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  1. @cosmokramer @Constant Did you guys fill out Part B of the application? I don't really have anything to write for that part of the personal statement.
  2. When looking through Part B of the personal statement components I found that I don't qualify for any of them. For background I am a Bio major my cGPA: 3.49 L2: 3.85 (huge grade upswing from 1L - :'( irresponsible 17 year old) LSAT: 167, work summers at RBC, executive of MUN club. I cannot justify writing anything regarding equity factors, work/life experience, performance considerations and diversity factors. Right out of HS to undergrad, no financial troubles, nothing that would negatively impact my GPA. I know that it specifies optional, but I am wondering how important this component is through the application process. Will not filling out Part B with respect to my GPA and LSAT result in a very little chance of acceptance?
  3. Biology major if it matters. Huge grade upswing. Average ECs.
  4. Biology major, first year first semester was disastrous, GPA improved every semester since then. Not much of a story regarding ECs, worked for RBC during summers, executive for MUN club, assistant director for schools MUN conference. Still worried about my cGPA and its significance in the admission process, are my chances decent? should I be worried about my cGPA?
  5. Just completed my third year with a cGPA of approximately 80%. In first year physics, which was a full year course, I got a disappointing 59% i.e. D letter-grade. This course took up half of my cGPA drops right away. If a redo this course in my last year will the D be averaged out with say an 85% or an A, or will UBC disregard the latter mark? Has anyone done this before? I have yet to apply to UBC law so is calling admissions out of the question? Thank you,