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  1. Hi everyone, I wasn't previously applying to Western but I've been encouraged by others after I received my Sept LSAT score. I have a 163 score. OLSAS calculates my UBC GPA at a L2 3.5-ish and a cGPA of 3.08. I have good extracurriculars + references that are in line with Westerns programming options. I've heard mixed things on my competitiveness so was wondering if anyone here can provide some insight. Good luck to everyone applying!
  2. Hi everyone, I've already submitted my application with a 163 LSAT, and will have between a 3.7-3.8 L2 GPA after this term. I have good extracurriculars and I assume good LoRs. Thoughts on my competitiveness for Schulich? If my stats are competitive and given that I still have courses this term, when could I expect to hear back based on other peoples experiences? Dal is one of my top choices so hoping to hear some positive feedback. good luck to everyone on their apps!
  3. One of my references is a tenured professor, has lots of publications, had me as a student (got an A-) and knows me in an extracurricular/professional context, making him an ideal reference, and he's agreed to write me one. He is already notorious for not responding to emails, but he is currently on leave, meaning I can't simply drop by his office to check in on an update. I've sent emails with follow ups with more details and have only ever received 1 in return with him saying he'd do it. Some of my first letters are due at the end of the month and I'm started to stress because I don't know where he's at. Any recommendations on a course of action with this? A part of me thinks I am being anal and overthinking it but another part of me is freaking out that he will not do it in time (namely for OLSAS apps due Nov 1)
  4. Chances? LSAT 163, L2 81%, cGPA 76%

    I've considered it but thought my low cGPA would make it unrealistic. Were you accepted anywhere else? Thanks for the info
  5. I posted this a while ago and was told to come back when I had my LSAT score -I'm coming out my undergrad at UBC and will be applying for this coming cycle -Stats LSAT 163 81%/3.7 (L2), 76%/3.3 (cGPA), 79%/3.6 (B3) (OLSAS GPA concerts to about 3.08 (cgpa) and 3.53 (L2) ) -For the few schools that it matters, I have strong extracurriculars/work exp. -Mainly shooting for L2/B3 schools i.e. Calgary, Alberta, Sask, Manitoba, Dal, TRU, but also applying to Ottawa and Windsor Thoughts on my chances for the above schools + any others that could be options? Thanks in advance
  6. Hey everyone! I'm fairly new to this forum, and any insight/tips would be extremely appreciated. Backgrounder: -I'm coming out my undergrad at UBC and will be applying for admissions in the fall of 2018. -UBC Avg.: ~81%/~3.7 (L2), ~76%/~3.3 (cGPA), ~79%/~3.6 (B3) -Given that my grades are much higher in my L2, I have mainly been shooting for schools that look at L2. I am hoping to get a min. 160+ when I take the LSAT in the coming September sitting. I intend on applying to Dal, Ottawa, Queens, Western, Windsor, Manitoba, Calgary, & Alberta. -For the few schools that it matters: my extracurriculars/work exp. have been pretty stacked and I hope this to help me out when applicable Would appreciate if anyone could provide some insight into my chances with those stats for the above schools + any other schools that would be attainable