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  1. Score cancellation advice

    Same thing happened to me on my June test somehow only got 12/23 when I had been preptesting at 21/23 on LG, barley made it through two RC passages and then LR was a disaster. My score wasn't what I hoped it to be but it also was not as bad as I thought. Like you, I also went back and forth deciding if I should cancel my score and I am ultimately SO happy I didn't because I realized when I got the results back that LG was the problem I had to work on. Had I not gotten the results back I probably wouldn't have studied it that intensely (turns out I didn't do too bad on LR or RC). So yeah IMO, don't cancel your score! My september test went SO much better and I feel like it was because seeing the actual results of my test and analyzing why I got every answer wrong and why the right answers were right really benefitted me. You may not do as poorly as you think. I walked out thinking I scored a 140 and ended up with a mid 150 score. Not great but not as bad as I thought.
  2. Logic Games Section- Help??

    Good luck to you as well
  3. Logic Games Section- Help??

    yes! I didn't do that last time but this time I used a scantron anytime I took a preptest so hopefully I don't make this mistake again!
  4. Logic Games Section- Help??

    Yes! On the actual test I knew that I misbubbled but then I thought that I was able to change them all in time however I still got 12/23 which is lower than I even scored on my cold diagnostic. It doesn't show that all the answers are shifted up one but I could have made it worse when I tried to go back and correct the scantron. I also didn't circle the some of the answers in my test book, which made it kind of difficult to go back and put the answers where they are supposed to be. I'm thinking that I probably misbubbled again after changing the answers because I was very stressed doing it lol. Also I just don't see how I would have actually put the answers on my scantron because some of them are very obviously wrong. Let's hope this doesnt happen again!
  5. Logic Games Section- Help??

    This is what I originally thought but I honestly can't tell because theres just a bunch of wrong answers in a row. On the test I did misbubble but quickly caught it and I thought that I changed the answers to the correct ones but I may have made it worse looking at my answer sheet. If this is the case then thats super disapointing because that would have been a huge difference for my score and I most likely wouldn't be writing saturday haha.
  6. On my June 2017 test the logic games were not difficult but somehow I only got 12/23 bringing my score way down. Logic games is usually my best section as I never get below 21/23 on a prep test so I'm unsure of what happened. Even when I redid the logic games after scores were released I scored a 22/23 in 35 minutes under test conditions. I'm taking the test on Saturday and I cannot have this happen to me again as LG is usually the section that brings up my entire score. Does this happen to anyone else or does anyone have any advice for what to do ? I've been doing at least one LG section per day and still averaging ~1 - ~2 but worried that I will somehow get another poor score in that section on my test day.
  7. On the Windsor law website, it mentions that adcom assesses candidates based on a scale of 7 factors, the first being University program. I have heard many times that law schools do not care about your University program or which University you went too (besides u of t) however, I am wondering if anyone has any clarification for what this means or how this is assessed. I ask because Windsor is my top choice and this is an important consideration since I come from a University program that is the only one of it's kind with multiple different social justice elements. Does anyone have any further clarification of what it is they are assessing when they consider University program?
  8. LSAT Tutors?

    If you're from the GTA, Ivy Global is a great company that employs different LSAT tutors and will match you up with a tutor. I had a great experience with my tutor as I had already taken an LSAT course and was still struggling with logic games and reading comprehension but working with my tutor significantly improved that. It is a bit pricey at 200 dollars per 2 hour session but worth it IMO
  9. Large Discrepancy in LSAT Score

    I'm asking this question before I actually have a discrepancy because I'd like to know if schools look negatively upon having a discrepancy and if schools will ever average scores in the application process as this would affect the schools that I apply to. Like I said Windsor is my top choice and they are unpredictable. With my current LSAT, GPA and softs I think I have a shot at Windsor so actually having a discrepancy will not affect that. However, if I know that for example Western averages scores then I probably will not be applying there regardless of if I actually get a discrepancy or not because I would not be a competitive applicant. Even if I scored a 175 and it was averaged with my current score I may not be competitive IF schools actually average scores, so actually achieving that discrepancy wouldn't matter. I was asking for future reference when looking into schools to apply to.
  10. Large Discrepancy in LSAT Score

    Thank you so much for your response! This makes a lot of sense and I'm more confident that I can get a higher score this time around!
  11. Large Discrepancy in LSAT Score

    Yes I was told that Queen's averages scores to rank candidates and I didn't see on Western's website that they average scores but I was told by students at Western Law that they do (may not be the most credible source). However, they do state that they look more favourably upon candidates who receive a good lsat score in one write, which is not my case at all.
  12. In June I took the LSAT and let the nerves get the best of me. I misbubbled half of a LR section that was not an experimental and didn't realize until the last minute, I made a sloppy mistake in misrepresenting the rules in some of the games, which destroyed that score and I didn't finish RC. After PTing at 166 for a month, this caused me to have a mid 150 score. Going into the September LSAT, I think I have prepared much better by replicating test conditions and I am pretty confident I can get a much higher score since my June score is not due to a lack of understanding but more of letting my nerves take over. Do schools look negatively upon applications who have a huge discrepancy in LSAT scores? My first choice school is Windsor due to their MSW JD dual program so I already know that no one can tell who constitutes as a competitive applicants. However, I have heard that both Western and Queens average scores, which will put me at a huge disadvantage even if I score a 170.
  13. Nervous test taker

    Really great analogy! I will definetely continue to practice under test conditions as I think that I did not do that enough last time which is the culprit of scoring way below my PT average (wasn't used to the scantron and the loud disruptions). Hopefully this can help me keep my nerves in check for test day!
  14. Nervous test taker

    This makes sense! When I am practicing however I do try to get every question so that I am learning and preparing well for the test. I will try skipping the more difficult ones and see if I can still achieve a good score to prepare me better for test day!
  15. Nervous test taker

    Yeah I guess my concern is that sometimes I hit way below my usual target/average which is ~2 to ~4. Sometimes I get ~ 10 in a section which can't happen on test day and I think it is nerves that is causing this. However, when I usually hit my target I usually have about 2-3 minutes left over once I'm finished the last question