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  1. No! Perhaps disable call waiting, though (so calls go straight to voicemail if you're otherwise occupied).
  2. I know that cooper sandler has sent out their ITCS! Unsure about the rest
  3. Have heard through word of mouth that Rogers Partners has sent out ITCs.
  4. Anyone heard from Clyde & Co? Really interested to know if those ITCs came out.
  5. Mag civil is out
  6. ITC Teplitsky, Colson
  7. I swear I'm glued to my email.
  8. As far as I know, nothing from any of these yet.
  9. ITC Hughes Amys
  10. Anyone else feel that the ITCs are slow this year? So much anxious waiting!
  11. Haha I was thinking the same thing - strange indeed.
  12. ITC Rachlin & Wolfson
  13. I sent my application package (resume, transcripts, cover letter, references) to his secretary via email.