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  1. Waitlisted 2018 JD (English)

    FWIW, I was waitlisted at Windsor in March, waitlisted at Oz June 30, rejected everywhere else I applied to lol. Happy to chat about stats re: PM, but they're on here. You can find them. Be strategic w/ your numbers - have faith, but be realistic. I'm happy to chat with anyone re: accepting or waiting. It was a long and stressful wait for me. And I had people to chat with that helped me remain sane, especially @PerniciousLaw. It's a tough situation to be in for sure, but with the right support group, a positive outlook and realistic brainstorming, it doesn't have to be super stressful. Good luck to everyone.
  2. Accepted to Ottawa 2018

    Feeling of community is amazing, in my experience. Our large group environment was terrific and the small group we had was also great. Competitive at times but everyone I hung around with was happy to collaborate and create a sense of community. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have via PM. I love Ottawa and it's environment.
  3. I can elaborate as I'm just finishing 1L. January term is mandatory for all common law students at uOttawa. For 3 weeks, you're in class every day for about 3 hours. In 1L, you do ADR, as was said. 3 hours every day in class can get a little bit much--but it's super practical and I thought it was really good. The assignments are a little over the top, and its tough to not do stuff last minute because it is busy. It's not hard, but busy. The "good section" just means who teaches your "group" of students. In 1L, you pick a "small group"--Torts, Con Law, or Crim (Crim fills up pretty quick. I picked Torts, because I had no idea what that area of law was before coming to law school). Your "small group" and 3 others make up your large group. You have every class w/ your large group in 1L, minus your "small group" class (i.e. I had Torts w/ my small group, but every other class (ADR, Legal Research, Property, Crim, Public/Con Law, Contracts) w/ your large group. In January of 1L, your large group is basically split in half. So you have 2 small groups making up your ADR class for all of January. Then, from Feb-April, you're back w/ your large group. I hope this is cogent and makes sense. I got in late & Torts was really my only choice along w/ 1 or 2 Con Law groups. The Torts small group schedule (each small group has different meeting times w/ their small group) actually was best for me as I essentially had Mondays off. There was really no other rhyme or reason behind it. Feel free to PM if you have any other Qs as well.
  4. Law School Chances - What should I do?? Help

    That's Former Chief Justice Dickson, to be frank.
  5. Uozone app status

    Even when Ottawa receives your Dec LSAT, your status will remain "under evaluation" until you are accepted. I had a hiccup with my LSAT scores and OLSAS last year and when the schools received my scores, including Ottawa, my app remained "under evaluation" until I got in.
  6. Responding to Offer with OLSAS Closed

    For those who accepted after OLSAS closed, you guys couldn't click the "respond to offer" portion on UoZone right? Just because I already e-mailed Reine and told her I was accepting. When I click "respond to offer" it directs me to OUAC and I can't log in (obviously). Just making sure.. lol.
  7. Waitlist 2017

    Just got the email and a phone call. Will be accepting. 31/71 on the final waitlist. I'm pumped! Can't wait to meet everyone!!
  8. Waitlist 2017

    If that's the case then spot 31 is gonna open up!! Fingers crossed!!
  9. Waitlist 2017

    Thank you! Hoping it comes soon! And thanks for the insight. I'll keep a lookout.
  10. Waitlist 2017

    What position were you?!
  11. Waitlist 2017

    Holy crap. I'm 31. Heart is racing. Fingers crossed!! Was there an email or did you just check uozone?
  12. Waitlist 2017

    Congrats, that's awesome. Definitely hoping for some more movement!
  13. Waitlist 2017

    So happy for you dude! Hoping there's a wee bit more movement up until the end of the week. Awesome to hear that you were admitted!
  14. Chances? 3.95 CGPA, LSAT 154/155

    I wouldn't bank on that. My 151/3.98 was ranked 123rd at Ottawa this year, and someone's 3.0 and barely higher LSAT were ranked 6th. Obviously everyone has different circumstances, but I feel like the Ottawa emphasis on GPA is not as much as it has been previously.. I know my LSAT is bad, but I figured my GPA, PS and references would make up for it. It didn't happen this cycle
  15. Reference Letter Before/After App Submission

    For OLSAS, as part of your application, you indicate who your references are with all of their complete application. Once complete, you submit the references part of your OLSAS app that sends your references an e-mail asking them to upload their reference letter for you. Once they do that, it updates on OLSAS to inform you the letters are received. For Calgary, I have no clue. Does my OLSAS app explanation make sense?