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  1. Undergraduate work

    I failed the classes in my first ever semester of school. I've been at university for 2.5 years since and managed to bring up my gpa from a 1. something to 3.5.
  2. Undergraduate work

    Thank you for the response!
  3. Undergraduate work

    Yes it is. I'm going into my third year this fall with the 3.5 cgpa.
  4. Undergraduate work

    Hello everyone, I am currently in my third year of undergraduate studies and I'm planning on going to law school after graduation. My question is: my very first semester of university I failed two classes and ended up being required to withdraw, so I switched universities and degrees and Im currently standing at 3.5 gpa and on the right track; will law school admission hold that required to withdraw thing against me when I apply? if so what can I do to resolve the issue? Thanks!!