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  1. Definitely don't cancel - especially because you think it went well! If you cancel now, you will always wonder about it AND you will be putting so much pressure on yourself in February (and it seems like that extra pressure may negatively affect your performance on test day).
  2. I know this isn't related to your question, but just so you are aware - I've heard that there is a law prof at Queen's who is pretty trans-phobic and refuses to use students' preferred pronouns. I've only heard about this anecdotally though... someone who currently attends Queen's law would be able to give you a better idea of the situation.
  3. Osgoode applications to spaces

    Thank-you. My last name is at the end of the alphabet so maybe ill wait another day or two. Hopefully it will come!
  4. Osgoode applications to spaces

    should I be worried if I applied to Osgoode, but haven't received this email?
  5. Joint MBA/JD

    Hi all, I've heard a lot about how competitive the job market is for lawyers coming out of law school and I was wondering if a joint degree offers increased chances of employment. Basically, what is the value of doing a joint MBA/JD and is it worth it for all of the extra work? I don't really know what type of law I hope to do yet so I want to keep my options open. Thanks in advance!
  6. Chances of Acceptance? cGPA 3.50/ L2 3.81/ LSAT 158, 156

    Hi! im wondering why you think they've got a good shot on Western over the other schools. The median entrance averages and LSAT scores are higher than most other places. What am i missing?
  7. I've been looking at the entrance scholarships offered by Osgoode and nearly all of them are given out based on "academic achievement". Does anyone know if this just refers to your undergraduate GPA or if you can earn scholarships based on your LSAT score?
  8. Safe LSAT Score?

    i understand that I cannot guarantee my admission based on my LSAT score, I'm just trying to decide on a reasonably safe score to determine whether I should expend time and resources on the September LSAT. At the time I wrote the test I know that I was far from my absolute best (rarely finishing reading comp and never finishing logic games), but my PTs in the month leading up to it were all in the 160s. There's lots of room for improvement, I just want to know if its worth the extra effort and stress to take it again.
  9. Safe LSAT Score?

    What exactly does Osgoode look for in a personal statement? I am not sure what types of extra-cirriculars are considered good. Holistically, what aspects of myself should I focus on?
  10. Safe LSAT Score?

    Hi everyone, I'm awaiting my *soon to be released* June LSAT score and since the September LSAT is filling up fast (its already full where I live) I'm trying to decide on a personal cutoff LSAT score beforehand so that I can immediately register for the September LSAT if my actual score is below the cutoff I decide on. I am applying to law schools in the fall and I am a sociology major at Queen's with a 3.69 GPA (which I expect to go up in fourth year). I think my extracurriculars are pretty good, but I'm not sure what extracirriculars Osgoode prefers? I've heard that even if you have a GPA and LSAT score over the entrance medians you can still be denied acceptance from Osgoode, so I'm not sure what LSAT score I will need to pretty safely ensure acceptance. I was thinking somewhere between 163-165. Does anyone have any advice on what my "cutoff" score should be? Thanks!