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  1. I received my email this afternoon, for everyone that was wondering
  2. I submitted mine as soon as it opened, so like mid September I think.
  3. Hey all! My status changed to offer this morning! GPA: 3.92 (after drops) LSAT: 164 Good luck to everyone else!
  4. Schools Waiting for Fall Grades

    I know that Vic does, I know nothing about the schools in the east though.
  5. What should my next step be?

    With that L2 and 162 LSAT score I would say you have a solid shot at getting accepted to a few schools. I wouldn't be drawing up the contingency plan just yet if I were you.
  6. PS - Alberta

    After you submit your application for UAlberta they will automatically create a UAlberta email and IT account for you. They'll send all of that info to you within a couple days of you applying. Then you have to email your PS to the UAlberta Law Admissions account. Its a little more obnoxious than other schools.
  7. This was the exact case for me as well.
  8. If I remember correctly, the status didn't change until early October for me.
  9. Waiting to hear back

    Is anyone else perpetually anxious now that they've submitted their applications? If not, how can I be like you?
  10. Mine says "forwarded for review" I submitted on Sept. 1
  11. Good Undergraduate degree for Law?

    There is no undergraduate degree that is going to prepare you properly for studying law. Legal studies degrees that appear as though they would be relevant have little relevance to the actual study or practice of law. Study what you're interested in, get good grades, worry about learning law-things once you actually get into law school.
  12. 2013/2014 Applicant Profile

    They use L2, cGPA is irrelevant for U of A