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  1. What are my chances of being accepted?

    Sadly late registration for the September LSAT closed on August 9th. December is your best bet. Good luck!
  2. Can anyone let me know what dates the application portals typically open for the following Fall admission? I know it's very early, especially since the 2017 classes haven't even started, but I'm trying to get all my documentation in line very early in the cycle. Thank you for any (not negative) responses. (Mostly wondering about the Ontario system, UNB, Dal and TRU)
  3. Acceptance Chances (160, 4.10)

    ... what's your problem?
  4. Acceptance Chances (160, 4.10)

    I doubt they would fluctuate much! You are definitely in good standing with that LSAT- and your GPA would be in good standing anywhere really. :)
  5. Acceptance Chances (160, 4.10)

    http://law.robsonhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/web-stats-201690.pdf According to last years stats- 100% chance of acceptance. congrats!
  6. How to determine Windsor GPA?

    Thank you for your response! If you don't mind me asking- what were your stats?
  7. How to determine Windsor GPA?

    Any advice on how to determine GPA for Windsor Admissions? (I've seen a few posts referring to 'Windsor (adjusted) GPA" and am wondering what they include for determining GPA- CGPA, drops, grad courses?)
  8. Accepted to Windsor 2017

    Do you mind if I ask about your ECs and LORs; were they strong? Im applying next year with comparable stats. (3.19 cgpa, 3.4 B2/L2, with a 4.0 M.A)
  9. Chances? CGPA 3.19/L2 3.41/ Masters 4.0/ LSAT ~161

    Thank you for this! I am definitely aiming for the holistic schools- both UNB and Windsor consider Graduate grades which helps. I'm also hoping that being a Newfoundland resident (considering those few saved Atlantic seats at UNB) and the fact that I completed my masters at Windsor will give me a littleeee (emphasis on little) edge in the competition. In terms of practice tests I've been going out of my way to make the practice test conditions worse than they would be on test day. (with the exception of test day stress, which I cannot replicate) I've been doing my practice tests with only an analog watch as a timer, been giving myself 33 mins instead of 35, and have been completing the practice tests in a busy library. I know this doesn't guarantee a better grade but I am hopeful.
  10. I am just wondering what my chances are at law schools here in Canada. My stats are as followed: Undergrad GPA: CGPA: 3.19 Last 2: 3.41 Overall average: ~77% (This kills me- all my grades rest between 75%-78%; leaving a good average but bad GPA) Masters GPA: Cumulative: 4.0 Overall Average: 86% LSAT: Taken in 2015 : 152 ** I am retaking this on June 12, 2017. I did not study before first taking the test and have studied quite a bit in the past few months, I estimate I will get ~161. (have done multiple practice tests with this result) Soft Factors: Work Experience: I worked for a year at the Newfoundland and Labrador House of Assembly (9 months as a page, 3 months interning with the Law clerk), have held 5 R.A/G.A positions, and interned 6 months at the International Joint Commission. I know most schools do not consider Masters work in GPA, so im focusing more on the ones that will (UNB, Windsor, UM). I also have strong references that connect to the schools I am aiming for. (with the exception of UM) Any advice or information on my changes is greatly appreciated. I am aware that my CGPA will place me at a disadvantage.