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  1. Barrister Robe for Lady

    Yes, it is! =)
  2. Barrister Robe for Lady

    P.S. the court robe is still new. never worn to court as it was a spare! =)
  3. Barrister Robe for Lady

    Hello! Yes, the robe is still available. It doesn't say a size on it, but I'm 5'6" and I weigh 125 pounds. Sorry for the late reply, but I was away.
  4. Barrister Robe for Lady

    Finest Italian wool. Brand new. Asking $500 or best offer. Toronto location: anywhere between Finch Station to downtown.
  5. new & current 1L books

    These 1L books are unused (still in shrink wrap) because the student dropped out of law school within a month. I hope you have better luck! Asking $50 for new & current edition of McGill Guide (originally sold by publisher on http://www.carswell.com//product-search/?qa=prod&qt=mcgill guide) Asking $50 for new & current edition of Guide to Legal Research & Writing (original price is $98 on http://www.emond.ca/the-comprehensive-guide-to-legal-research-writing-a-analysis-2nd-edition.html)
  6. Guides 4 Sale - New & Unused

    Asking $50 for new & unused McGill Guide: (costs $72 at http://www.carswell.com/product-detail/canadian-guide-to-uniform-legal-citation-8th-edition-manuel-canadien-de-la-reference-juridique-8e-edition/) Asking $50 for new & unused Guide to Legal Research, Writing & Analysis: (costs $94 at http://www.emond.ca/the-law-workbook-developing-skills-for-legal-research-and-writing-2nd-edition.html)