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  1. Yes, I already did =)
  2. Got placed on the waitlist April 13 at 10:50 am LSAT: 139,142,148 GPA: 3.65 I will be emailing them to remove me from the list as I have accepted an offer from Osgoode. Best of luck for everyone waiting!
  3. Thank you so much No I was never waitlisted! I got waitlisted to Windsor (April 13) but the first response I got from Osgoode was March 21st with the acceptance
  4. Thank you so so much! I was terrified and very discouraged! Osgoode was the first to respond to me out of all the law schools that I applied to so it was amazing!
  5. Went into Que Dec 21 Accepted March 21! 3.65 cGPA 139/142/148 LSAT Filled out part B Great Ec's and reference letters. I just want to give hope to those out there that have a poor LSAT grade! Osgoode truly does have a Holistic approach. Good luck to those waiting