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  1. Osgoode Chambers - unit options

    Nothing yet. I applied before April.
  2. Ask a 1L — 2018 Edition

    Less a question strictly for those in L1 but, could anyone shed some light on what the selection of Osgoode apparel is like at the Keele Bookstore East? I was hoping to grab a few things for the summer months prior to school but noticed the bookstore at Osgoode closed for the summer as of April 9th. Is the selection of sweaters and such decent at the Keele bookstore east?
  3. Ask a 1L — 2018 Edition

    Haven’t even begun courses yet but I can already tell Osgoode was the right decision and that there exist a stong supportive environment among the students. Thank you to you all for your gracious answers and for giving us your time.
  4. Accounting Degree

    I imagine, like most degrees, you can incorporate what you have learned through your studies in accounting into your legal career. What you choose to do with your degree is pretty much entirely up to you. Same goes with how you use it alongside your legal career.
  5. 160 will put you in a really great spot for most schools. A lower LSAT will probably make you okay for schools like Ottawa and Queen's.
  6. Provisionally Accepting

    Thank you for that clarification.
  7. Provisionally Accepting

    Yes indeed do call to confirm with the school. My statment was based off the assumption that you have to confirm your acceptance by the April 1st deadline (I.e make a firm acceptance and not just a provisional acceptance if the deadline to decide was April 1st).
  8. Provisionally Accepting

    I believe provisional acceptances turn firm at the deadline. You have to accept the offer through OLSAS.
  9. Provisionally Accepting

    You’ll have to make a decision by the corresponding due dates given for acceptances. Your provisional acceptance at Ottawa will have to be firmly accepted by April 13th or rejected by that same day (I believe provisional acceptances will be changed automatically by the deadline date).
  10. Any else not have a response yet?

    Not too weird, there are more applicants than there are spots. Now, depending on what your stats are, a more critical perspective can be provided.
  11. Accepted to Osgoode Hall 2018

    Yes. It takes a couple days to update. My offer, if I can recall, took more than 48 hours to appear on OLSAS. Congratulations! I'll see you in the Fall!
  12. Accepted to Osgoode Hall 2018

    April 1st.
  13. Next Wave of Acceptances?

    I think the next wave in Ontario is going to be associated with the April 1st deadline. Sometime after the April 1st deadline acceptances will be given out as schools begin to finalize the filling of their classes. I'm not sure what the case will be for schools outside of Ontario.
  14. Am I the only one?

    I know based off of other people's post, you are not alone. I imagine there will be some movement that occurs following April 1st (I estimate a week after April 1st).
  15. "University Magazine" Law School Rankings

    The sheer lack of care shown by this article is really dismaying.