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  1. Windsor vs. Osgoode: "Big Five" Firm Prospects

    A question for the both of you - how do we, as students (or even as lawyers), know what firms are better than others for a certain area? Let's say I am interested in Mining or Tax (working in a full-service firm), what steps can I take as a law student to find out which firm is the best to work at before its too late? I was always under the assumption that generally any of the Seven Sisters + Fasken, and some of the international firms would all be good places to work for any of the areas they practice, but you guys seem to be suggesting otherwise.
  2. Windsor vs. Osgoode: "Big Five" Firm Prospects

    Lol. far from it
  3. Windsor vs. Osgoode: "Big Five" Firm Prospects

    Hello fellow Buster, If your goal is Bay Street, the numbers speak for themselves. In the 2018 OCIs Osgoode placed 3x that of Windsor. What you have to ask yourself is - what are you looking for in your law school experience? While one may choose their school based on career prospects, another may look for a school with the strongest "sense of community", yet another person may look at affordability. Everyone's needs and wants differ, but you must identify what you want for yourself. If you want Bay Street, the debt should be a secondary concern as the salary you will eventually receive will pay for itself. If affordability is your main concern, then you must ask yourself if the extra $xxxx is worth the money for Osgoode, and everything that comes with it. If you are a keener (I say this in a good way) and place top of your class at Windsor you could likely end up on Bay anyways, but there are always those "what-ifs" that you can't account for and ultimately Osgoode would give you a better safety net IMO. BayStreetOrBust
  4. MD to Law

    I agree with what you are saying and I definitely thought law was a lot more competitive than it actually is prior to doing some research. However, there is no denying that med school is much more competitive than law school and a 3.7 isn't even considered stellar for a lot of law schools. Add on to the fact that OP got into med after 2 years of undergrad, whereas many people have mid 3.9s (some even with a Masters) and they only get an interview or two. I'm not doubting the truthfulness of OP but just really surprised Edit: To those curious, I don't think OP is lying. OP is probably in QuARMS which allows 10 high school students each year to enter a program where you complete 2 years of undergrad and then you go right into med school (without MCAT and only needing to maintain a 3.5) see https://meds.queensu.ca/academics/quarms - I can see why OP was hiding how he/she got into med school as it kinda severely reduces his anonymity
  5. MD to Law

    Queen's focuses on B2 (which would be the 3.7 pre-med in this case), so you have a decent shot there. Try aiming for higher than a 162 on your LSAT as your cGPA/B2 aren't exactly stellar/great. You might be out at Western as your L2 is really low and I think you could get into Osgoode even though its a cGPA school because it admits some applicants on a holistic basis (I think you would need something higher than a 162 however). UofT claims to look at the undergraduate degree when assessing applicants but I doubt your B3 is competitive, if you had a 170+ you might have a shot, but I highly doubt it. I also think you might be able to get into Windsor as well, because they are a holistic school I am curious though, how did you get into med school with a 3.70?
  6. What was your undergrad?

    "Pre-Law Major ™"
  7. Law-related extra-curriculars a necessity?

    Oxygen is a necessity for life The LSAT is a necessity for admittance Law-related ECs? One of these things is not like the others.... Funnily enough, many of the past executives in my school's pre-law club did not get into law school
  8. Queens vs Windsor

    2018 stats puts it at 50-32 Queen's Windsor - should also note that Windsor's class size is nearly 25% larger than Queen's http://ultravires.ca/2017/11/summer-2018-recruitment-hiring-trust-not/ I would go to Queen's OP, Bay Street or not
  9. [3.5 / 165] What law schools do i have a chance at if any?

    Learn how? Help us help you
  10. Scholarship offers

    I received a modest scholarship from Osgoode as well today
  11. Osgoode Community

    IMO of course the sense of community at Western and Queen's is stronger, not only are they both non-commuter schools (like York/Ryerson/UofT), but those two schools in particular are pretty strong in school spirit (as compared to Waterloo, for example). While students from York/Ryerson/UofT come from all over the GTA, most students at Western live within "the Western bubble" which is the area more or less surrounding the university
  12. Typing speed

    To answer your question OP: 40wpm is really slow and 80wpm is decent but not really fast I would guess professional typists type at least 100 wpm. I average at around 100wpm and even then I sometimes have trouble keeping up with a lecture if the prof talks really fast with little to no pauses. However, i have no knowledge regarding the profession so I wouldn't know what qualifies a professional typist. And ayyyy typeracer is my shit. In one of my old jobs I had absolutely nothing to do and I would just go on typeracer when I was bored to make it look like i was doing work. Some of the people on there have absolutely insane typing speeds like 200wpm+
  13. Chances? [3.66 / 154]

    What is your L2? Assuming your L2 is not much better than your cGPA and you get a 157, you are out for Western, Queen's, Toronto, for sure; 95% out for Osgoode I'd say
  14. Is it worth worrying at this point?

    https://www.osgoode.yorku.ca/programs/juris-doctor/jd-admissions/eligibility-requirements/ I haven't found too much online, this is all I've got. If you're too lazy to click the link - here's the juice: Number of applications: 2,577Number of places available: 290Median CGPA: 3.67Median LSAT score: 82nd percentilePercentage of students over age 30: 12%Percentage of students with Masters degrees: 19%
  15. Is it worth worrying at this point?

    As long as you did not butcher your PS, I think you are more likely than not to get in before April, if not March. If it makes you feel better, your stats are above last year's medians which may indicate that you have a good shot.