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  1. Tips on the day of the test!

    Fun fact: they seat left handed people in a different room. I did not realize this on test day and instead went to the room for the letter of my last name, then panicked when they said they didn't have me on the list to take the test. I ended up sprinting down the halls to find the room for lefties, not the kind of adrenaline anyone needs before test time!
  2. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Denton's sent out PFOs tonight
  3. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Has anyone heard from Lenczner Slaght?
  4. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Dickinson Wright sends ITCs
  5. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Bennett Jones, Beard Winter, BLG, and Hicks Morley ITC (Windsor). Blakes PFO
  6. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Dickinson Wright ITC Today (Windsor)
  7. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Blakes OCI Windsor this afternoon
  8. Searching for Awards

    It's working for me and my program is JD. Make sure the Academic Period selected is 2017/2018 and not the summer session, and that you have clicked off the appropriate boxes along the bottom (i.e. Canadian resident, whether you're applying for OSAP, etc.)
  9. Fourth-year Bay Street Litigation Associate - AMA

    This whole thread has been incredibly helpful. Thanks Uriel!
  10. Just finished 1L Single JD - Ask Me Anything

    I did just finish 1L, I do remember we had a two week break and were back a week before the rest of the students because of PILS so lyricaltoast would be right in you having a 3 week break over Christmas. That being said they may change it, I'm not sure on that. As for the transit near me I find it's pretty good. Bus every 15 minutes to get to campus and there is one going the other way towards grocery stores. There's also the option of taking an Uber if you're planning to load up on groceries and don't want to lug them on the bus. I only really used it to get to class on days when the weather was bad or I was late but there were people that lived in areas further away like Walkerville that relied on it to get to class without problems. When you look on Google maps at any places you're considering it shows any bus stops and schedules nearby. I would recommend checking the routes you would need if you plan on relying on it to get to classes or grocery stores. I'm glad to hear you're excited to get involved!
  11. Just finished 1L Single JD - Ask Me Anything

    Hi Ona194 I just selected the portions I could respond to and Lyricaltoast has done a good job of addressing most of them. 1) I live in Sandwich Town and actually quite like it. Most people opt to live a little bit closer, or on the other side of campus because its closer to downtown that direction, however its pretty affordable, still walking distance to the school, and there are a couple of really great pubs. The walk is about 15 minutes to the law building but there's also a bus route through it so you can get to class in 5 minutes when its snowing or raining. However, I would not recommend going any further west than Mill St. it does start to get a bit dodgy. I have a car in Windsor and find it really useful especially since I don't like to study on campus so it gives me more options. That being said, shipping your car sounds like a lot of work/money. I'm sure you would be able to make friends with someone with a car, and your bus pass is included in your student fees so if you find a place near a bus route you should be okay for groceries. 4) I would second Lyricaltoasts recommendation that you do not work during 1L for a couple of reasons. The first being that if the motivation is financial, Windsor Law does have a lot of financial support available in the form of bursaries. You're starting a program that makes you think and study differently than most undergrad programs, give yourself some time to adjust and see how manageable your time is. The second reason I would say is that Windsor has a lot of unpaid opportunities that would arguably do more to boost your resume. Things like pro bono and the legal aid clinic would be a more productive use of your extra time as it will help you gain more legal related skills. Aside from those there are many Windsor law clubs and committees to join which will help you better get to know your classmates and upper years as well as also boost your resume a bit. While these things aren't paid they could be more beneficial than working part time in the long run.
  12. Just finished 1L Single JD - Ask Me Anything

    I think this also goes back to the fact that everyone's studying style varies and it won't be the exact same for every student. I personally found that I liked to have my own notes as well as a set of CANs for most courses so that I could fill in any gaps in understanding or make sure I wasn't missing anything. Some courses if I found a really great set of CANs I would rely on them for the majority of my outline to take into exams and add very little of my own because it was simply not necessary to remake the wheel. I found them especially useful if I was behind in studying (the standard life of a procrastinator). I agree with BleedBlue that you should try not to discount any method or resource until you've tried it for yourself and determined what works best for you (which may require some trial and error).
  13. Just finished 1L Single JD - Ask Me Anything

    Lyricaltoast is right in that time management is going to vary from person to person. You managed in undergrad, and it won't be that much more difficult in law school depending on what extra curriculars you participate in, and what your social life is like. Try not to get stressed out by other people spending 9 hours a day in the library, just remember that you got yourself here and if those long library days aren't productive or necessary for you then don't do them. I would also recommend looking ahead at your calendar a bit. There will be times when it seems like you have tons to do and fall behind on readings, just look ahead and plan your time out to those lulls in courses where you can play some catch up. You will have some weeks that seem slow where you have extra time to devote to getting yourself caught up. This goes back to what LT said about 1Ls psyching each other out, especially during exams. I found the library to be more stressful than productive because people would get each other into a panic about where they were at in their studying, or how they thought they were doing in the course. Remember what works for you and don't be hesitant to work in ways different from your peers (I personally need some noise around and liked sitting in a coffee shop). In terms of preparation for how to study and prepare, I remember my prof for legal research and writing (one of your mandatory 1L courses) went over how to property brief a case, what to look for, and some tips on summarizing the main points. Some profs also had tutorials midway through the first semester that were helpful for making sure you're on track. They would generally give tips for how to structure your exam responses, and what cases or sections of material were most important to focus on. Most profs also do some exam review with practice questions taken up as a group. While the actual studying itself is something you'll have to figure out on your own, you aren't left entirely in the dark or without direction. My piece of advice is to sign up for a mentor. Seriously. I was stubborn about this and insisted I didn't need one and I would rather reach out to friends, but your friends are going to have a lot of the same questions you do and not always be helpful. The upper years are all excited at the opportunity to give advice to incoming 1Ls and this ranges from study advice and exam tips, to career and OCI application advice, to even the most mundane things like where to get the best pizza.
  14. Just finished 1L Single JD - Ask Me Anything

  15. Just finished 1L Single JD - Ask Me Anything

    I would also say to people that truly fear the grading curve of law school it can often times be a blessing not just a curse. If everyone is struggling with a certain topic or especially with the teaching style of a certain prof, and it shows on the raw exam grades, then everyone's mark is moved up together. You'll hear upper years advise you many times to "ride the curve" when there's a large group in one class struggling. Just another perspective.