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  1. Thought I was Competitive - No Acceptance?

    @hopefuljd2018 I have pretty much the exact same stats as you and pretty good softs but Ottawa is one of the only schools I haven't heard from either! It's one of my top choices so I'm getting a bit worried but it's good to know I'm not alone.
  2. Queens vs Windsor

    I was going to summon you because as I was typing my message I was like uhhh WindsorHopeful can speak to this better than I can OP, I pretty much second this as well. It's not as bad as people make it seem.
  3. Queens vs Windsor

    I was born in Windsor and lived there on and off for multiple years and could likely be returning for law school. I moved around a lot growing up and I can honestly say I didn't find Windsor to be any worse than other places I lived. In fact, I did enjoy living in Windsor for the most part it has some really nice areas surrounding it (Essex, Lasalle, Amherstburg) and like most cities, some areas that you should probably avoid. I haven't lived in Windsor for almost four years now though so my opinion might be outdated but I don't think it's as bad as people make it seem.
  4. Queens vs Windsor

    I'm not looking for an argument but like I said before I dont understand why Windsor is bashed and I've heard these reasons before, which I respectfully disagree with. I'm assuming what you mean by lower admissions standards is that they don't have a gpa/lsat cut off. Whether or not gpa/lsat is indicative of your success in law school has also been debated on many places on the forums. I'm not saying that it's not important to have a good score/ gpa but what I'm saying is that many people who go to Windsor have other variables (work experience, ECs, volunteer) that could set them up for success in school and in practice. That being said I would be one of the students with a higher gpa/lsat going in but I wouldn't necessarily say thats going to make me a strong law student. I see why you would think Windsor has a weaker student body based off of gpa/lsat though. To speak to rankings, I go to one of the highest ranked universities in Canada for my undergrad (often referred to silicon valley of the North) and if I could do it again I would have went to a "lower ranked" school for multiple reasons. I don't regard my school highly at all regardless of rank. I'm not really sure this is relevant to law school though because of the ranking element but you raised the point. Higher ranked school doesn't equate to necessarily better for everyone. A lot of what you are saying is anecdotal because I'm sure that for as many Windsor law graduates who didn't enjoy their time there, I can find just as many successful and well-established Windsor law graduates who enjoyed Windsor and did in fact choose Windsor over other schools like myself. 6 actually come to mind off of the top of my head and one of those works on bay. Again, anecdotal but just wanted to point that out. If I write any more about my reasoning for choosing Windsor over offers I received from Queens/Western I will identify myself to people who actually know me! However, if you want to know more about why Windsor aligns with my interests feel free to PM me
  5. Queens vs Windsor

    I am one of those people who actually has a preference for Windsor and has declined an offer in favour of Windsor/ will likely be declining more offers in favour of Windsor for a multiplicity of reasons. I'm not interested in bay, Windsor offers courses that align with my interests and I like the community feeling. I know others on here who also prefer Windsor for other reasons. I think it really just depends on what your goals are and where you want to work but that being said I also don't really understand all the Windsor bashing in comparison to other schools.
  6. How detrimental is one very bad grade on a transcript

    Just wanted to chime in and join the "Cs on UG transcript club" because I am definitely a member (advanced biochem ugh)! It didn't bar me from getting in and there's always ways to recover from it especially through showing an upward trend. In fact, my fall term alone this year raised my OLSAS GPA by .06! So yeah, you're definitely not alone in receiving some less than ideal grades in tough undergrad courses and it won't rule law school out for you assuming you finish strong and get a good LSAT score
  7. Second thoughts on law school

    Congratulations on getting into law school! This is exactly how I feel right now! I was really exciting receiving offers and now I feel pretty apprehensive. Sorry to hear that you're feeling this way as well but everyone on this thread offered really great advice that has made me feel a lot better! I am definitely in the same boat as you though especially regarding comparing myself to other people. It really is a confidence issue as well as just the shock of actually getting into law school. I relate so much to how you are feeling!
  8. Second thoughts on law school

    Aw thank you so much! I honestly though I would be one of those people but I just became more drawn to law through undergrad especially since my required courses weren't related to law, which made me want to write my thesis on it and take any law related elective I could! Thank you for reassuring me that the feeling is normal as well!
  9. Second thoughts on law school

    This made me laugh- thank you for that Yeah that makes a lot of sense though! When I actually got my first offer I think I cried for like 20 minutes and then just went into shock lol! It definitely is such a weird rollar coaster of emotions.
  10. Second thoughts on law school

    I relate to this so much as I spent the better part of this week researching masters programs but solely out of convincing myself that I probably won't be a good law student/lawyer (total imposter syndrome here). Thank you so much for the reassurance. It really does help me navigate through the way I am feeling, which definitely stems from nerves since attending law school has now went from a dream to reality and feelings of inadequacy in comparison to people who seem to have it together.
  11. Second thoughts on law school

    Haha oh noooooo, good to know that this feeling can last forever! Thanks for the reassurance that it's a normal way to feel though. Due to the fact that I have so many different interests in so many disciplines I feel as though I will also always be wondering if I made the correct choice. Then there's also the confidence issue of me just not knowing if I will be a good lawyer or if I could have been better at something else. This is also amplified when I see people on here or even in real life that are so passionate about what they are doing and seem to have everything figured out such as being certain that they want to go to law school. I definitely feel inadequate sometimes because I just don't have that certainty element. However, you're right and I will definitely continue to be self aware!
  12. Second thoughts on law school

    Wow this was so nice to read. Thank you for being empathetic towards me with such a thoughtful response and addressing all of the concerns I have. I definitely feel like a lot of what i am experiencing right now is anxiety especially since I didn't expect to get offers so soon so thank you for validating that and reassuring me that what I am feeling is normal :)!
  13. Second thoughts on law school

    Thank you for your response! It is reassuring to hear that not everyone knows much about the law before law school and I've also read that people who have undergrad backgrounds in law still aren't at an advantage in comparison to others. To add to what you said, the reason why I am currently interested in family law is because I've always had strengths in critical thinking and problem solving, which I want to apply in family law to help people with their needs and problems. Specifically, I'd love to work for the Office of the Children's Lawyer and give a voice to children who are experiencing the divorce of their parents. These are all reasons of why I originally wanted to attend law school but I guess I am just letting nerves get the best of me at the moment!
  14. Second thoughts on law school

    That does make me feel a lot better! At times I felt as though I may have put myself at a disadvantage for law school by taking a science-based degree but yes I feel pretty well-versed in family law due to my research. These are also great suggestions that I will definitely consider Thank you for that!
  15. Second thoughts on law school

    Haha it's just a nickname but you are definitely right that I probably don't have the most realistic view of the practice of law at the moment