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  1. Should I withdraw from the LSAT?!

    The multiple scores thing is more of an issue in the US, at least according to my American friends applying to US schools. Edit: UofA averages. I’m not sure of any others.
  2. UK Law School Graduates

    @OP kcraigsejong literally wrote a trilogy-sized epic in this. You’ll probably never see a discussion that comprehensive on this topic ever again.
  3. Scotiabank Prime 3.7%?

    My Scotia advisor told me Prime goes up every few months, so yeah, push for Prime + 0%.
  4. Scotiabank Prime 3.7%?

    Yes, prime is now 3.7%. I actually got my LOC at Prime exactly.
  5. I wouldn’t have known that English is your second language based on what you’ve written so far if you hadn’t said so. I know the LSAT is a stressful exam and the thought of re-writing can be extremely unpleasant for many people but I really don’t think anything can make up for an uncompetitive score. Also, if you’re going to make this claim, consider the fact that you’re going to be reading and interpreting dense texts in law school. If you want the admissions committee to accept an uncompetitive LSAT for this reason, why would they not doubt your ability to make it through your JD for the same reason?
  6. Do lawyers ever have really "grand" offices?

    Handkerchief usage is kind of a foreign concept to me. Maybe it's a generational thing but I wouldn't want to keep a used handkerchief on my person. I'd carry disposable tissues instead.
  7. I suggest browsing through prior discretionary threads. I would agree with @Timmies123 that the stats of those admitted have been close to the competitive range in the regular category. (Weren't you planning to re-write anyways?)
  8. It's worth considering what's keeping your LSAT scores in that range. How have you been studying? Are there specific areas of weakness that can be improved upon with a different approach or more targeted practice? You've shown that you can overcome difficult circumstances to raise your GPA substantially but I would agree with those who suggested a rewrite for a higher LSAT.
  9. LORs

    I've only applied to 3 schools that ask for reference letters and all 3 were somewhat vague about what they wanted to see. My references (professors) asked for specifics but I couldn't really give them any. It might help if your coach knows how you're doing academically or, if not, other things about you that signals you will be okay in law school and/or are an interesting person.
  10. UBC vs. Queen's

    Applications are typically due November-December for September of the following year. If you get in early (December-Februaryish) you have months to plan this stuff. If you get in later, then it might be cause for worry. I felt the need to mention this because the assumption that you'd get into Queen's or UBC in the first place is entirely hypothetical in the absence of your stats.
  11. Ubc vs u of a

  12. Stuff to Bring to Law School

    My preference is to highlight after I’ve printed my notes. A color printer seems excessive.
  13. Debate- Retake / Reapply

    If you’re volunteering for the purpose of padding your apps (not saying you are) than it’s better to spend that time studying for the LSAT. I personally wouldn’t bank on a 140ish score. Part of this is how risk-averse you are and how much money you are willing to spend on apps. If you have a borderline LSAT (or borderline GPA) but want to apply broadly (which might end up being more expensive than a rewrite) that’s your choice. I would be much more comfortable rewriting a second or third time to raise a low score before applying.
  14. How do law schools confim employment history?

    Why? OP wants to claim they worked somewhere but due to an accounting error, it might not show up on any official records.
  15. CHANCES (2.44 cGPA / 1.76 L2 / 3.08 B3 / 155)

    Even in mature categories, I don't think OP has much of a shot, even with a 99th percentile LSAT. Access categories might be different, but I'm not sure. The extremely low L2 is concerning. Either way, OP will have to demonstrate, either by getting much better grades or a much higher LSAT, that they are academically capable of handling law school.