write the bar exam?
  13. Why did you lie about your LSAT multiple times in other threads? It seems silly to make things up and give yourself false confidence. Get a 160+ and you'll be likely for at least one school, as I said in a previous thread.
  14. Tips on Being a Great Summer Student

    Brilliant, thanks for writing this out. I'm bookmarking this thread for future use.
  15. Accepted to Queen's 2018

    Out of curiosity, why are we all so worried about remaining anonymous? It's not that hard to refrain from being a POS on this forum.