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  1. 0L's - post any questions in here

    Does anyone know how scholarships, awards, and bursaries work at TRU? From what I gather, all students are qualified for entrance awards/scholarships and ones that require an application open sometime in August. The awards/scholarships that require applications seem pretty clear to me, but there seems to be less info on the entrance ones. When are the entrance awards/scholarships given? Does TRU offer them in their acceptance letters or is it closer to or after the first day of classes?
  2. Suits for Women

    Those are some great ideas, thank you! That's also nice to know I won't be unprepared for 1L with what I have.
  3. Suits for Women

    Hi all, I am starting law school this September and was curious on what the general consensus is for suits in 1L. By looking at this thread it seems that most people agree that having one suit is enough, but if you are extra involved you may need more. I was planning on investing in two outfits for 1L, one sheath dress for wine and cheese type events, and one suit. I also just bought two pairs of heels to go with both, and will be buying a simple tote bag to match. Will this be sufficient for 1L? How many events normally occur throughout 1L that would call for more formal attire? Thanks for the help!
  4. Best lot for parking at U of M?

    I Lot and ACE Lot are also good options. I would advice against U Lot because it's quite a significant walk to get to the law building. If your classes are in other buildings then it's alright, but to the law building it would probably be a 20-30 minute walk which in my opinion makes the commute to your classes to be too much. I can remember many times being a bit late to get on campus only to park and realize I still need more time to walk to the building my class is in. For law students, I would say Q or ACE lots would be best. I Lot would be okay also. But all in all there really isn't a student parking lot that is close to the law building, so it's all kind of just a crapshoot.
  5. Feb LSAT

    I believe the December LSAT is the last one they take.
  6. Concern Re. Braces During Law School

    Yeah, if its like wisdom teeth removal then it shouldn't be too bad. I've heard the worst part is the uncomfortable swelling the days after, not so much the pain of it. Yes, we do have the same problem. Surprisingly, I do not grind my teeth or have jaw pain like many people with this same problem do. I am mainly getting the surgery done to correct my bite and for aesthetic reasons. I am also still deciding whether or not I will also be getting upper jaw surgery at the same time as the lower, which my surgeon says isn't necessary but will enhance my appearance more. I have heard of those types of braces, but my orthodontist never mentioned them. I am not even sure he offers that as an option. I'm not sure it would be worth it to pay extra for that either in my opinion. I just wanted to make sure that I was able to get the clear ones. Alright! I will try to remember, if everything goes as planned it will all be said and done by December of 2019!
  7. Concern Re. Braces During Law School

    Thank you! I actually had a similar reaction, I had no idea I needed such a thing and was completely shocked when my orthodontist told me this. I almost didn't know what to say back to him. I also went home and researched it more and realized that although it would suck, it would probably make me a lot happier and confident. I always disliked the way my jawline looked, and didn't know there was a surgery available that could correct this. I'm also a bit of a perfectionist and am on the quest to be one of those people who has a perfect smile. My surgeon told me the surgery isn't much more painful than wisdom teeth removal, I'm not sure how much I believe that though. Yes, a lot of the time braces are required to align the teeth properly before the surgery. In my case I had to have two bottom teeth removed (I have a small mouth and crowded teeth), and am supposed to have the braces on for a year and a half before surgery. My lower jaw will then be pulled forward to be in line with my top teeth. Sorry if that's graphic but I think the process is sort of interesting. I then have to keep the braces on six months post-op, then I'll be getting a permanent retainer to prevent my teeth from shifting from then on. It's a two year process. I also think it will be somewhat comical coming into 2L looking like a completely different person to my peers, as I scheduled the surgery during the summer after 1L. I've heard not many people get legal jobs during the first summer, so I should be able to get away with sitting at home eating through a straw and nursing my swollen face without much notice
  8. Concern Re. Braces During Law School

    I am not in law school yet, but I have had a lot of experience with braces. I recently got them a second time because I'm getting jaw surgery, and I'm much more worried about that than the braces so I understand what it's like to be worried over something so seemingly superficial. I got the clear braces which I think look quite nice (at least as nice as they can look), but what I've noticed is that you notice them way more than other people do. I have had people tell me they didn't even know I had braces months after I got them. I also did not notice I spoke differently or had to adjust in any way when speaking. I wonder the same as you do about the effect on OCI's, but I would imagine if you prove yourself to be capable, something like having braces won't matter. If anything I've found people respect you for going through with major orthodontics/facial reconstruction in adulthood, because that is something a lot of people tend to neglect as mentioned. You really just need to be confident with it and realize that the end result will make it all worth it in the end!
  9. Accepted 2018

    I have declined my offer today, good luck to those waiting!
  10. Current 1L Answering Questions

    I hear a lot of people talking about TRU being very tight knit, supportive, and collegial due to it's smaller size and the fact that it is still a new law school and really wants it's students to succeed. Can you speak to this at all? What is the atmosphere among the student body? How supportive are the professors and other staff? Also does the Faculty of Law only operate within the Old Main building? Do all classes take place only in this building? Is the law library in this building also? Can you also share your experience with these facilities such as the environment and what is satisfactory/could be improved on? Sorry for peppering you with questions but I'm obviously genuinely curious! Thank you very much for answering also
  11. Accepted 2018

    Declined my offer today.
  12. Handling radio silence?

    I agree that sometimes this forum can be consuming, however it has helped me personally as I have always preferred not being left in the dark. An example, last week I started wondering why I haven't heard anything from Dalhousie and saw on this forum that a few people were getting accepted. They had slightly better stats than mine so it put me at ease somewhat that my time will come and allowed me to even guage when I could hear back from them. Sure enough, less than a week after that I received an offer. Also, I think you have good stats and am sure you will hear back from somewhere. Keep in mind that throughout the cycle it seems (at least from what I've witnessed scrolling through past accepted threads) like the most active time for offers seems to be in the spring months, particularly in March and on, so things haven't really even heated up yet.
  13. Accepted to TRU 2018

    I got mine through e-mail, it mentioned also that a paper copy will be mailed out. Also for anyone wondering, the deadline to respond is March 1st.
  14. Accepted to TRU 2018

    Accepted! cGPA/L3: 3.8/4.33 LSAT: 160
  15. Accepted 2018

    Also accepted this morning via e-mail. cGPA: 3.8/4.33 L2: 3.94/4.33 LSAT: 160 Manitoba resident.