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  1. I was wondering about this since I remember seeing someone in the acceptance thread with a LSAT score of 170 (I think mid 3.x cGPA) who only seemed to have been accepted in April.
  2. I wrote the LSAT in February and have non-existent EC's but have decent LOR's. Should I be optimistic about my chances?
  3. Accepted a while back, just discovered this forum. LSAT - 166 cGPA - 3.4 Non-existent EC's and strong/decent LoR's.
  4. @Tree17 I guess I'll call OLSAS and UOttawa during lunch tomorrow. EDIT: According to OUAC's site, it seems automatic?
  5. Oh my god I feel so stupid... Ok so I fixed that. Thanks so much! I'm not sure that's necessary, after what you've said what, but I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much! Just curious, if I were to get additional offers after the 21st, how would they be sent to me? Would I find them on the OLSAS module, or maybe on the respective university's sites, or maybe via email?
  6. Hey sorry in advance if this has been covered somewhere else on the forum. If it has, please feel free to redirect me to that thread/post. My stats are: LSAT - 166 cGPA - 3.4/4.3 Non-existent EC (had medical issues) and decent LORs I got accepted into UOttawa sometime back and am under review for every other Ontario school (except Windsor, which strangely just rejected me back in January, no idea why). On the OLSAS module, I had selected "provisional acceptance" at the time that I received the offer. I am now eyeing the April 21st deadline. Anyways, I got a notice from OLSAS pointing out that my acceptance wasn't submitted. My understanding, from the OLSAS site, was that if I selected provisional acceptance and I hadn't selected any other school I would automatically roll over into committed acceptance in June. The advantage being that I could still be considered for other law schools. If I don't receive any other school offers by the 20th of April should I change my status from provisional acceptance to committed acceptance- so as to keep my offer from UOttawa? If I were to change my status to committed acceptance would I be removed from consideration to any other law school? From what I've read on the forums/reddit some wait list applicants are still offered admission well into May. Should I be optimistic about my position on waitlists and possible offers? According to the Admission's Predictor, I have as good of a chance of getting into Western as Ottawa, with a slightly lower chance of getting into Queen's. Considering my non-existent EC and weak GPA, do I have a shot of getting into those other two schools via waitlisting? Thanks so much!