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  1. Chances cGPA 2.74 LSAT 160

    ...Denzel Crocker
  2. Chances cGPA 2.74 LSAT 160

    I totally agree with that. I was more or less laughing at the term "gpa padding scheme" lol
  3. Chances- 157, 3.49 cgpa, 3.69 L2

    The Windsor rejection thread shows people with much higher stats than that getting rejected. I wouldn't say "almost guaranteed."
  4. Chances cGPA 2.74 LSAT 160

    GPA padding scheme... lol or a valid way to improve your gpa?
  5. Oh no, no. I wasn't trying to imply you are egotistical. I just thought it was a funny, somewhat relevant story. I was rejected from all the Canadian law schools I applied to this cycle, but I got into Michigan State. I turned it down and will be going back to university to get an undergrad (applied as a mature student--relevant work experience), so I understand it's a long haul, but from what I've gathered, you're doing the right thing by doing whatever you can to get into a Canadian law school.
  6. I was at a law firm recently, dealing with this particularly egotistical lawyer who oddly wanted it to be known that his father is the one of the founding partners of the firm. I later checked where this kid-lawyer went to school out of curiousity and found that he went to one of the worst law schools in the United States. I think it's safe to assume that connections in firms can be invaluable.
  7. Rejected from Osgoode 2017

    Rejected. Good luck everyone
  8. Mature Applicants Accepted/ Rejected 2017

    If most of you have GPA's from universities, how are you considered a mature student? Correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding is that a mature student is someone who does not have--or has some--university experience? But does have relevant work/life experiences to be considered.
  9. Just curious, have you ever worked as a law clerk/assistant? Not being a dick, just wondering.
  10. Related law experience will contribute to the five years needed if you intend on applying as a mature student, but other than that, it won't help exponentially. I'm a legal research analyst and I applied as a mature student, but wasn't accepted--although very different circumstances (no undergrad/low lsat). But I think it would certainly help you get a feel for a law office and maybe give you some topics to write about in your personal statements.
  11. I agree: taking a paralegal/law clerk program won't help. Speaking from experience.
  12. Yes, I'm very curious to know if law schools will be changing how they review LSAT scores: highest v. average?
  13. Advice

    Hahaha that's funny. Yes, I should be in the "YOLO" state of mind...I mean, I exaggerated a little..I'm 27 now lol. I applied to York's Political Science and the Law and Society degrees so I think I will head there plus improve my LSAT. Next time I apply, I'm getting in
  14. Advice

    That's true. If I start my undergrad and retake the LSAT I could apply while pursueing my degree. I wouldn't necessarily have to finish it. thank you
  15. Advice

    Looking for some general advice or "what would you do" opinions. Mature Student (two college diplomas, both 4.0 gpa) Legal Research Analyst/Law Clerk LSAT 148 Board Member of local charity Awesome LORs I took a long shot and applied as a mature student with a shitty LSAT. Been rejected from most--still waiting from Osgoode but not expecting an acceptance. I'm considering going back to school and getting an undergrad. BUT that's an extra three years minimum PLUS three years of law school, meaning I'll be in my mid- to upper-thirties by the time I'm done :/ Should I take my chances and do significantly better on the LSAT for this year's application. Or should I go back and do my undergrad (and improve LSAT)?? What would you do??