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  1. Calling all Aboriginal Applicants/Students

    Feel free to send me along what you have and I can give feedback! In my own personal statement, I started off with why I wanted to go to law school briefly, gave a brief overview of my life experience, then my academic experience and then finished with my work and volunteer experience to demonstrate my commitment to my community. I think it was pretty good because, I got into all four schools that I applied to unconditionally.
  2. Calling all Aboriginal Applicants/Students

    A B+ is not tooo bad, that is around 3.3 right? Study hard for the LSAT and keep working on your connections, this is totally something you can do
  3. Calling all Aboriginal Applicants/Students

    What is the GPA for your last 60 credits? What are your extra curricular activities and job experience? Do you have a connection to your M├ętis community? These are all things they will be looking at in a holistic evaluation! If your last 60 credits are above a 3.0 I can say that with a 160+ LSAT you will have a shot at some schools in the prairies! You have to be able to prove that you are capable of achieving top grades even if your overall gpa is low. You have to start thinking about how you will justify a low gpa and explain in your personal statement how you have overcome the barriers that caused you to have those grades.
  4. Calling all Aboriginal Applicants/Students

    I think that I will stay in residence as well! I just like the idea of being able to walk to class
  5. Calling all Aboriginal Applicants/Students

    I'll be there! I've had it highly recommended to me by other people I know, I heard that it is no more difficult than law school will be
  6. I second this. I spotted about 4 people as soon as I sat down in the testing room that I could already see did not read the test day rules and I know that a lot of people think they do not need to study very hard for it. The LSAT is a learn-able exam! Get some Powerscore books and prep tests, spend a few months studying.
  7. Would there be any drawbacks to doing a guest semester at another Canadian law school and when is the best time/semester/year to do this? I am trying to make myself feel better about having to choose only one school to attend, but I am grateful that I have choices.
  8. A few As show you are able to achieve top grades, but a low LSAT says you either do not have the right skills for legal work or you did not work hard enough to learn and practice the exam. So show them you can work hard and that you have the skills!
  9. Calling all Aboriginal Applicants/Students

    I've heard back from U of Vic, U of A, and U of Sask so far, too many choices!! I paid my U of A deposit because Edmonton is home and I can get funding from my nation if I stay in the province. But it was really hard letting my U of Sask and U of Vic dreams go
  10. Calling all Aboriginal Applicants/Students

    Congrats Jska!!!! I have to crunch the numbers but I hope I can afford UofVic! If not I am off to UofA
  11. Accepted to UVic 2018

    Just got the call! Not sure if I will be accepting yet. UofVic is my first choice but I can get more funding if I stay in Alberta
  12. Calling all Aboriginal Applicants/Students

    Just got the call that I'm in at UofVic! So they are looking at Indigenous applicants now!
  13. Application Status Change

    My status also changed yesterday from "App forwarded for review" to "Law - to Committee for review" Hopefully we hear back soon!
  14. Edmonton is a cool city! You just have to know the best spots and a lot of the events are word of mouth so you have to go looking online or talk to people. We have a really great food, craftbeer, and cocktail scene and we are really into the arts here! There is always a play or live music to go check out. We are not a tourist city by any means, but if you talk to people and do your research you'll find a lot of cool things to keep you busy Also - rent is cheap compared to Vancouver and Toronto if that happens to be a concern.
  15. Housing for UofA Law Students?

    I would agree that Vancouver is far superior, this is why I found your comments funny You Vancouverites are spoiled BUT if you end up coming to the UofA I can suggest some good spots!