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  1. When Will I Get It?

    Yeah, I was just venting and I haven't spent as much time as I should be either. Increasing the hours is the plan from this week on. I am using 7sage to help with my studies and I have read the LG Bible so far. 7sage has helped tremendously.
  2. I have been studying for the LSAT for a little over a month now and I can just start to notice some understanding of the LG and LR sections, though I am still doing terrible at questions. I am wondering when It will begin to click? I am not worried or stressed about this just yet, I know at some point this will become easy but come on!!! I want to "get it" now!
  3. Logical Reasoning Help

    I just started studying for the LSAT and the LR has been giving me issue for these same reasons Great post, I've been having the same issues with my LR ando this should help.
  4. Innocence Canada

    From what you say it seems like trying to join the project would just be a waste of valuable time in law school. I think work definitely has to be done on changing the system so we are not wrongfully convicting, which is an area I want to be involved in too. Your post is great and it leaves much to think about.
  5. Innocence Canada

    I heard they were laying people off and was just wondering if the Project was still going at Osgoode. It is a big reason why I want to apply to Osgoode for 2018.
  6. Is there anyone out there that can comment on the Innocence Canada connection that Osgoode has?
  7. I'll be applying as a mature student in the 2018 cycle. My stats are much different than most and I am hoping my soft's will be able to push me over the edge. This is a great post and will help with my application. Thank you
  8. Mature Applicants Accepted/ Rejected 2017

    Though I don't have any GPA to speak of and will hopefully take the LSAT in December I share some of the same things you do. I am a father of a 2 year old boy and 6 week old girl and have little time for much else with a full time job. I am hoping I can get my softs to be good enough for schools to consider me. Congrats on getting to Osgoode, that is my first choice right now.
  9. I have opened an account with lsac and olsas and have begun studying for the LSAT. Currently working through the LG Bible. When I say great I mean high 160's - 170's. I am sure that is everyone's goal and I am the same. I have not taken a timed test yet but plan to by end of month to see where I am. Thank you for the reply
  10. I've read the websites and done some research and I know technically I can apply to some law schools. I have been out of High school for 17 years, I have worked for most of that time. I returned to school 4 times and completed 2 college programs. I am currently enrolled in the online University of the People, I know this fact probably won't help in terms of grades. I honestly think there is some chance I can make it in with great softs and a great LSAT. I am looking for your opinions. Thank you