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  1. Accepted to Osgoode 2017

    Thank you :)! I wrote my LSATS October 2015, June 2016 and October 2016. Writing it in December and February could have made them look at your app later because they had to wait for your LSAT mark to review your file. Best of luck!
  2. Accepted to Osgoode 2017

    Thank you! In part B, I highlighted that my LSAT # does not determine or come close to show who I am as a person and should not be held against me. In addition, I explained how my involvement in working many hours, volunteering in and outside of school has left me with no time to really focus on the LSAT, which we all know needs a lot of time committed to it. I feel like explaining the struggles I have gone through and difficulties I faced, as an immigrant was also very beneficial. As for my Ec's, I believe I had diverse experiences with commitment. (McDonald's 4 years, became manager at age 18, RBC 3 years, very involved in school being part of clubs and a president of an honour society, attended conferences, competed in moot court competitions, speak a second language, very involved within my church community, shelter outreach, fundraising event organizer, helped with Innocence Canada and Amnesty International etc) Hope this helps, if you need anything else feel free to MSG me Best of luck!
  3. Accepted to Osgoode 2017

    Yes, I already did =)
  4. Waitlisted at Windsor 2017

    Got placed on the waitlist April 13 at 10:50 am LSAT: 139,142,148 GPA: 3.65 I will be emailing them to remove me from the list as I have accepted an offer from Osgoode. Best of luck for everyone waiting!
  5. Accepted to Osgoode 2017

    Thank you so much No I was never waitlisted! I got waitlisted to Windsor (April 13) but the first response I got from Osgoode was March 21st with the acceptance
  6. Accepted to Osgoode 2017

    Thank you so so much! I was terrified and very discouraged! Osgoode was the first to respond to me out of all the law schools that I applied to so it was amazing!
  7. Accepted to Osgoode 2017

    Went into Que Dec 21 Accepted March 21! 3.65 cGPA 139/142/148 LSAT Filled out part B Great Ec's and reference letters. I just want to give hope to those out there that have a poor LSAT grade! Osgoode truly does have a Holistic approach. Good luck to those waiting