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  1. Accepted to Alberta 2018

    The admissions people are very nice and patient. I spoke to the same admin assistant twice, asking the same question because I wasn't sure I was clear about the response the first time, and he was totally cool about it.
  2. Should I give up?

    This was a concern for me as well. Some schools explicitly state they only take the first undergraduate degree in their GPA calculation. UVic, UBC and UofC are such schools. Other schools are less specific (TRU, Sask and UofM). UofA will count backwards from your most recent 60 credits provided that they are from a degree-granting institution (not necessarily a university) but, as mentioned previously, OPs low LSAT scores will be a problem for UofA. It is worth it for you, @livingonaprayer82, to call the schools you plan to apply to and clarify this before deciding to apply again.
  3. Should I give up?

    Given that UofA averages, you will need an exceptionally high LSAT score (170ish.....?) to overcome the first two scores.
  4. Should I give up?

    +1 for 7Sage. It saved me from Barron's. If you're hesitant to spend too much more, go with used versions of the Powerscore bibles. Mike Kim's "The LSAT Trainer" is also a helpful supplement. These are mainly for self-studiers though.
  5. To 1Ls asking for feedback on their grades

    I meant the C-range students.
  6. To 1Ls asking for feedback on their grades

    This is probably why so few people post their rejections. It sucks being judged as the bottom anything. Maybe the universality of it makes it normal. But I agree with that is implied here - that if you need help, you should be forthright about it so you can get that help.
  7. Should I give up?

  8. While the grades/GPA for grouping files is based on the applicant's last 20 undergraduate half courses, the Admissions Committee will take into account the applicant's entire academic performance, in both undergraduate and graduate programs While the highest LSAT score is used for grouping files, the Admissions Committee will take into account all of the applicant's LSAT scores from the past 5 years, the average score, and will consider the number of times the test was written Based on this wording, It's a bit unclear as to whether UofC uses cGPA or L2, but they will use the highest LSAT. Other LSAT writes and the number of writes are probably factored in to distinguish between two applicants. Someone with one write and a 160 will probably be in a better position than someone with a 160 after multiple writes, all other things being equal.
  9. Your GPA isn't too bad. You're probably safe in the low-mid 160s range but shoot for the best score you can possibly get. Given that it's UofC, your ECs are also weighed more heavily than most other schools (in the regular category).
  10. Your posts have been a real comfort for my late-night scouring of discretionary threads
  11. To 1Ls asking for feedback on their grades

    +1 for ECs/work or volunteer experience. Depending on the stakes, it's an easier lesson to learn before than during or after LS.
  12. Thank you! I went on my status checker after someone here reported they have been accepted. I haven't received any emails yet from UBC.
  13. I've been waitlisted under Discretionary. I'll probably check in with them with regards to my ranking and follow-up soon.
  14. Chances? 3.95 153

    I imagine Bay Street hires have incredibly competitive stats - both GPA and LSAT and will be those who get the top grades in law school. Given that the LSAT is a higher predictor of 1L grades than GPA, you owe it to yourself to put in the best possible effort and try for a higher score. Think of it as a preview to the work ethic and determination you need to make it.
  15. Mature Applicants Accepted/Rejected 2018

    Thank you for sharing your experiences. Rooting for your success and I think you’re off to a great start with a strong GPA. Have you considered U of C? Its focus on holistic admissions makes for a very diverse student body and (I assume) a greater variance in ages than index schools. It’s a feature of U of C that I find appealing as someone who is also entering law school after a some working years.