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  1. UNB sending out rejections??

    For those of you who've been rejected, were you notified via email or did you find out some other way?
  2. Tuition increase?

    Yikes. If they go through with that increase, hopefully they do it gradually and not just in one year.
  3. Accepted to UNB 2018

    Anyone know if there's likely to be much news between now and the March 1st deadline?
  4. My stats are a bit different from yours (higher LSAT, but probably a lower GPA). I'm an Atlantic resident though, so hopefully that helps. I'm planning to rewrite in February anyway, but I'm mostly hoping there's a shot I get accepted before that and don't have to rewrite haha.
  5. Have you heard back from UNB yet? I'm in a similar situation, so I'm curious about their response.
  6. Are you from an Atlantic province?
  7. Holy crap, I didn't see this announcement yesterday and nearly had a heart attack when I saw the email. Happy with my score, but I could have done without the fright.
  8. When to register for Feb LSAT

    Yeah, the note isn't there one the page for this year's December administration. https://www.lsac.org/jd/lsat/test-dates-deadlines/2017-2018/us-canada-dec I think they might have slightly pushed back the registration deadline for February.
  9. When to register for Feb LSAT

    Can you link to this information? Thanks.
  10. Should I withdraw my application? RE: cGPA

    I realize this doesn't address the main question in the thread, but @s27, you may want to consider applying to UNB. They'll drop the lowest 25% of your grades, so depending on how your grades are distributed (i.e., if you have a handful of low marks throughout undergrad that are weighing down your cGPA), their GPA calculation might work in your favour. It's certainly not ideal if you want to end up working in Ontario, but it's a lot cheaper than the Windsor dual program. The above applies to Manitoba as well, but you'd have to wait 'til next year to apply (whereas UNB's deadline isn't until March 1st).
  11. Chances for UVic?

    I think you'll want to rewrite the LSAT if you're really determined to get into UVic. Even just a few more points would make a big difference to your index score.
  12. General or Access (learning disability)?

    If you get below 160 on the LSAT and you choose to apply in the access category for that reason, make sure there's a demonstrable link between your sub-optimal score and your learning disability.
  13. UNB grade calculation

    In the process of completing my degree, I did more than 120 credit hours (45 courses, to be precise). This might be a silly question, but will UNB drop 11 courses instead of 10 when calculating my GPA? Additionally, does anyone know how UNB deals with a repeated course? Are both grades used in the GPA calculation or is it just the higher grade? Thanks.
  14. LG Drilling

    I believe one of the appendices at the end of the LG Bible lists games from all the released LSATs by type.