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  1. Really drilling games helped me bump up my score about 3 points in the days leading up to the test. If you're getting more than -1 or -2 on games, maybe give that a shot.
  2. Scholarship offers

    Are offers emailed? If so, to which address?
  3. Budgeting for 1L

    I live in Montreal and presently attend McGill. For textbooks, I'm not sure. McGill offers the figure of $1000 per semester for books and supplies for law students. As an undergraduate, I spend about $200 per semester on course packs and books, buying a lot of used stuff. Rent in a shared accommodation near campus (Milton-Parc or Plateau) would be $550-700 per month, all in. You can save a lot living a bit further away from campus. I know a lot of people who pay no more than $350 all included, in shared houses within "hip" (i.e., gentrifying) areas northeast and southwest of downtown. Transit here is phenomenal, and even living 5-7 stops away from Peel station (the closest stop to the law buildings) would be a ~10-15 minute commute. The area around Concordia, about a 15-20 minute walk from campus to the law buildings, is quite nice and can be surprisingly inexpensive despite being in the heart of downtown. I recommend against living in student residences (unless, perhaps, you're coming out of CEGEP); they're really expensive and exclusively populated by first-year undergraduate students. Food, it depends what you eat. In general, groceries here are quite inexpensive. If you can cook, I think $50 per week is a fair estimate. I spend $25 per week, but I mostly eat vegan and shop at cheaper stores (PA, Segal's) using flyers. Regarding transport, a four-month student pass is $197, plus $15 yearly fee for the pass itself. The fee will likely rise slightly next year. You may not need to buy monthly passes if you live near campus. Two-way fare is $6.00. Leisure and other stuff? It depends whether you drink, enjoy going out to eat, etc. It's really easy to get sucked in to Montreal's nightlife, which can be quite expensive. I personally budget $100 a month for extra expenses like clothes, getting coffee or food, etc., but I don't drink or go out that often.
  4. Accepted to Queen's 2018

    In yesterday. 3.95 OLSAS cGPA, 3.97 L2 170 LSAT (June 2017)
  5. I think you have a decent shot.
  6. Chances?

    You're below the 50th percentile for GPA and below the 25th for LSAT. I wouldn't count on getting into U of T based on those numbers alone. I'd say at best expected to be waitlisted. But who am I to say? I don't work for their admissions office.
  7. Accepted to Alberta 2018

    With such a killer GPA, it's no surprise that you got in first round.
  8. Accepted to Alberta 2018

    I doubt they sent an offer to the wrong person. I'm probably the anomaly here. I also applied to UAlberta for my undergrad, so my CCID was already set up from back then. Snooping around, Beartracks still lists all my scholarship offers from when I applied for undergrad.
  9. Accepted to Alberta 2018

    Beartracks has changed altogether for me. It's the normal module that students get.
  10. Accepted to Alberta 2018

    Application created November 1 (sorry confused it with elsewhere and double checked), Personal Statement submitted November 1, transcripts with current GPA received November 18. I got the email at 10:57 EST.
  11. Accepted to Alberta 2018

    I'm in! U of A is my top choice at the moment. 3.94 cGPA/3.97 L2 170 LSAT
  12. Formatting personal statement?

    I don't think there's any particular format you need to follow. I formatted mine in single-spaced, size 12 Times New Roman, and populated the header with my name, "Faculty of Law Application Personal Statement," and page numbers. They seemingly accepted the document, as it is no longer a to-do item on my application. That said, I may have completely screwed up. You can always email the Admissions and Records Coordinator, Heather Richhold, and ask how the document should be formatted. The Faculty's admissions office is incredibly responsive and helpful.
  13. Accepted at McGill 2018

    If you have caller ID, it'll literally say "McGill Law Admissions." Otherwise, yes, it's a 398 number. Looking at previous years, very few. Lots of competitive applicants get in around January and February.
  14. In today. Went into queue Nov 30 because they had an issue with my file. 3.94 cGPA 3.97 L2 170 LSAT weak softs