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  1. You're gonna have a great time in London. And if you also attended York, like myself, then I'm sure you'll be relieved not to be going back to that campus again lol.
  2. That's bullshit. See ya at western. You're not missing out at osgoode whatsoever.
  3. A should be equivalent to 3.8 from what I know. So your GPA is pretty competitive.
  4. Around a 165+ should give you a good shot. I hope you've been studying and have taken plenty of PTs before you test in 3 weeks. And to answer your question, from what I've seen, being a york student does not matter at all for osgoode ad com when they're making their decision.
  5. 7sage and the LSAT trainer by Mike Kim are the best in terms of explaining NA questions in my opinion.
  6. If a method has worked that good for you so far, don't really change it. Whatever works for you at the end of the day. I found it a lot easier reading the question stem first, because I knew exactly what to look for in the stimulus without having to go back.
  7. Read the stem question first. It literally makes no sense to read the stimulus then to read the question stem after. Reading the question stem first allows you to see what you're looking for in the argument as you're reading the stimulus. (This is only recommended for LR)
  8. They most likely haven't gotten to your application yet.
  9. OP has some ECs, not exactly same as none. Given that he had to take care of a sick relative, I'm sure the committee will be considerate. Here are some with stats below, or just as close to OP's that have been accepted this cycle (albeit some have good ECs, others average, some filled out part B, others are general). Also, I'm very skeptic when it comes to applicants stating that they have "strong" ECs, as I've seen plenty of times that their strong is just average. General category –Jan 27th 3.31 OLSAS cGPA, 3.46 OLSAS L3, 158 LSAT ---------------------- Jan 20 cgpa 3.72 lsat 152, 158 ------------------------- 3.7 - Feb 9th 160 Third year applicant --------------------------------- cGPA : 3.5 – Feb 9th L2: 3.6 LSAT: 150 really strong ECs (work and volunteering experiences), ---------------------------------------- CGPA/L2/B2: 3.63/3.68/3.77 – Feb 11 LSAT: 160 EC: Fairly average in comparison to what I've seen on this forum. LOR: Two profs ----------------------- cGPA 3.55 LSAT 158 ---------------------- CGPA: 3.29 from UofT LSAT: 151 Strong EC'S and letters of reference ----------------------- 3.65 cGPA 139/142/148 LSAT Filled out part B --------------------------- Accepted today by email. Gpa 3.54, last 2 3.8 aprox (including this semester), lsat 159.
  10. Apply to osgoode. Not sure about UFT, but why not, the fee is only $90. Osgoode is vey holistic, and if you look at the acceptance threads for this year alone, there have been a handful of students who have gotten in with stats below yours, some even in the general category. This is not to say you have a 100% chance of getting in, but that I'm sure the committee will take into consideration the challenges you have faced and how it has affected your grades. Definitely boost you grades during the summer, this will help. P.s, if you can, retake the Lsat. You got September and December to shoot for. If you can boost your score up by 2-3 points you'd have a much better shot, in my opinion.
  11. I think they put some emphasis on the LSAT, but not as much as other schools in Ontario like UFT, Queens, Osgoode and Western. They tend to be much more forgiving of lower lsats than they are for lower Gpas. I think the OP would have a really good shot at Ottawa with at least 155+ lsat
  12. That was their response too last year lol. I don't trust the word from yorks administration too much. Having been there for 4 years, I've learned to take anything they say with a grain of salt. Sure osgoode is technically separate, Im my opinion they're cut from the same cloth.
  13. I think last year it went all the way to the end of June, very close to July.
  14. Make sure to allow for pop ups on the western site. That was the problem for me as well, The letter comes as a pop up in a separate window and it kept getting blocked. Congrats on your acceptance!
  15. With you gpa, aim for a 160. Nothing is really automatic when it comes to law school admission decisions.