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  1. Accepted to Windsor 2017

    What are people's thoughts on the duel JD/MBA program? Anyone here in that sphere?
  2. Waitlist 2017

    I've heard the same. It really is a shame. And why don't they participate in OCIs like all other schools?
  3. Waitlist 2017

    Yup. They're so slow though that I bet the Ottawa portal won't be updated for weeks. Shame - Our country's capital school and they're this behind.
  4. Waitlist 2017

    Oh Ottawa... - I don't understand how they expect anyone who has provisionally accepted to another Ontario school - and was automatically changed to firm as of July 4th - to attend their school? Imo their whole process is a little ridiculous. Anyway, I have now firm accepted at another school and thus forfited my spot at Ottawa. Number waitlisted low 50s. Hope this helps someone! Goodluck.
  5. Waitlisted at Windsor 2017

    All the best!
  6. Waitlist 2017

    @NoRep Bitter huh
  7. Waitlist 2017

    Hm very odd that Ottawa has always been plagued by administrative / technical glitches / missing applications, etc. I've heard first hand of people who were sent admission offers with the wrong name twice in a row. Also heard of applications missing which resulted in auto-acceptances. I'd think the school would look into fixing those issues, whether it be hiring new staff or fixing the software glitches, etc. Even this year I got an email from Ottawa saying my file was effected by some glitch. I keep reminding myself that we landed a damn rover on a comet in space! It traveled billions of KMs!!!! With technology from 2004!! Anyway - It doesn't foster trust in the school when I see these kind of things.
  8. Is there a Foosball / Jitz Table in the UW Law Building? Or anywhere else on campus grounds? =)
  9. Accepted to Windsor 2017

    People still mail in cheques? I'd stick to direct deposit via online banking. The scare of my mail being held up with give me a heart attack.
  10. My sister got into law school in 2006 and had a lot of LSAT practice material. Not only did I buy new LSAT prep books but used up all her old material to study (which I would often notice had some exactly the same questions). Although the LSAT has changed slightly over the last 10 or so years, the questions in general the same. TIP: If you are fortunately enough to use your friends / family old material or if you do want to just reuse the same LSAT exams again go through the answers and make sure they all appear the same as to not give yourself any hints. i.e. I would circle and cross off every answer in my sister material because she, as I, would cross off 2-3 for sure wrong answers and then circle the right 1-2 (depending on her thought process), before transcribing it to her scantron (if she was using a scantron sheet).
  11. For those in the discretionary category (i.e. mature student), I have been told that all decisions will be made May 25th and results will be emailed May 26th. Thought I'd pass on the information
  12. Waitlisted at Osgoode 2017

    Apparently I was waitlisted on March 20th. I expected an email update like other schools but I guess they just expect you to check their website from time to time. "Your file has been added to the wait pool from where new offers of admission will be drawn." LSAT: 158 CGPA: 77%, last 2 years 83%ish Also did a postgrad to get my paralegal licence. Have been working in that capacity for 4 years now. GPA for the paralegal program 95% (college so not sure if they even look at that, may have made a difference though) LOR are imo great and Personal Statement hopefully was what they were looking for. Fingers crossed.
  13. Waitlist 2017

    Waitlisted today. Undergrad CGPA: 3.08 (77%) - Last 2 years GPA: 3.25 (81.3%) Also did a post grad program (college) as a Paralegal CGPA: 3.8 (95%) - Have been working in this capacity for 4 years now LSAT: rewrote 5 times (highest was 158).
  14. Accepted to Windsor 2017

    I'm really happy to be posting here after a couple weeks of torture reading these forums. Side note: To those who are waiting and reading these forums, I suggest you stop if it's become discouraging. Instead use this forum as motivation to work on personal growth. My 2 cents. Unfortunately, I don't use Facebook anymore so I won't be able to chat and see you guys until orientation. Good Luck to everyone who's still waiting. After calling up some school it seems that most will be done filling classes by mid/ end MAY, at which point they'll rework the waitlist - so there is still a lot of time for movement.
  15. Waitlisted at Windsor 2017

    @GirlInTheSix I think some of your good energy passed over! I received an email on April 26th @ 8PM with my acceptance letter. I'm really happy and can't wait to start this next chapter. My stats were: My advice to anyone who is really committed to making it to law school is to not give up and continue working on personal growth. i.e. revamp your personal statement, start pushing hard with volunteering, maybe look into additional schooling, etc. Like I said above, I have rewritten the LSAT 5 times, and had applied to law school 4 times. To say the least it was pretty discouraged sometimes. Anyway, I hope this message reaches someone who is also as stubborn as I was. Good Luck to everyone who is still waiting.