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  1. Did you get an email? Or did you just happen to check the Windsor website?
  2. I didn't think people were able to be rejected from the waitlist until basically the day before school starts as, figuratively, one could not wait any longer during the current cycle.. I figured the waitlist keeps your application safe until (if) a spot opens up. Now I am nervous that my application, on the waitlist, is vulnerable to being rejected off of the waitlist..
  3. Based on this e-mail and what you (@PerniciousLaw) asked recently, I feel like the end of May will be a longshot. Considering now some students are going to be added to the waitpool (even though they have 3 days to confirm their interest) from a previously "static" waitpool beginning after the 10th, there will be movements and adjustments to the ranks, etc. I would also hope the CGPA increases are taken into CGPA bumped up from 3.97 to 3.98 (so marginal but it could be the difference), so I have my fingers crossed for that, too! As for @PerniciousLaw and @JohnBordeaux, I can't agree with either of you any more. It's so easy to get down during this entire process. There will be downs but there will be ups. I am learning a lot about myself personally throughout this process and honestly understanding why patience is considered a virtue. Moreover, I wouldn't really start to worry about the waitlist until the ranks are released. As mentioned above, you could be 1 on the waitlist. Imagine the feeling of elation and relief?! Keep telling yourself that! I am in the same boat, and I imagine there are alot of others here in the same boat, too (not to discount what you are going through by any means). Be positive, and trust the process. I know I am. It's tough sometimes but I know it'll pay off.
  4. Is your 4.0 after drops? Are you calculating it on a 4.0 scale or 4.3 scale? And, what province do you reside in? (If you don't mind me asking)
  5. Still in queue - February 6 for me. Fingers crossed! My winter grades bumped up my CGPA so I'm hoping the discussions are going positively. Best of luck to everyone still in queue!
  6. Totally derailing the above topic, figured I'd ask and see what the masses think. I am in queue, and have been in queue since February 6, and OLSAS just received my final transcripts yesterday. Me being me, I figured I would send the admissions department an e-mail notifying them that the transcripts would be sent. Now that the schools technically have access to them, would my e-mail just be pointless considering they should have access to them now? The deadline for transcript submissions is June 30, so I feel like I am answering my own question here. I have always felt like me e-mailing the schools questions affects my application negatively because I do not want to waste anyone's time, but I think that is just because I worry about the littlest things, hahah.
  7. As a mature student, I am pretty sure you compete with the pool of Mature students, not with the "non-mature" students. Don't count yourself out. It all depends on the school's expectations, current class and what they are looking for.
  8. Mostly what Jan said above ^^ - Purely speculating, I would assume late May to early June is when the rankings are released. Everyone waitlisted has until the 10th to respond and that in and of itself does not really illustrate how many people were waitlisted (not everyone lurks these forums, hahaha). Depending on how the process works, and in the past (from viewing other waitlist threads), the ranking occurs in late-May to June. But, I am sure that every cycle is different, so at this point, it is a game of patience! I would assume that the grades help if you are trending upward. My winter semester was better than my fall semester this year as my marks were recently released, and I just sent a request for updated transcripts today, hoping that the schools see that I improved in the winter semester, despite the grades not changing my OLSAS CGPA. I should have requested them earlier, but the deadline for final transcripts is June 30, so I am assuming that they very well could influence our applications positively!
  9. Confirming your interest, from my understanding, informs the school that you are interested in remaining on the Waitlist so that you can be "numbered" once the school knows how many individuals are confirmed and waiting for a spot to open. If you were accepted at Osgoode, for example, but were holding out for Ottawa, but were waitlisted, you would send Ottawa an e-mail saying you are not interested in staying on the waitlist in favour of being accepted as Osgoode. I know this is a hypothetical, situational example, but I hope this helps.
  10. Waitlisted back on March 28th but never got around to posting. LSAT: 151/151/151 CGPA: 3.97 Lots of ECs, Volunteer Work; 5 years of work experience, social justice-oriented PS, great references. Also was waitlisted at Ottawa this morning.
  11. First post, also waitlisted as of yesterday. LSAT: 151/151/151 CGPA: OLSAS Calculated 3.97 on a 4.0 scale. Lots of ECs, volunteer work, 5 years of work experience. References from former prof, and honours thesis supervisor with a good PS in my opinion! Fingers crossed.