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  1. It is undergrad, thanks a bunch for your help!
  2. Hi guys, Having a question in respect of dropping a course. So basically, I have to fulfill a breath requirement and thinking into enrolling in a course that would help me achieve this - but registration is limited to Year One Students until August. So I am thinking of a plan B: enrolling into another course required for my major instead, but, if the course is still available in August, it would be wise to drop the course I enrolled in, and take the other one instead. Is this possible/easy to do? Appreciate it!
  3. University of Toronto admissions

    Thank you very much!!! I have a 3.91 average for the first year (OLSAS wise). 89.7% average otherwise. Saint George campus. D.T.
  4. University of Toronto admissions

    I am looking at UofT law school admission website and they are talking 84% and 86% and 88% GPA admission criteria. What do those numbers mean? They are certainly not OLSAS GPA number calculations. If anything, they are highly weird. Perhaps I missed it, but where is the specific course load specified? I am looking at UofT Med School requirements - those are clear Honestly, law school criteria are not as clearly flashed out. D.T.
  5. University of Toronto admissions

    I will most definitely pay admissions a visit. While this is all nice and dandy, I cannot afford to second guess the system Thanks a bunch for your help! D.T.
  6. Impact of course load

    Indeed, I looked at UofT MedSchool admissions, the rules over there are pretty much set in stone. Not so for UofT law - so prima facie it would appear that you are right
  7. University of Toronto admissions

    Finished first year UofT, Saint George campus.
  8. Impact of course load

    Another question: would 4 during the year + 1 during the summer be considered the same as 5 by UofT? How about other law schools?
  9. Impact of course load

    Hi, thank you for your reply !!! Is it important to graduate on time, would it hurt my law school admission chances if I would not graduate in time?
  10. Criminology course at UofT

    Thanks guys for your replies !
  11. Hi folks, Considering applying to law school, and was wondering if course load really matters. I.e. when do law schools start paying attention to course load. I am particularly interested in UofT law admissions, but I am interested in general. Example: a course load of 5 credits per year would be considered full course load at UofT. Would it matter if you only take 4 credits per year? Or if you only take 3 credits per year? How about if you take 6 credits per year? Obviously the question is: should I sacrifice GPA for taking more or less credits per year? Thanks! D.T.
  12. University of Toronto admissions

    Yep, just to be certain, I probably will pay them a visit (admissions office).
  13. University of Toronto admissions

    Thank you Ryn! What you are saying makes sense. What throws me completely off, is this: why does UofT law post GPA in percentages on their Admission Policies. Standards for Admission 2016-2017 page? Why don't they post the academic requirements using OLSAS GPA (which is out of 4.0)? Anybody knows the answer to this? Thanks! D.T.
  14. Hi, I was intending in pursuing a major in criminology at UofT. There are several mandatory course, majority of them taught by professor N. Scot. Wortley. I was wondering if anybody has any experience with the criminology dept. at UofT or with N. Scot. Wortley - whether positive or negative - mainly in terms of the grading system that they/he employ(s) . The major seems interesting, but is it possible to obtain high grades? Much appreciate it! D.T.