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  1. I wouldn't worry too much about the 4/5 courseload. I did the same thing throughout undergrad and got accepted at several schools (including Osgoode and Ottawa). I would still recommend trying for a higher LSAT. There's no shame in retaking the LSAT.
  2. I've looked around online and in the history of this forum, but couldn't really find much info on specific Osgoode Hall combined programs. Namely, the Osgoode Hall & NYU JD/JD Program and the Osgoode Hall & NYU JD/LLM Program. Do these programs still exist? Thanks in advance!
  3. Scotia LOC

    I second this. Brandon Atherly in North York is the best. Also, he's really chill and funny. Highly recommend emailing him.
  4. The limit at scotiabank is $100k
  5. $125K?! I assume this was not at Scotia bank then?
  6. Quick OSAP question..

    My estimate was 15k surprisingly. Also pretty much 0s for everything. Might want to look into that. Did you have to put down a spouse's or parent's income? Did you indicate you're going to be living at home while attending school?
  7. Ask a 1L — 2017 Edition

    You will be required to submit an application for Osgoode bursaries in the 2nd or 3rd week of September (you will receive an email beforehand with the details). In order to be eligible for Osgoode bursaries you must 1) have successfully applied to OSAP, 2) have a professional student line of credit (e.g. RBC, ScotiaBank, BMO, TD Bank). You must demonstrate through your application that you have financial need to receive these bursaries. Your financial need is compared to everyone else applying, so it is equitably distributed to those who need it most. There are three categories of financial need, each with a respective sum of funding allocated. Low financial need: $1200 bursary Medium financial need: $5000 bursary High financial need: $10,000. If you've been selected as a student with financial need and are eligible for the bursary/submitted the bursary application, you'll probably receive the bursary in like December. Hope this is helpful.
  8. Entrance Scholarships

    Out of curiosity, do you only receive one entrance scholarship from Osgoode? I received a $4K scholarship recently and was wondering if that's all that is coming or not. Not that I'm not grateful or appreciative. I certainly am, but just kind of curious if it's like: "Okay, this dude fits the criteria for this scholarship (e.g. academic excellence and financial need), let's give him this and only this scholarship."
  9. Osgoode Chambers/Passy

    Question on that: are you allowed to have your spouse/fiancee live with you in the one bedroom apartments at Osgoode Chambers? Do you have to notify somebody, does that make it cost more, etc? Sorry for the silly question.
  10. Accepted to Osgoode 2017

    Year long lurker, just made an account to share back with the community. Accepted to Osgoode last night / this morning (April 24th technically). Status changed on OASIS last night, but got an email this morning. SUPER excited! This is my dream school and I will be firm accepting as soon as the offer comes in the mail. My stats: cGPA: 3.80 L2: 3.9+ LSAT: 155, 157. Strong ECs and decent references Yes, I filled out part B for diversity, relating to personal circumstances / background (not visible minority diversity). Accepted straight from the queue (went into queue on January 17th), no waitlist. I was so heartbroken by messing up the LSAT, not once--but twice! It made me feel really dumb even though I know it was largely due to a strategic error on my behalf on test day. Anyway, hope this gives hope to splitters!