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  1. "No applicant in the General category with an overall undergraduate average of less than B (75% - GPA 3.0) or an LSAT score below 155 (65th percentile) will be considered for admission."
  2. Chances? (cGPA: 3.97/ L2 3.99 / LSAT: 159)

    With such a high GPA, don't settle for a school that's not your top pick! Re-write the LSAT
  3. I'm a year or two short of being considered a mature applicant, depending on whether my year at college is counted (I was working full time while studying). At this point I'm thinking I may just wait it out and apply in a couple years.
  4. @Mario21 @BlockedQuebecois thank you, appreciate the responses. Ryn's data shows a minimum L2 of 3.2 so I'm not as hopeful as you two, unfortunately my GPA is consistently 3.0. I'm thinking SK is my safest bet
  5. @Mario21 I'd prefer Ontario (anywhere but dual Windsor...) but I know that realistically I'd have to be open to elsewhere in Canada. Thanks for your reply
  6. Also finished the law clerk program at college with a 4.0