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  1. Submitting Your Application

    Thanks for the update, Malina! Just a couple of questions: -Will we be able to see what the admissions office has calculated our GPA at? If not, would there be a way to find this out? -What's a normal time frame to hear back with an admissions update after our fall grades are entered? thanks in advance!
  2. Accepted to Calgary 2018

    congrats! mind sharing when your application was complete? my transcripts just arrived in Calgary and I'm hoping it's added to my app next week/I hear back soon!
  3. I wrote the past September sitting after studying for the preceding 4 months in addition to taking 3 courses. I went hard studying an definitely at times burned out. I usually fixed the burnout with a couple of days off. In early-mid June I had a major family wedding that included a trip, and while I told myself I would study, it turned out to be a total of ~18 days without any LSAT prep. When I got back to it I felt rusty and didn't score too well before getting back into the grove of things. IMO I think July would be fine as long as you occasionally looked over some questions and did a little prep, but I believe august would be cutting it close. keep in mind everyone is different and what works for some /me may not work for you
  4. If you're applying from UBC, heather has told me that they convert our grades for our L2 via the percentage. Specifically, she told me that if your last 60 credits avg from ubc was 80%=3.5, 81%=3.6 and 82=3.7 on the Alberta scale. PM me if you have any questions about that
  5. A sibling of mine of went to UofM and lived in Mauro some years ago, and after visiting I can tell you that 1. I believe most, if not all, of the suites are 2 bedroom. 2. You walk in, there is a small kitchenette area (over or stove, one of the two) with a microwave, fridge etc. 3. from the kitchen, there is 3 doors, 2 of which are to basic standard dorm bedrooms, the 3rd to a full washroom 4. they have a very generic 2010-community centre/hospital vibe 5. each floor had full kitchens with ovens stoves etc. 6. at the time that I went, it was considered to be the best student residence building
  6. That's weird, I spoke+emailed her in which she stated otherwise
  7. In general from what I've heard is that the general nature of work has shifted more to divestitures and like. I hear Calgary is still doing 'fine' at this point but I haven't heard anything particularly optimistic. I think Vancouver is better if you're looking for stability, but also imp to keep in mind cost of living and the like. What I've heard is that a lot of the growth in Vancouver's market is Asia-Pacific oriented, but I imagine that with metal prices picking back up we will see more transactional activity in mining, copper, etc. This is all hearsay and spec tho I'm waiting to hear back from schools right now as well (finishing up undergrad at UBC, born/raised Vancouver) and I'm thinking of going to U of C, grinding it out in Calgary at some heavy hitter firms and come back to Vancouver to do some more boutique work later on once I've saved up a sufficient amount. If anyone else could touch on the above post as well tho I'm super eager to hear more
  8. Some background: -After grad, I want to go back to Vancouver to work. I realize that this is not always easy and am not opposed to working in Calgary or Toronto. I am not so interested in working/living after graduation in Edmonton or Halifax -While I want to keep my options open at this point, my broad target is corporate, whether it be big law or boutique -I’d like to be within a quick flight to Vancouver as I am very close to my family and want somewhat easy access home -From above, my grandparents are also a bit older and it is a possibility I could be having to make emergency flights home Calgary -I enjoy/really like the city. I’ve been many times over the years and am somewhat familiar with it -I do have family in Calgary (an uncle and some other far-extended) -I am very involved in politics and being in Alberta would be useful Alberta -I have an uncle n Edmonton -Not too fond of Edmonton though I haven’t been in years -Again, I am very involved in politics and being in Alberta would be useful Halifax -I’ve been to Halifax and didn’t mind it? Keeping the above in mind, I’d really appreciate peoples thoughts comparing the quality of the business-oriented legal education, career/student services, article placements, summer offers, firm exposure (esp. to higher end firms) and prospects after graduation. As I write this I realize that Dal would probably be at the bottom of my preference for these 3 schools but would still appreciate others' thoughts!
  9. I had to pay the equivalent of $600CAD when all was said and done (bank fees, conversion, transcripts charges) to get my exchange school to send them in from Spain. There is really no way around it and is unfortunately a required expense. I tried to look at roundabout ways but there really isn't as it is required to be sent directly from the school. However, if the issuing school does not issue the transcript in English (mine were) and you have to have it submitted with a translation, check with the schools you are applying to to have it submitted through WES, as I know through my research and correspondence that some indeed did.
  10. GPA for Admissions? L90? cGPA?

    I'd like to 2nd this question. I haven't heard anything definitive, with the site saying one thing, my correspondence with them saying another, and even the dean who was visiting my school saying last 60 credits in a blustering speech. Any help would be mucho appreciated
  11. dal looks at your last 60 undergraduate credits taken. if you are currently in your undergrad, they will include this current semester and count back, including all courses in the semester in which your last 60 falls in (which means, depending on your distribution of classes, it may include more than 60 credits). hope that helps
  12. Sup, More info on this: I emailed Heather and she straight up said that from UBC (where I go, 4.3 scale), they convert an 80% avg of L2 to 3.5, 81% to 3.6, and 82% to 3.7. Take from this what you please
  13. Referred to Admissions Committee

    I believe once you have this status it means that all of your relevant documentation transcripts etc. have been received. I don't think you would have this status when you are still enrolled in classes for this semester, for example.
  14. Reach: Queens, Western Targets: Dal, Alberta, Calgary, Ottawa Safeties: Windsor, TRU, Manitoba Wanted to make sure I get in somewhere. No regrets as this point