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  1. Chances for UVic?

    I think you'll want to rewrite the LSAT if you're really determined to get into UVic. Even just a few more points would make a big difference to your index score.
  2. General or Access (learning disability)?

    If you get below 160 on the LSAT and you choose to apply in the access category for that reason, make sure there's a demonstrable link between your sub-optimal score and your learning disability.
  3. UNB grade calculation

    In the process of completing my degree, I did more than 120 credit hours (45 courses, to be precise). This might be a silly question, but will UNB drop 11 courses instead of 10 when calculating my GPA? Additionally, does anyone know how UNB deals with a repeated course? Are both grades used in the GPA calculation or is it just the higher grade? Thanks.
  4. LG Drilling

    I believe one of the appendices at the end of the LG Bible lists games from all the released LSATs by type.