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  1. Lower grades at a more competitive school?

    I'm not sure where you got that from because I never said anything close to that, and I agree with your sentiment. From my limited understanding, the OCI process is largely for corporate/MAG jobs and doesn't really cover the other fields of law, among other things.
  2. Lower grades at a more competitive school?

    I think the stats are that a little over 50% at UofT end up on Bay and then its 30% or so for Osgoode and 25% for Western and Queens? Or that may just be for OCIs overall. Technically you have the highest "chance" of getting into Bay with UofT. However, just because you got accepted to UofT doesn't mean you will be the top 25% of the class at Western, Queens or Osgoode. And just because you got into UofT in June off the waitlist doesn't mean you won't place in the top 50% of the class. There are also a wide-range of factors to consider other than grades when thinking about Bay street as an end goal. Take location for example. Yeah maybe you would have an easier time getting high grades at Western or Queens than at UofT, but UofT's location is by far the best if you want to do corporate as you can walk or subway a couple minutes to have a coffee chat with lawyers, whereas in other schools that is not really possible (even Osgoode). I guess in the end grades are what matter most however. At the end of the day, you pick the best route for yourself - this is your life
  3. Lower grades at a more competitive school?

    Yes but how many A-s are there? 9%? And would you mind sharing the distribution report, it would be useful for all in the forum. Yes, this was exactly what I was more or less referring to. No disrespect to Western but it only makes sense that one school is "easier" or "harder" than another based on differences in the admitted class.
  4. Lower grades at a more competitive school?

    Nothing. I love Western as a school and have had a quality undergraduate education here, but I don't think that you can really say that getting an A at Western Law is the same thing as an A at UofT Law (unless if Western limits the % of As at 1% or something, but I do not believe that is the case). I don't doubt that an A student at Western could be an A student at UofT but I think an A student at UofT would almost certainly be an A student at Western
  5. Lower grades at a more competitive school?

    This is definitely something that I've thought about, and even though I'm not in law school, I don't think going to a more competitive school necessarily means you will receive lower marks, nor should this be a major consideration. If you think about it, in your undergrad, did all the AP and IB students dominate your classes? Was every gold medalist an IB or AP student? The answer for me was no. In fact, I know a bunch of them who ended up being average students after being in AP classes since grade 4. In university, everyone seemed to blend together and it didn't matter a bit what great things you did in high school or what your average was. I would like to think the same goes for law school. Law school will demand something very different from you than in your undergrad, and you see people succeeding in law school even though they majored in dance or biochem (things totally unrelated to law). Ultimately, people have different strengths and weaknesses and I think it just depends how you play to that in law school. However, there is some merit to your question. I don't believe that it is necessarily as easy to get an A+ (HH) at UofT as an A+ at Western. At the end of the day, the class at UofT has a much stronger academic record than those at Western, or any other school in that regard. And because of the way that marks are distributed at (most/all?) law schools, you are essentially competing with your classmates for marks. So in that regard I do think you need to work harder to get your desired mark at a more competitive school, but I don't think this should be a major concern because if you got in, that's all the proving you need to do. Everyone starts at a blank slate again (more or less). What happened in high school or university doesn't really matter because everyone is at the same level
  6. Should I withdraw my application? RE: cGPA

    Since Queen's (I believe) focuses on B2 you might have a shot if you score like a 170+ on the LSAT. Western is L2 though I think (please correct me if I'm wrong anyone). No point in withdrawing your application, as BQ said you have already paid everything and its too late to get refunds to you might as well try your best on the LSAT and hope that you will get in somewhere
  7. Chances: cGPA 3.68, L2 3.68, B2 3.72, LSAT 163

    Agree with CW27 but if you have a killer personal statement for Osgoode and UofT its a possibility because they both are holistic (Osgoode moreso than UofT it seems)
  8. Currently a 1L Single JD - Ask me anything!

    Since you mentioned you were single... A/S/L?
  9. Chances? (OLSAS cGPA 3.67/ L2 3.75/ LSAT 164)

    I would think you are in for Osgoode and Queen's and 90% not UofT - don't know anything about other schools
  10. Chances? (3.83 CGPA, 3.96 L2, 3.88 L3 / 161 LSAT)

    You should be in for Osgoode, Western and Queens I think you have less than 50% chance for UofT, I think you would need at least a 168ish to make it a lock
  11. CHANCES? (CGPA 3.49, L2 3.76, LSAT 163)

    I think you should be in for Western, Queens and Windsor
  12. Confirmation of Application

    It also said in the email that Queens does not send out a physical package to those accepted. Is this the norm for law schools?
  13. How many schools are you applying to and why?

    I applied to Toronto, Osgoode, Western and Queens. I only applied to those schools because I am confident I will get into all but UofT given my stats. I also only applied within Ontario and specifically those schools because I want to do corporate law and work on Bay when I graduate.
  14. Reference Letters still outstanding on Olsas

    I think it might either be an issue with your account or your references. My reference submitted it 2 nights ago (yes a week late lol) and it still updated instantly
  15. Reference Letters still outstanding on Olsas

    as in your references haven't sent them in?