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  1. There are about 3-4 people on these boards with very strong opinions. Anytime a thread gets out of control, you can be sure they've contributed their opinions. Dont take it personal at all, it's just how things work on these forums.
  2. Jesus, this thread gave me a headache. OP aspire to whatever you want. Hell, why stop at a 100k? Aim higher. People try to negotiate for higher salaries all the time. There's nothing wrong with it.
  3. Speaking from experience, my 4th year marks were included.
  4. boost your L2 and keep it at 80 or over and I'd say you have a shot, but later in the cycle.
  5. Probably decent credit history. My offer was prime + 0% without me even asking for it.
  6. If you want a cheaper alternative than Harvard ready (same, if not better quality), I would recommend 7sage. It's an online curriculum which you can fit in with your schedule. Harvardready takes a lot of commitment, I think it's like 3 days a week where you have to drive to the location, mostly at night time.
  7. Your chances are good, but I wouldn't say they are high. I wouldn't be surprised if you got accepted into Western, granted you have a good personal statement. You have an excellent GPA. If you can rewrite in September or December and get over 160+, I would favour you for osgoode.
  8. That's because that's osgoode. Their administration is all over the place. If Danielle said it's full, it's full.
  9. ...I just signed for 33k per year or 100k total at prime + 0%. Someone screwed you. Also, I didn't need a co-signer.
  10. You have a shot, but a really tough upward battle. Unless you get an extremely high score on the LSAT, a lot of doors will be closed to you. Depending on your L2, you may have a better shot at applying to L2 schools - but as other posters have said above, you still need a pretty decent LSAT score to achieve this. If law is something you really want to pursue, study as hard as you can for the LSAT. Aim for 165+. Be 100% sure it's the right path for you, because it doesn't get any easier from here onward.
  11. Aside from the LG method in the LSAT Trainer (which is very different than the approach taken by the 7Sage instructor J.Y), 7sage and LSAT Trainer really complement one another. I started out with 7Sage first, and after having read the LSAT Trainer, my knowledge of the concepts of LR and RC definitely increased. It was much easier for me to comprehend arguments and to find flaws - this was especially true after having read the Trainer. From what I remember, Powerscore teaches a different method in tackling questions than those used by both Mike Kim and J.Y. So you may get confused using both. Overall, I would recommend 7Sage and the LSAT Trainer over the Powerscore bibles.
  12. Not particularly true. I would say they do put a high emphasis on the LSAT, but to think that this somehow takes away from their holistic process would be too much of a stretch. If you look at the accepted thread, you would also see many people admitted based on a holistic process, granted that they had exceptional or above average EC's or Part B claims.
  13. 180
  14. But there may also be a bunch of people who don't use Facebook or have signed up for the Facebook group. if you haven't been rejected, you'll definitely be getting an answer in the next few days.
  15. Depends on the application pool. Ottawa is gpa heavy, so I would say your chances are not good there. For Western and Queen's, your L2 and lsat are decent, so I'd say your chances are good but most likely later in the cycle.