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  1. Chances this cycle? (3.8/4.33 cGPA, 3.94 L2, 154 LSAT)

    Alright, thank you for your input!
  2. What do you think? Out of all the schools I am applying to, TRU is the one I most want to get into.
  3. I received my LSAT score today and was disappointed with my result. I'm happy with my GPA yet just can't seem to get the LSAT after studying for nearly four months. Regardless, just curious to gather some opinions as to where I'd have a realistic chance to get in with these stats. I will be applying to TRU, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, UNB, Dal, and possibly Ottawa. I also will be rewriting the LSAT in December.
  4. Odd question regarding law school application, help!

    Yeah I believe their application opened October 2nd, I'm just really excited to start the whole process I suppose! But alright, thanks for your input!
  5. So I just submitted an application to TRU, and on their application they asked if your education has been delayed for 6 months or more, and if so to explain what you did during that delay. My education has been delayed because last year when I attempted to declare my graduation for the spring of 2017, an academic advisor notified me that I failed to satisfy one particular requirement of my Bachelors degree, and I would need to take one more class in order to do so. Prior to that I decided to take a gap year between my undergrad and my law degree to give myself time to take the LSAT (I took summer classes all throughout my degree so studying for it then wasn't possible) and to also work and save money for law school. As for taking this one class I didn't see it as much of a setback because I was planning on taking a year off anyways so I could just complete it then. However, when the TRU application asked about this, it made me wonder if this could potentially hurt and look bad for my application. I explained the situation and said I used this time to study and take the LSAT twice, and work more to save money for the financial commitment of law school itself. My question is, will this at all hurt my application? How will law schools look at this?
  6. Hi, I am planning on applying this fall to law school and was just wondering about how realistic my chances are. A little extra info about me... Alternate GPA Conversations: 4.5 Scale from the U of M where I completed my undergrad: 3.85/4.5 cGPA, 3.98 L2 4.0 Scale (Used U of T website): 3.79/4.0 cGPA, 3.93 L2 I studied for only 6 weeks prior to the June 2017 LSAT and was disappointed with my 152 (first attempt). I am beginning to think I just simply did not have enough time to prepare as I know many people take months to study for the LSAT. I am registered to retake in September and will be retaking in December if need be. Although I am confident I can improve my LSAT at least into the mid-150s, I just wanted to know what my chances are with my 152 LSAT score. I was looking at the acceptance threads for TRU, U of Ottawa, and UNB and saw similar stats to mine getting in. All feedback is appreciated! Thanks.