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  1. In 1L, I used reading break to finish the course readings for whichever course had the highest reading workload. 1st semester was Contracts, 2nd was Criminal. I then used the extra time I had after reading break to do course summaries. I aced them both. Might work for you! I do agree that summaries later on in the semester is helpful for refreshing your memory.
  2. What area of law should I pursue

    Not to put down an interest in business law, but keep an open mind in 1L. You have no idea what will strike your fancy. It's a good thing your courses are picked for you.
  3. Prizes

    Are the recipients listed on the website, or is it kept generally private?
  4. Prizes

    Still curious about this... any news?
  5. Current 3L, AMA

    U of T incoming 2L - tinman is right on in so many ways. Already referring incoming 0Ls who aren't even on this forum to this post. Echoing previous posts - I can't emphasize enough the stress echo chamber. I only had a study group for one course, and though I aced it, I absorbed so much stress that I didn't have before I joined the study group that I don't think I could have handled doing that in more than 1 or 2 courses. Just focus, and try to tune the crowd out.