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  1. University of Sussex - Brighton

    So I understand what many of you have said and I'm thankful for clarifying and providing advice! It's out of my control that he wants to still go even after reading all this so I'll just support him from a distance, knowing its a tough road ahead. I'll keep updating this thread for future students thinking of going about this experience...lets see what happens! As for my writing skills, they are shit/need improvement but hey, I can diagnose health issues pretty well so I guess its a fair trade off!
  2. University of Sussex - Brighton

    Articling, right haha sorry! I've talked to him about posting on forums and gathering more information rather than going by people in the area. For meds, we have premed101 which is quite useful and i'm sure this forum is no different. I hope he posts here to get some more perspective and info. So basically, I see that going abroad is very risky, and learning law abroad will pose tons of challenges. I can understand that, its just difficult to explain to him. Not sure if people know but certain areas of GTA (Mississauga, etc) produce a lot of foreign law students. Heck, our own street has 3 kids at Sussex and Birmingham so its the same argument, if they can go, why can't I? 1) So I asked him to elaborate on this and his reasoning is this: The company he works for right now (marketing company I think?) has said they will offer him summer experience on the legal team and since they have connections with law firms, they can get him articling positions. Now that to me sounds like its not guaranteed per say? I think someone mentioned to me that nothing is easy or given for foreign grads since there is ample Canadian grads which get those positions first. I'm guessing that his company is just giving him false hope rather than being informative. 2) I see...so basically lots of studying. Not sure..I need to ask about that. I didn't know that there was a direct entry for 2 year for UG, I'll gather more info and update here.
  3. My younger brother has just been accepted into a law program at University of Sussex Brighton for a 3 year LLB with politics (I think?). He has completed his UG at a Ontario University with decent stats and doesn't want to wait any longer. Now as a Canadian med school student, I know going abroad and coming back is tough, or "luck of the draw". I've read forum topics about the NCA exams and gaining articulating positions being difficult for UK grads, however I just want some more info before I completely block my brother from going to law in the UK. 1) If you have connections in Canada for gaining articulating positions and summer jobs in Canada (specifically Ontario), would it make sense to go to the UK? 2) How many NCA exams would my brother write after completing his studies in the UK? I'm guessing it would take a year plus a half year for the bar (so 4.5 years total including studies for LLB)? 3) Is there anything I'm missing in terms of UK law schools? It is a difficult path but if finances aren't an issue and gaining positions after the fact and summer experience in Ontario is possible, would it be worth trecking over the Atlantic? Thank you for your help in advance!!