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  1. Accepted 2018

    CRYING TEARS OF RELIEF provisionally accepted today to the MSW/jd. Will be accepting. 3.08, L2 3.8. 153, 153.
  2. Email from Lakehead

    Hey guys, I figured out how to log into Lakehead's application portal thing. I am still listed as wait listed, so I am going to assume that this email was a mistake. If you want to check your own status, follow these steps: 1. use the "account recovery" option at the bottom of the email for MyInfo - Above the "reset your password" option, click on them "account recovery" link and use the email address you used to apply as your username. They'll provide your new username for further sign in. 2. Reset your password 3. Log into MyInfo
  3. Email from Lakehead

    I also got that email. I called to ask but no answered.
  4. Check out the UofT housing facebook page - there are currently a lot of listings from people trying to handoff their leases since it's close to the end of the school year. You might need a pal who is currently at UofT to borrow their facebook account though, because you need a UofT email address to get accepted to it. Also check out Bunz Trading Zone facebook page (I know, weird name). You have to follow some steps to get accepted, but there are tons of apartments/people looking for roommates posted there. If you live further out, a metro pass will run you $116 a month (but make sure you buy a $6 ttc student ID or you might get slapped with a hefty fine by the ttc officers). BUT we just (literally yesterday) voted on UPass, so you may or may not have your ttc fare for the year factored into your tuition starting in the fall. Sorry this was stupid long. Welcome to the city!! : ) (edit: I missed that the op's looking for a bachelor -- I agree w the person above re. pricing)
  5. Where is the U of T writing centre?

    It's most likely at the Exam Centre, which is on McCaul St., but it will say specifically where it is on your LSAT ticket.
  6. Wait List Single JD 2018

    It's kind of complicated - I was "missing files/incomplete" until the end of January (I wrote the dec. LSAT). I was worried that there was something wrong with my application, so I emailed them around the beginning of Feb and they replied a week later essentially saying they had put my file into the "waiting for Dec LSAT" pile and forgot about it, but promptly changed it to "referred to admissions" as soon as they got my email. I hope that helps!
  7. Wait List Single JD 2018

    JUST waitlisted for the single - waiting for the msw/jd CGPA3.08, L23.8 153, 153, excellent ec's -- SO excited as I wasn't expecting to hear back AT ALL
  8. Lakehead Waitlist 2018

    Ah, you guys beat me to it -- just waitlisted: 3.08CGPA 3.8l2 153, 153. From small town, volunteer work with local Indigenous communities, family from Thunderbay. ^^ I received an email, no phone call
  9. Application Status

    I emailed the [email protected] address -- It took them about a week to respond (Emailed Jan 31st, responded Feb 6th). I would maybe try calling then, if you haven't heard.
  10. Application Status

    I emailed admissions about a month ago because my status was still "missing/incomplete" well into January, after it had been "pending review" for a few weeks in early December. They eventually emailed me back to say that they were waiting for my Dec score to assess my file, but hadn't gotten around to "updating" my file to reflect they had received it. After the email, my files (applied to JD single and MSW/JD) changed to "referred to admission committee". Not saying ya'll should bombard admissions, but perhaps a kindly worded email would be helpful.
  11. College Transfer/ Personal Statement & EC's

    Someone was accepted to Lakehead not too long ago who did the college to university path. You should be able to find them on the "Accepted" thread, a few pages in. I don't have any advice re. the personal statement thing though. But congrats on your sobriety!
  12. Is anyone still Incomplete?

    I was marked as "pending review" but my status changed to "missing/incomplete documents" in the middle of December.. Has anyone else had this happen to them?
  13. Accepted to Lakehead 2018

    Congratulations!! Could you please share you GPA and LSAT score, if you don't mind?
  14. Accepted 2018

    Congratulations! Did you receive an email or just check your My Windsor?
  15. Family Housing

    (current undergrad finishing degree - take that for what you will). Is this the one on Charles St West? I've heard they've had problems with roaches (who doesn't in toronto), but other than that, word is it's a decent place to live. Here's an old topic about it: Cheers