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  1. Windsor Acknowledgement Email

    The email I got from Windsor went straight to the junk folder. Worth checking that.
  2. Lowest LSAT for a realistic shot...

    Most people on this forum encourage shooting for 160+. UNB's LSAT averages tend to be a little lower at about 158 (as far as I know). But truthfully you never know, with your softs and personal statement etc. You seem to have a good average, study as much as you can and kill December and February!
  3. My apologies if I was unclear. My university courses from the previous college were actually done through an accredited university. Not a college. It was a completely separate institution where I attended part time. Also, I will have more than 1.5 years of university, it will be 2 full-time years along with my extra summer work (more than a semester's worth) and my previous part-time work. To be more clear, the structure is as follows: - 2 years of college + 6 university credits done concurrently - One year off (May-to-May) - 6 total university summer courses - 2 years at full course load at current university
  4. Hi everyone, My journey through my undergrad has been a weird one so I figured I would ask how it might affect what schools I apply to and if I might want to consider some extra work. I started my post-secondary at college doing a bridge program to accounting. So I did two years of heavy college load (7 classes) with about 6 or 7 university classes peppered in. My college average was 78, and those few uni courses I took were mostly B's. I took a year off, volunteered, worked, etc. and transferred schools and am now entering 4th year Business and Philosophy double major where I have excelled. I started off with transfer credits that technically put me halfway through year two, so to speed it up I took summer classes. First year after transfer - 4 summer classes, full year full-time Second year - 2 summer, second half to study for LSAT, will be returning full-time for the whole year. So my questions are as follows: 1. Is my degree undermined by being partially fulfilled by college credit? I have checked a bunch of admissions sites and the only school that mentions it is Western, who claims it fulfills the requirement. Additionally, do my summer courses weaken my application as well? 2. Will other schools consider this to meet the "three year full-time" requirement? For what it's worth I'm mostly interested in Western, Queen's, and Oz as a long shot. Aaaand OLSAS CGPA 3.69, (L2 3.82), (L3 3.7), (B2 3.82), (B3 3.75) No LSAT yet. Thanks to anyone who could give me a bit of guidance!