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  1. I do know they're busy with transfer student applications. It would not surprise me if we saw a bit more movement/replies to 1L admissions after they deal with transfer students.
  2. Any word from them by chance?
  3. Or, if anyone has called/had correspondence with the school to get an update? I know they focus on transfer student applications at this time, but an update would be appreciated
  4. To say this is disappointing would be an understatement. I was waitlisted at Ottawa at the onset of their waitlist and recently got a poor rank (a de facto rejection) and now I am learning of this after being waitlisted back at the end of March. I know my LSAT score is the culprit here, but thought I could really make up for it everywhere else. Really disappointed.
  5. I've been waiting since March. Apparently waitlist offers were supposed to be sent out this week. Fingers crossed and good luck to all still waiting!
  6. As noted on their website, the class is "full," but that is based on provisional acceptances and that number will be reduced based on people declining their provisional acceptance in favour for another school. At that point, new offers are given to people on their waitlist. I'm one of those people still on the waitlist so it's definitely an anxious time.
  7. I didn't read that until now. Based on that, if I call today, do you think it'll look negative on my part? I.e. asking them the question when on their website it clearly states what is going to happen re: the waitlist? Why is this so conflicting to me..
  8. Who knows! Fingers crossed.
  9. Not being rude by any means, but there have been people w/ lower stats than I who have gotten in this cycle. Maybe it was my PS. As you mentioned, speculating would be utterly pointless at this point. Really thought I catered it to what they wanted. I appreciate the link. I will call Mary tomorrow to see about the process. Thank you!
  10. I don't know who that is, assuming she works for the university? 3.97 CGPA (bumped up to 3.98 after my last undergrad semester), 151/151/151 LSAT. Tons of ECs, great references, lots of volunteer experience.
  11. Some folks were waitlisted and received an acceptance shortly after. Osgoode re-evaluates all of the apps of people on the waitlist once the waitlist is completed. I wouldn't give up hope. But, if you want to take yourself off of the waitlist, I would email Osgoode and do what you need to on OLSAS.
  12. Received a number on uozone this morning. I'm 123/176. Have not been accepted anywhere. On the waitlist at Osgoode as of June 28 and have been waitlisted at Windsor since March. 3.98 CGPA, 151/151/151 LSAT. Tons of work experience, ECs, volunteering and related as much as I could to Ottawa; references from the Dean of faculty who supervised my honours thesis and one from a former professor. Disappointed for sure, thought my GPA was worth more than 123rd. Hoping Oz will come through and I am planning on calling Windsor tomorrow. Things will work out.
  13. Any movement at all? Been waitlisted since the end of March and still nothing.
  14. I haven't even been numbered yet. Trying to tell myself that it's because of the movement/firm provisional date now passed that they're trying to see where I will fit, and not letting my mind wander to "you're past 100"..
  15. Wow, that was quick! Congrats on the quick turnaround.