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  1. Why are Windsor's medians so low?

    As @WindsorHopeful said those medians are for their dual program. Windsor does not release medians for their single JD program as far as I know because they evaluate candidates on a 7 factor scale, which involves more than just GPA and LSAT. If you browse through the rejection threads, you can see candidates with solid stats being rejected. This could be because adcom believes candidates with high stats will accept offers elsewhere but this could also be due to the holistic nature of evaluating candidates. Not to mention that Windsor states on their website that they are committed to giving opportunities to those traditionally barred from the legal practice. They do value other factors aside from GPA and LSAT, and are willing to give candidates with unique experiences an opportunity. I am not in a position to say what employers would think but in my opinion, that's pretty respectable.
  2. Old LR vs. New LR - Difficulty change?

    This is amazing hahah! Best of luck to you- I'm sure you'll do great!
  3. Old LR vs. New LR - Difficulty change?

    I totally agree with you. I'm not sure if we had the same first LR section but I only got 16/25 but got 23/26 in my other LR section, which seems like a huge difference. I am not rewriting (for now) as I feel like my score and GPA will give me a shot at some schools but PM me if you want to go over the first section and see if we got similar ones wrong. I am still really confused with the discrepancy in my LR scores and if I only I scored a bit higher in the first LR I would have hit my goal score It is nice to know that someone feels the same way though.
  4. Ontario Chances? (cGPA 3.61, L2 3.84, 157)

    You as well!
  5. Ontario Chances? (cGPA 3.61, L2 3.84, 157)

    Haha thanks so much! Big suits fan here My top choice is Windsor for their dual Masters of Social Work JD program as I'd like to venture into family law, but who really knows how their admissions work to be honest! I will also be applying to Oz, Queens, Western, Ottawa, Dal and UNB
  6. Ontario Chances? (cGPA 3.61, L2 3.84, 157)

    No advice/prediction here, just that I have a slightly higher LSAT but similar grades and am also applying this cycle so I have been lurking this post haha Best of luck to you!
  7. Large Discrepancy in LSAT Score

    2 points short of my goal score but a large improvement from my first write. I think it will be enough to get me in Thanks for asking
  8. Large Discrepancy in LSAT Score

    2 points short of my goal score but a large improvement from my first write. I think it will be enough to get me in Thanks for asking
  9. Sketch- Verifiers

    I also received a few scholarships based on grades and community involvement. For the academic scholarship, I referenced my transcript in the additional comment section and then for the community involvement I knew who gave it to me so I used them as a verifier. You could also put an academic advisor or department chair. Hope this helps!
  10. Sketch- Verifiers

    Completely agree! Thanks again
  11. Sketch- Verifiers

    Hey thank you so much for your response! OLSAS did allow me to add it without adding a verifier but I did work on a team so I could definitely use someone from my team as a verifier! Thanks so much again
  12. Sketch- Verifiers

    Hi all! I've run into a bit of a problem as I participated in undergraduate mock trials throughout my first and second year in University but I do not have any contact information for the executive team that typically manages the mock trials since this was quite a while ago. Is it generally frowned upon to not add a verifier? I'm not sure if I'd be better off just not adding this to my sketch since I don't have a verifier.
  13. Family Circumstances - Documentation

    Thank you so much! I think that would be a good way for me to express that as well Got my fingers crossed for us for a Windsor admission!
  14. Family Circumstances - Documentation

    I have this same issue! My second year average is a lot lower than my first and third year, which brings my cgpa down. However, my mom, my aunt and my grandmother had cancer at this time (family genetics) and I spent most of my time in my home town as a young carer for them and had a difficult time managing school but still ended with an okay-ish average. My grandmother passed away the day before my first exam and I got denied a deferral because of the short notice landing me a nice 60% in that class (lowest mark ever). Not sure how to express this in my PS and what documentation to provide... it was significant enough to impact my second year grades and I think schools will definitely see that. I'm thinking I will give admissions a call atleast to Windsor because thats my top choice right now.
  15. Score cancellation advice

    Same thing happened to me on my June test somehow only got 12/23 when I had been preptesting at 21/23 on LG, barley made it through two RC passages and then LR was a disaster. My score wasn't what I hoped it to be but it also was not as bad as I thought. Like you, I also went back and forth deciding if I should cancel my score and I am ultimately SO happy I didn't because I realized when I got the results back that LG was the problem I had to work on. Had I not gotten the results back I probably wouldn't have studied it that intensely (turns out I didn't do too bad on LR or RC). So yeah IMO, don't cancel your score! My september test went SO much better and I feel like it was because seeing the actual results of my test and analyzing why I got every answer wrong and why the right answers were right really benefitted me. You may not do as poorly as you think. I walked out thinking I scored a 140 and ended up with a mid 150 score. Not great but not as bad as I thought.