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  1. Housing for UofA Law Students?

    I would agree that Vancouver is far superior, this is why I found your comments funny You Vancouverites are spoiled BUT if you end up coming to the UofA I can suggest some good spots!
  2. Housing for UofA Law Students?

    I find this Vancouver perspective of Edmonton's downtown hilarious lol. Edmonton is one of those cities that seems "lame" but if you ask the locals there are so many great restaurants (yes even in downtown), and things to do! The craftbeer and cocktail scene is huge in Edmonton. 124th street in the downtown area is really up and coming!
  3. LSAT July or September

    I did end up writing again in December because I wanted to see if I could get a better score. However, I did worse because I had less time to study while classes were going on. I ended up getting into a law school anyways thankfully.
  4. LSAT July or September

    I decided to write in September because I wanted May/June/July/August to study without the distraction of assignments! That worked out well for me but was a gamble because you risk getting a bad score and being left with December.
  5. Calling all Aboriginal Applicants/Students

    I applied last week, but today my last reference was sent so my file was not complete. Have you heard back? When did you apply?
  6. Calling all Aboriginal Applicants/Students

    I applied but have not heard anything back yet! Post the link if you make a group
  7. Thank you for clearing that up for me!
  8. So, I've heard a lot about needing a student line of credit from a bank if one cannot pay for law school themselves. However, I was speaking with an advisor at my university and they insist that one can get government student loans for law school which do not require a credit check? I investigated this, and the Alberta student loans page does have a section which has a "loan limit" for studying law. Does anyone have any experience with this? I realize I could call Alberta student loans and ask but I hate those people lol Here is the link my advisor sent me: https://studentaid.alberta.ca/before-you-apply/loan-limits/annual-loan-limits/ Thank you!
  9. Also, do not for any reason miss a single day of class. You have to be there every single day and mentally present if you want to get an A.
  10. I took one first year course a semester and then 200 level classes that seemed decently easy.
  11. Aboriginal Applicants Status

    I spoke with Doreen two weeks ago and she says that they will start looking at the Aboriginal applications in the beginning of April!
  12. Question re: Access Application

    You should consider U of C! They really value candidates with a lot of work experience. I also recommend taking another year of classes extra to your degree and working hard to achieve some A grades. An upward trajectory will help your application. I agree with the OP who said that you have to show that you've taken steps to "overcome" (as much as possible) the things that held you back from achieving good grades in your undergrad and you have to show that you are capable of achieving those grades at least in a few classes.
  13. I'll look into these. It's hard to not obsess over whats to come this fall!
  14. What should I read over the summer to prepare me for law school?
  15. I took an entire semester of courses that were "extra" to my degree before graduating to boost my gpa! You should consider doing that