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  1. Scotiabank Professional Student Plan Offer

    This offer has now been improved to: a limit up to $125,000 Access to the line until 24 months after the completion of articling Match competitive rate offers (Prime + 0%) Feel free to call or email regarding our plan.
  2. The Scotia Professional Student Plan is a customized banking program for professional students. Our LAW school offer includes: Line of Credit $100,000 for your three years of schooling - $33,300 per year Line of credit open for 3 years of school, during Articling and 12 month post articling Interest Rate Prime + 0.50% No monthly payments, interest is simply added to your balance each month Free credit line cheques Access funds via cheque, in person, phone, internet, or ATM No Co-signor Required! Chequing Account No Fee Scotia One Account – unlimited transactions $1,000 overdraft protection Automatic enrolment in the scene program which allows you to earn points towards free movies or song downloads Visa and or Amex Card $10,000 Limit Your choice of: No Fee Momentum Visa, No Fee ScotiaGold Passport Visa Card or No Fee Gold American Express Card or your choice of 2 cards at a limit of $5000 each Repayment Begins 12 months after finishing Articling Repayment is spread over 10 years (option to increase to 15 years) Interest rate remains at Prime + 0.50% For more information please contact me, Hatem Abouzeenni. I am a specialist for law school financing with Scotiabank. The whole process can be done remotely. The application is quick and easy. My contact information is: direct tel #: 519-642-2376 my email: [email protected]
  3. Scotiabank also allows you to keep your student line of credit for the duration of time you are in law school (all 3 years), during your articling period and for 12 months after you have completed articling. So if you were to get your line of credit from Scotiabank in 1st year you would have access to the line for 5 years. This plan includes a free unlimited chequing account for the full 5 years that you have this plan, fees waived on the 2 travel rewards credit cards that they give you and free cheques. Depending on where you are going to law school, you should contact the representative at Scotiabank who deals with this plan specifically. The link to find that rep is below: http://www.scotiabank.com/ca/common/pdf/personal_banking/Scotiabank_SPSP_representative_English.pdf