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  1. 2L here. If you know now that you don't enjoy your finance job, say goodbye. Life is too short to do things you don't enjoy unless you absolutely have to. If you're competent enough to work in finance, you're competent enough to find something you enjoy. Whether that is law school is a different question altogether. Also, I wouldn't stress about the subjectivity of exam answers. I really think (perhaps some would disagree) that professors are fairly objective in the way they rank arguments. It's not precise, but it is objective to a degree - they want depth of analysis, correct use of available tools, and theoretical understanding of how it all hangs together. Building relationships with professors can help orient yourself toward their expectations. 1. Do you think you were able to accurately assess whether you'd excel or struggle in law school and, if so, how did you know? I rationally believed then and now that my best would be enough to get my foot into a career, somewhere and somehow. I instinctively thought I'd be able to excel, for no good reason beyond the fact that I was very drawn to law and, probably, because hubris. 2. Do you feel like you have a good understanding of how you're doing in a class before and after you write the exam? In first semester, I had no clue. Now, I think I can accurately guess within a grade category. (HH or H, H or P) 3. Is there anything I can look at now to get a sense of how I'll stack up against the rest of the 1L class? Not sure how to help you, other than I think that anyone who is willing to be reflexive in their learning style, ready to deeply commit to learning law, and approaches the process with humility and curiosity will do well enough to go where they really want to. 4. If you went through the OCI process, did the result line up with your expectation going in? Yes, I enjoyed it and got a job at my top choice.
  2. Icharus

    Taking notes by hand

    One thing I tried this semester (2L) that I wish I had done earlier was take handwritten notes while doing the readings before class, and leave space in the margins, between lines, and at the bottom of the page. Then in class, with my laptop stowed away, use a different coloured pen to add, edit, or clarify my original notes with the lecture content. The benefit, I think, being that you are forced to pay close attention to what the prof is saying to see how it lines up with your earlier interpretation, but you aren't necessarily under pressure to write super fast, and you don't have the distraction of having your reading notes on your laptop. Then, when you are typing up your outlines and summaries at the end of the semester, you only have one document to reference. that said, whatever works for you is what works for you.
  3. Icharus

    Law school and exercise

    I started running the dead of winter in Ottawa, (-25 at 6 am) in my regular runners and an extra layer under my sweater and joggers. Still going at it three years later (and a couple triathlons, though not in winter). If you want to stay frugal and fit, you can do it. I don't know if anything short of frostbite is really too cold.
  4. In 1L, I used reading break to finish the course readings for whichever course had the highest reading workload. 1st semester was Contracts, 2nd was Criminal. I then used the extra time I had after reading break to do course summaries. I aced them both. Might work for you! I do agree that summaries later on in the semester is helpful for refreshing your memory.
  5. Icharus

    What area of law should I pursue

    Not to put down an interest in business law, but keep an open mind in 1L. You have no idea what will strike your fancy. It's a good thing your courses are picked for you.
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    Are the recipients listed on the website, or is it kept generally private?
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    Still curious about this... any news?
  8. Icharus

    Current 3L, AMA

    U of T incoming 2L - tinman is right on in so many ways. Already referring incoming 0Ls who aren't even on this forum to this post. Echoing previous posts - I can't emphasize enough the stress echo chamber. I only had a study group for one course, and though I aced it, I absorbed so much stress that I didn't have before I joined the study group that I don't think I could have handled doing that in more than 1 or 2 courses. Just focus, and try to tune the crowd out.