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  1. Accepted at McGill 2018

    If you have caller ID, it'll literally say "McGill Law Admissions." Otherwise, yes, it's a 398 number. Looking at previous years, very few. Lots of competitive applicants get in around January and February.
  2. In today. Went into queue Nov 30 because they had an issue with my file. 3.94 cGPA 3.97 L2 170 LSAT weak softs
  3. Accepted to U of T 2018

    Just got the call. 3.94/4.0 cGPA/B3 170 LSAT meh ECs and PS Last name from the middle of the alphabet
  4. Accepted at McGill 2018

    Admitted with French condition! Here are my stats: Currently in my fourth year of a four-year degree 3.94/4.0 170 LSAT Mediocre résumé (government internship, on-campus jobs, president of a departmental association, activism stuff) Not sure about my references
  5. OASIS Information

    Ah, I had a problem with my file and they told me in an email it was usually around 7. Sorry to freak you out!
  6. Accepted at McGill 2018

    Do you think your application warrants a French interview? That could be why you have yet to receive an offer. Early December offers are super rare, so they seem to go to people who are demonstrably bilingual and do not require an interview. If your stats are >3.9 and >170 you have nothing to worry about. Don't be discouraged just because you did not receive a spot in the incredibly tiny first round of offers!
  7. OASIS Information

    Around 7 AM EST.
  8. I discussed it, but did not demonstrate it; my PS was entirely en anglais. I was a little surprised to receive an interview, since I've been working in a job that requires French for a few years now. Also, thank you !
  9. Nope. Completely random call. But they did offer me the chance to reschedule at the beginning of the call.
  10. I had my French interview recently. They asked the usual questions outlined on threads within this subforum.
  11. You're right at the average/median for GPA, and well below the LSAT average/median. Assuming there are no special considerations involved, the success of your application will depend on your personal statement and résumé.
  12. In Queue 2018

    I'm not in queue, and I wrote in June and do not plan on re-writing. I also have fairly competitive statistics. I'm certain that queue status is completely random, or perhaps arbitrary. Could be alphabetical, could be by horoscope, could be by frequency of the letter "e" in the personal statements. In any circumstance, it seemingly has never significantly correlated with admission offer prospects or timelines. Every year the consensus emerges that queue is, for all intents and purposes, meaningless, and yet every year people needlessly obsess over it. I understand that law school applications are immensely stressful and having one potential, however unlikely, indicator of an admission decision in the maelstrom of late November uncertainty may ease some of the anticipatory anxiety. All I recommend is that you please be careful. Don't let OASIS be the boss of your mental state for the next few months.
  13. Go to the bathroom right before you enter the room. I was in there for nearly an hour before the test began. Had to dip out of Section 1 (RC) to pee. The need was agonizing. I probably would have scored higher than I did had I not done that. I ended up with -3 on the section for that silly reason, which is totally inexcusable.
  14. It seems to me like Canadian scholarship opportunities are scarce in comparison to American schools. That being said, I'm wondering which law school in Canada has the best scholarship program, i.e., offers full rides, renewables, etc. What have you been offered, and with what stats? Obviously, there's an element of self-interest here; I'm also wondering which schools would be likely to offer me a good deal. My stats are as follows: Entering fourth and final year of undergrad. 3.94/170 Very demonstrable financial need (family last year was well under the poverty line). LGBTQ+ For me, going to law school is by no means contingent upon receiving a scholarship, but it would definitely make my life a lot easier. I'll update this thread if I ever get any offers!