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  1. Braille Criminal Code?

    He mentions a braille computer. Some braille displays have processors in them and can be used independently. Interesting article.
  2. Braille Criminal Code?

    I completely agree. Unfortunately, there is often a belief that screen reading software is sufficient. However, it does not teach literacy. The stats for employment for the legally blind are generally pretty poor. I remember reading a study that suggested that 80 percent of blind people are not employed. However, of the ones who are employed 80 percent could read braille. There is a resurgence of interest in braille in the last few years. Refreshable braille displays for computers have become more common. Though they are generally very expensive. As a result the display size has generally been pretty limited. An 80 cell display is about $9000. Fewer cells are cheaper. Like this https://store.humanware.com/hca/brailliant-bi14-braille-display.html Not sure. Was it a really really big bag? Sort of a Santa sack? Or maybe a bag of holding?
  3. Braille Criminal Code?

    Ironic that after posing this question, I found out that government of Canada is cutting funding for the creation of braille documents in Canada It does not necessarily suggest anything about the accessibility of government documents but it does make a statement about the priority of the blind in Canada. https://globalnews.ca/news/4075364/trudeau-liberals-cut-funding-cnib-accessible-books/ #MarrakeshTreaty
  4. Braille Criminal Code?

    Just curious if anyone has ever seen a braille Criminal Code of Canada? I know they exist but how big will it be. I am guessing 3-4 feet. A bible is about 5 or 6 feet depending on version. Not very portable but cool for those times when print is needed rather than digital.
  5. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/lsat-maker-held-contempt-over-063050730.html It will be interesting to see how this works out over the next couple of years. I suspect they will not want to be held in contempt again.
  6. The other thing to note is that you can apply for the line of credit quite early. All you need is a letter confirming enrolment from the university you are attending.
  7. Worried about Credit Score

    If it is worrying you then get a credit report. This can be done quite quickly online(for a fee - free by mail) and will give you a clearer picture of credit score and current items on your report. Generally a good idea to check on this once in a while anyway. If you do get the report online you will need to pay with credit card. Make sure you don't click the option that is a monthly subscription. You only need a one time report. P.S. There is a myth that checking your credit rating will cause it to go down and thus you should not do it. If you are checking it yourself it is a soft enquiry and does not reduce score.
  8. Elite Extracurriculars

    Does cerevisaphile count? I never drink beer directly from the bottle. Well, sometimes I don’t.
  9. This is interesting. I know that for some people they seem to require a great deal of documentation. I have some sympathy for their position. Some specific issues are difficult to confirm. However, I have also heard some blind people have fallen prey to the insufficient documentation. I was lucky in that area and had no problems. I have followed the Binno case for a while. I agree with his basic principal but I think he may not be the best one to make the case. His past scores were below 145 I believe. To me it suggests that he was struggling with a number of areas in the LSAT. Logic games are definitely a barrier for those unable to diagram. The reading comprehension section is also a struggle because of the less than ideal way that the html version of the test is set up. Questions that referred to specific sentences in the passage were very unclear. However, logical reasoning should be quite doable. Of course, the other problem faced by blind students is systemic. They are often disadvanted in schools and post secondary institutions long before they get to the LSAT. That may be part of the issue that leads Binno to have an exceptionally low score. The other problem is that in the US the LSAC, universities and ABA have remained moving targets on the issue. Universities state they have no choice but to look at the test, LSAC says it does not require it or suggest it be used in the way it is often used and the ABA says it does not require schools to use the LSAT. I like the openness to other evaluation tools happening in the US. Here is a great article by a Canadian law student that contributes to the conversation: http://www.slaw.ca/2017/05/23/the-accessibility-of-the-lsat-a-response-to-dean-sossin-and-dean-holloway/ I hope eventually that Canadian Law Schools will move towards a more level playing field when assessing blind candidates.
  10. Possibly. Or you are cherry picking what you like. Matter of opinion. Not going to be baited into an argument over it. Just saying in my opinion not a credible source for much.
  11. Rule 1. Ignore jordan peterson. This will increase your IQ.
  12. legal podcasts

    Paw and Order - Canadian animal rights Stay tuned with Preet - not Canadian. Not a legal podcast. I just like Preet. The Ideablawg - Canadian. Deadly Manners - does a serialized murder mystery count?
  13. Housing for UofA Law Students?

    I live on Whyte. I have only been in the city for a year so I haven't lived in other areas of the city but I definitely like being close to the restaurants and pubs in the area.
  14. How do they count last 60 credits?

    This is not correct. https://cloudfront.ualberta.ca/-/media/ugadmission/ro-assets/publications/tip-sheets/2017-18/law-2017.pdf
  15. Individual Consideration Category LSAT

    As others have said, you will have to take the lsat. Can’t think of anything that would exempt you. A bit off topic but here is an article from 2014 where the dean suggests the lsat may not comply with human rights legislation but it is still required. http://www.canadianlawyermag.com/article/disability-friendly-lsat-coming-to-a-law-school-near-you-2489/