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  1. Why the Bay St Hype?

    Awesome! Thanks a lot. I'm extremely excited to start in September.
  2. Why the Bay St Hype?

    Any advice for a rookie like me on how to do well? Bay st. or not, I'd like to have as good of marks as I am capable of.
  3. Why the Bay St Hype?

    I likely am, haha. Where did you attend law school?
  4. Why the Bay St Hype?

    Interesting. Thanks for your input!
  5. Why the Bay St Hype?

    These are all very compelling reasons to start a career on Bay St, even if it might be for a few years. I must ask - is it THAT difficult to get a job on Bay St with a JD from an Ontario law school? Under the assumption that I do well in my three years/have ECS, and I'm a sociable person who can perform well during interviews? I have this idea burned into my mind that in order to work Bay st, you need to be top of your class at UOfT/Osgoode. I am attending a school outside of Toronto (Windsor). Again, thank you for the long list of great information
  6. Why the Bay St Hype?

    Great hearing this! Seems like my family friend painted a pretty nasty picture.
  7. Why the Bay St Hype?

    I'll go even further and paint you a picture of my ideal life as a lawyer 5-10 years after graduating in 2020. Maybe then you (or someone) can help point me in a more specific direction. *I'm well aware that these interests could/likely will change throughout my experiences in law school* I would like to be involved in some sort of litigation. Personal Injury has always been an interest, which I guess I will learn about this year in my Torts course. My interests aren't limited to personal injury, I just like the idea of one day building cases and then taking them through the system. IP law is also something I am super interested in, but unfortunately won't have the opportunity to study until 2L. If anyone here has any input on that subject, feel free. Salary: I'm not as concerned with starting salary as much as I am with salary growth. After 5-10 years of being a lawyer, I would hope my salary is at a bare minimum 150k Again, I'm a total blank slate here who's going into his first year of law school. I'm sure there were points in this thread where I sounded like like a total rookie, which is, exactly what I am. Thanks in advance for the great advice that I'm about to receive
  8. Why the Bay St Hype?

    how long, on average, were your days then? Also where did you study?
  9. Why the Bay St Hype?

    very informing points of view! Adrian, why is there just as much work at boutique?
  10. Why the Bay St Hype?

    Thanks for the responses. I'm not totally opposed to getting a taste of the hustle and bustle, I just can't see it as a viable long term option. What about working your way up in a smaller/boutique firm? A lot of my father's friends are lawyers in those types of firms and all seem to be doing quite well ...
  11. Why the Bay St Hype?

    I know first year associates earn between 90-130k. Aside from a great starting salary, why do so many law students seem to dream of working on Bay St? All I've heard is that you can't have much of a life outside of work, as you're working Monday - Friday for around 16 hours, and then another 8 hours on Saturday - (I have been told this from a close family friend who worked for 4 years in a big firm on Bay; concurred from online sources as well). Also, I've read that a lot of lawyers who choose this path burn out/suffer depression. Are there other ways of making as good of money without sacrificing quality of life? Admittedly, I haven't even started law school/obviously haven't had any corporate law classes, so it's extremely likely that I'm missing something here. So please, someone enlighten me!
  12. Practicing in U.S.

    Hi all, Entering my first year of law school this September and wondering if it's possible to ever practice in the States, specifically Florida. I don't plan on "transferring" or anything right away - I intend on staying in Ontario for at least 10 years. Just curious what my options would be down the road. Thanks in advance
  13. Which events are you signing up for/not going to?
  14. Accepted to Windsor 2017

    Windsor Law 1Ls (JD Class of 2020)
  15. Lakehead or Windsor?

    update - my brother (Canada 11) and I are both attending Windsor Single JD in September.