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  1. Rejected from Osgoode 2017

    Rejected this morning as well l2 3.8 159/164 lsat will be firm accepting Western today!
  2. Accepted to Ottawa 2017

    Common law!
  3. Accepted to Ottawa 2017

    Thanks! I haven't ever applied for OSAP before this year, I did recently for Western though when I got accepted there. The email I got was from Ottawa just saying deadline for OSAP is end of June and to get all the documents in so that I can qualify for their grace period in paying the tuition. The deadline for OSAP is June 30th I think so as long as it is before then! They have late applications but can take longer to get the money I believe!
  4. Accepted to Ottawa 2017

    Accepted today off the waitlist! l2 3.8 159/164 lsat saw on uozone that I went from unnumbered waitlist to under evaluation- 2 hours later got the OSAP email and 2 hours after that saw that I was admitted on uozone. No email yet to check the student centre! I have provisionally accepted with Western (and was my top choice originally) but my partner has been accepted to Ottawa so will be a tough decision! Good luck to those still waiting!
  5. Accepted to Western 2017

    Accepted last week as well! 3.8 l2 159/164 Lsat! been waitlisted at Ottawa, rejected from Queens and still in Queue for Osgoode! exciting!!
  6. Rejected from Queen's 2017

    Yeah LSAT is good took me a couple writes though- I more meant my CGPA I have just been noticing that a lot of schools are really focusing on that over the last 2 years so I wasn't getting my hopes up! Good luck to you!!!
  7. Rejected from Queen's 2017

    Thanks! No I didn't just 4 schools in Ontario! I have been working for an insurance company for almost 2 years and have some great opportunities with them so I just applied to a few schools that I was potentially interested in if I didn't do the insurance route! So if I don't get in I will just stick with insurance. I figured it was a long shot with my stats but wanted to apply just to see I always thought about Dal though, great school.
  8. Rejected from Queen's 2017

    Aww don't be sad! I am sure you will be just fine, it could have been for a number of reasons and I think if you haven't gotten an email yet you're in the clear for the first round of rejections! I could have just been someone they aren't looking for! I know many people with lower stats who have gotten in at various schools including Queen's so who knows what they are looking for in the end! Good luck I hope you hear from them soon and thanks western would be awesome!
  9. Rejected from Queen's 2017

    Hi! Don't sweat it I am sure you will be ok! I think I got the email around 3pm today! I have been waitlisted at Ottawa and I haven't heard anything from western or osgoode yet!
  10. Rejected from Queen's 2017

    Rejected today as well by email and SOLUS STATS: 159/164 LSAT 3.04 cgpa 3.8 last two years pretty good references, 2 profs and one character one lots of extra curriculars, also did my undergrad at Queen's! First year really affected the cgpa unfortunately last name starts with a G. best of luck to everyone else